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Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Issacharoff on stage

Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Issacharoff is absolutely determined to prove he was violent against innocent Arabs while serving in the IDF and therefore must go to jail – so now B’Tselem, yet another foreign funded NGO has jumped in to force a reluctant military prosecution to put him behind bars.

Breaking the Silence Spokeperson Determined to Prove He Beat Up an Arab


Issacharoff claims that while he was serving as a soldier in Hebron he received orders to beat up a detained Arab prisoner. Almost all the soldiers in his unit say Issacharoff is lying, there was no such order, and no one was beaten up.

One other soldier from the unit told Breaking the Silence that he witnessed Issacharoff knee a handcuffed Arab prisoner. That soldier said nothing about receiving orders to do that, or about a more extensive beating in his BtS video testimony.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi) has opened an investigation which located an Arab man that Issacharoff had arrested. The Arab says he was arrested, but no one used any violence on him.

Attorney General’s Office Ends the Silence over the Lies of ‘Breaking the Silence’

Issacharoff argued the government had picked up the wrong Arab, and that he had beaten up a different Arab.

Michael Sfard, the lawyer for Breaking the Silence, said that Issacharoff arrested many Arabs, and on one occasion he used a lot of violence, according to a report on Israel Radio.

On Monday, Breaking the Silence released a video that was filmed by an Arab volunteer for B’Tselem, another foreign-funded leftwing NGO. B’Tselem volunteers constantly videotape IDF soldiers in the hope of catching them doing something wrong.

In the video, Issacharoff can be seen walking with a different arrested Arab, whom they claim shows signs of having been hit in the face. They cannot identify the man.

Issacharoff is not seen beating up anyone in the video. No one else in the video shows any signs of having been beaten up.

Breaking the Silence is demanding the government find this Arab and investigate whether Breaking the Silence’s spokesman Dean Issacharoff beat him up.

At this point, the only thing we know for sure is that Issacharoff’s associates all believe and claim he is an individual who has committed an act of violence, or wishes society to view him as such.

Last July, the anti-Zionist and very powerful New Israel Fund quoted a statement attorney Sfard published in Ha’aretz when police were investigating his client in connection with his claim of committing violence. Sfard wrote:

“There are a lot of ways to crush democracy. The fastest way is to use the investigative and police forces for political goals and to mark specific activists, usually young ones, in order to deepen the feeling of fear and persecution. The investigation will always focus on the individual, never on the system that sent him.”

Now it turns out that one of those repressive ways the Israeli government is using in order to crush democracy is refusing to prosecute a left-wing activist claiming to be a violent criminal. Is there no end to the suffering?