Photo Credit: Maya Levin /Flash 90
The water tower in the demolished Jewish village of Homesh, in Samaria. The town was demolished in 2005 during the Disengagement from Gaza and Northern Samaria.

By Yona Schnitzer/TPS

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation is set to approve a bill today to annul the sections of the 2005 Disengagement Law which pertain to northern Samaria. The motion, tabled by MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Jewish Home) and which is supported by coalition chairman David Bitan, is aimed at allowing Israelis to return to communities in northern Samaria that were evacuated during the disengagement in August, 2005.


“There was no diplomatic or defense related justification for the disengagement, and the public fully understands that,” said Moalem-Refaeli. “So there is no justification to continue depriving Jews of the freedom to enter these areas. This motion is the first and basic step in a wider course of action aimed at erecting new settlements.”

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samara Regional Council, also commented on the motion, saying that “We’ve waited 11 years, and every extra minute is redundant. It’s time to void the Disengagement Law everywhere (including Gaza), and especially in northern Samaria, where people were uprooted from their homes just for the sake of uprooting them. The settlements are waiting to be returned to: The roads are there, the power lines, the paths between the settlements.”

On the other hand, the shame remains as well, and it’s time to annul it,” Dagan said


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