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August 30, 2014 / 4 Elul, 5774
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‘The American’ Somali Jihadist Executed for Sin of Narcissism

A charismatic kid from Alabama became enthralled by Islam, eventually becoming a top al Qaeda terrorist, was killed by his own former colleagues in Somalia

Omar Hammimi, an American turned al Shabaab jihadist was killed in Somalia by former comrades

Omar Hammimi, an American turned al Shabaab jihadist was killed in Somalia by former comrades

This time he’s actually dead.

At least, that’s what the current reports are saying.  The “he” is American-born jihadist Omar Hammami, who is also known as Abu Mansour al Amriki.

The nickname of the dead terrorist, “al Amriki,” means “the American.”  He was born in Alabama to a Muslim Syrian father and an American Christian mother.  Originally raised as a Southern Baptist, Hammami eventually turned towards his father’s religion, but unlike his father, Omar could not reconcile a western life and the practice of the Islamic religion.

The young Hammami was close with his Jewish high school teacher, Kathleen Hirsch, who mentored him for six years while he was in the gifted student program first in elementary school and then at Daphne Middle School in Alabama.

As Hammami became increasingly consumed by Islam, he flouted the rules and dared anyone to stop him.  Apparently, no one did.

“By his junior year, Hammami had become a spectacle. He made a point of praying by the flagpole outside school yet refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, friends recalled. In class, he swore at Hirsch, his longtime teacher, assailing her for being Jewish,” The New York Times reported in a lengthy 2010 story about him.

Hammami moved first to Canada, where he married a Somali girl whose family had fled the civil war in her home country.  Their next stop was Egypt.  In 2006 Hammami, disappointed by the secularism of Egypt, moved again, leaving behind his wife and child.  This time Hammami went to Somalia, intent upon pursuing his goal of jihad.  He hoped to help usher in the caliphate, that is, an Islamic world order. He wanted to live where Islamic ideology, the Sharia, is practiced fully and accurately.

Hammami joined al Shabaab, the “Muhahadeen Youth Movement,” which is an al Qaeda faction based in Somalia.  Al Shabaab is dedicated to fighting enemies of Islam, and have been responsible for many deaths of foreign aid workers in Somalia.  The group controls large portions of southern Somalia, where it has imposed very strict Islamic rules.

In the seven years during which Abu Mansour al Amriki was in Somalia, he served as a Shabaab military commander, propagandist, recruiter, and fundraiser.

Although Omar rose quickly through the al Shabaab ranks, the same qualities that marked him as a leader first in his Alabama schools, then amongst his fellow al Qaeda terrorists, soured his fellow Islamists.  Omar “starred” in too many propaganda and recruiting videos.  He even released several “hip hop” videos, encouraging others to join him in jihad. The other al Shabaab leaders turned on Hammami and exiled him in January, 2013, for his “narcissistic pursuit of fame.”

Al Amriki again turned to videos to express his displeasure with his former comrades, chastising them for being short-sighted.  The al Shabaab terrorists were solely focused on controlling Somalia, whereas al Amriki wanted to conquer the whole world for Islam.

According to reports, the Somali insurgents had enough of the white-skinned jihadist with the big plans. Twice before there were rumors of al Amriki’s death.

Members of al Shabaab reportedly shot and killed Hammami and a colleague in their hideout in southern Somalia on Thursday, September, 12.  He was 29 years old.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools.

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75 Responses to “‘The American’ Somali Jihadist Executed for Sin of Narcissism”

  1. Ray Tackett says:

    Awesome. I hope so.

  2. Tobias Parker says:

    Good! Made my day.

  3. Matthew W. Flesch says:

    Now the rest of them.

  4. Lilac De Tremelay says:

    It's in their genes. They aren't human.

  5. Damian Thompson says:

    Sooooo, does that mean martyrdom is narcissistic to? And if so, how do you punish someone for blowing their self up ? This islam seems like a pretty raw deal to me !

  6. Roberta Piltz says:

    Well, he DID want Sharia. Guess he got it! Islam law is swift and terrible. Now if only Mohammed could abrogate the Koran today to tell them all to kill themselves. Hurry, the virgins await!

  7. Tim Morin says:

    Doesn't matter how or why he's dead, just that the dumbass is dead. 1 more good one.

  8. I dunno. I have to wonder — isn't there any way we could still fix this genius up with the girl written about by this reporter in her last story — the one who decries western oppression while she goes to Penn (where tuition, room and board cost OVER $60,000 a year!). I bet Mr. Amriki and Ms. I'mafreeki would have gotten along GREAT. I can't help thinking that the Penn co-ed would feel that life was so authentic in Somalia. Maybe Penn could arrange for an exchange program with the guys who shot this guy in the head? Field work? Anything?

  9. Pick the wrong side did we? YYYYYeah think ya did

  10. Pick the wrong side did we? YYYYYeah think ya did

  11. Jesse Mace says:

    i love a feel good story with a happy ending.

  12. Mary Leachman says:

    There's no honor among criminals. They must have grown very weary of the 'white boy' from Alabama.

  13. Mary Leachman says:

    Good one, Roberta! You are right! He DID want sharia? Guess he got it after all…

  14. Ari Samuels says:

    …and I thought till today that I'd have no positive thoughts about Islamic extremists…at last you guys have pointed your weapons in the right direction,at one another that is!!!…The Shia and Sunni leadership is at each other's throats…and if only the rest of you 1.5 billon bloodthirsty ****wits would follow their lead,then this world would breath a sigh of relief….I have a dream….

  15. Dina Dunkelman says:

    Of course, it shows he had no regard for anyone but himself, leaving a wife and child to fend for themselves while he was out on his grand scheme. Hope he's dead, one less Jihadi, a few more millions to go. Good riddance!

  16. Tony Ballzoni says:

    Finally these animals killed someone who deserved it.

  17. Someone should have warned the boy. You play with the devil you will get bit. So much for, "his own people". I geuss he will never trust another Muslim now.

  18. Tom Fortunato says:

    there is a fine line between genius and crazy. this guy crossed that line along time ago!

  19. Tom Fortunato says:

    there is a fine line between genius and crazy. this guy crossed that line along time ago!

  20. If I looked like him I would blow myself up for sure!

  21. wrong thinking leads to a short life, nuff said.

  22. Danny Whelan says:

    hope they all kill each other

  23. wicked daniel, wicked!

    But I like you.

  24. wicked daniel, wicked!

    But I like you.

  25. Satanists rarely see eye to eye.

  26. Great news! One less scum bag in the world.

  27. Scott Davis says:

    The sharia of Islam eats up it's followers as it eats bread.

  28. Good, one less idiot to worry about.

  29. Elect Lush says:

    Let This Be A Warning To All, You Do Not Want to Be A Jihadist.

  30. David Hazell says:

    Good job he was a ****

  31. Tim Camelin says:

    Good on less for our military folks to have to deal with.

  32. Ron Brooks says:

    As they say, it is a Dog eat Dog world. and they are all Dogs

  33. Pat Williams says:

    Good news if it is true.

  34. Cody Flecker says:

    It is best if these people kill each other as it saves valuable ammunition for the rest of these jokers. This story also carries with it an understanding of what is to come with all of these Islamic Rebel Groups and that is the bloodbath will really come once they are in control of the population. Nothing can be worse than a fanatical Muslim as we have already seen in Egypt with the diminished status of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the whining of our US Presidential Muslim.

  35. William Weaver says:


  36. Keith Lee says:

    Lie down with dogs, and you'll get up with fleas!

  37. The funny thing about the religion of peace is that they can not live in peace with each other never mind anyone else!!!!

  38. Ricky Tanner says:

    Thats what you get ballsack

  39. Amber Crooks says:

    Tragic but telling. They cannot stand education and learning. It's tragic his idiotic parents didn't listen to the 'don't be unequally yoked' adage. It's tragic they seemingly were so incompetent in child rearing they couldn't direct his intelligence during puberty. Islam kills, we that can think know this, however in my opinion his parents are the culprits even more than 'the american'.

  40. Benjamin Fox says:

    For this sin all Islamist should be killing each other everyday and every hour.

  41. Dee Joey Brown says:

    Further proof of the dangers of allowing Muslims to immigrate to our countries. We're being sold out by our ignorant politicians who are bringing people who follow a subversive political ideology. All moderate Muslims are sleepers if they truly have a strong tie to Islam. The goal of a caliphate if the highest aim of the Koran. Any Muslim who does not help in the goal is an apostate. Let the stay in their own countries and war against each other.

  42. Louisifer dd says:

    he was islamic not a satanist. huge difference dumbass.

  43. Barbara Bergan says:

    Louisifer dd Same gOd

  44. 'Debbie Sue says:

    But the same politicians won't let Christians immigrate. Visa are denied for spouses of Americans who are Christians.

  45. let then kill each other

  46. David Buck Pikunas says:

    Who ****ing cares? GOOD RIDDANCE!

  47. Peggy Costion says:

    Share. That ought to stop recruitment.

  48. Anonymous says:

    The dogs are better than muslims, please.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Sunnies and Shiites, they should kill each other, than we will breathe better, the day will come.

  50. Steve Hughes says:

    He wasn't American,but he was a fool.

  51. vdtbasarab says:

    Omar to his mates: “Thou Shalt Kill!”
    Them to Omar: “OK!”

  52. Ken Madsen says:

    2 down…. saved the US a couple of bullets to be used on some others

  53. Serves the imbecile right! Muzzrats are pro-death and anti-life….he got a dose of his own medicine…..

  54. Serves the imbecile right! Muzzrats are pro-death and anti-life….he got a dose of his own medicine…..

  55. Extremely sad story. Shows that extremist religious ideas can be more venomous than poison.

  56. Ryan Carson says:

    Good. Now we just need to get rid of the rest of those sick bastards.

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