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January 19, 2017 / 21 Tevet, 5777
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Jewish Communities Among Dozens Decimated By Hurricane Sandy

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“It’s like a war zone,” said Rabbi Akiva Eisenstadt, surveying the damage in Manhattan Beach, a day after Hurricane Sandy swept through New York. “It’s beyond anything anyone has ever seen.”

Manhattan Beach, on the southern tip of Brooklyn, was one of several communities in the tri-state area pummeled by the storm, which caused, across the eastern coast of the country, an estimated $20 billion in property damage and left at least 55 Americans dead and 8.2 million without power.

By Wednesday, Manhattan had still only partially recovered from the super storm as much of the mass transit system that transports millions into the city daily remained shut down. Some experts estimate it will take a week or more before service returns to normal.

Simply pumping all the water that flooded New York’s subway stations and tunnels may take several days. Engineers will then have to assess the infrastructure’s structural soundness. Some fear the corrosive salt water may have also destroyed electrical switches, lights, and the power-conducting third rail.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Joseph J. Lhota said Tuesday, “The New York City subway system is 108 years old, but it has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night.”

Even New York’s Stock Exchange remained closed Tuesday – its first multi-day, weather-related closure since 1888.

While most of the reports from several communities in New York City – such as Washington Heights, Midwood, Boro Park and Crown Heights – only weathered streets blocked by downed trees and power outages, others sustained a high percentage of homes with massive damage.

Shorefront areas in lower Brooklyn experienced catastrophe. “Two of my friends who lived in ranches lost everything they had,” said Ari Epstein, a resident of Manhattan Beach, where the water filled the streets up to six feet above street level. On Tuesday, after the water had receded, an oily muddy residue remained on every block. Virtually every house in the neighborhood, Epstein said, suffered extensive water damage, destroying furniture and myriads of expensive and sentimental household items. “It’s crazy, unbelievable.”

Rabbi Eisenstadt, who serves as rosh kollel of Manhattan Beach’s Community Kollel, said one waterfront house was on the market before the storm for $9.5 million. Now, “his whole property is destroyed.”

Even Hatzolah was powerless in the neighborhood. The rescue organization received at least two calls about electrical fires but could not respond, a Hatzolah member told The Jewish Press. The roads were simply inaccessible.

Sea Gate, Brooklyn sustained major damage.
(Photo credit: Dee Voch)

In nearby Sea Gate, an area that was similarly overwhelmed by water, one Jewish man survived the storm on top of a garbage truck, an official from the volunteer Chaverim organization reported. The man declined to evacuate when asked; by the time he changed his mind and started driving away, water blocked his path. Seeking higher ground, he spotted a nearby garbage truck and climbed on top of it. Freezing from the cold weather, he wrapped himself in his tallis, the Chaverim official said.

The water also filled parts of Woodmere and North Woodmere, on Long Island, where many homes were almost completely underwater and many residents had to be rescued by National Guard boats.

Summing up the conditions of the Five Towns, Gabriel Boxer, a resident of Hewlett, posted on Facebook: “The entire 5 Towns smells like salt water.”

In addition to the mass flooding and power outages, some suffered from storm-related fires. Rabbi Yossi Serebryanski said two cars exploded from downed electrical wires near his house in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Several other fires blazed on nearby blocks with fire trucks scrambling to get to them. Eventually, firemen took down several power lines to prevent further fires from erupting. Rabbi Serebryanski emptied his refrigerator and headed to relatives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Fires also destroyed more than 100 homes in Breezy Point, Queens. Among them was the residence of Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY).

Bayswater, Queens also suffered greatly. Resident Annette Turner said she has no idea when she will be able to return home after the peninsula community was overwhelmed by water. Among the area’s victims was the Agudah of Bayswater, which was completely destroyed – just one week after the shul had finished repairing damage sustained in last year’s Hurricane Irene storm.

Elliot Resnick and Sandy Eller

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  1. Liad Bar-el says:

    G-d is watching over Israel. Come to live in Israel where it is safe.

  2. Tzvi Fishman says:

    G-d decreed that the exile would be a curse, but the Jews turned it into Altantic City. Then they wonder why a hurricane slammed into their neighborhoods and luxury homes.

  3. Grace Acosta says:

    Why on earth do people not evacuate when told to? I just don't understand.

  4. Meaghan Bihun says:

    My understanding is that it was hard for many NYers without cars to evacuate – especially those without potential emergency housing with friends and family nearby that weren't also under evacuation orders.

  5. Charlie Hall says:

    The evacuation order was issued in plenty of time for everyone to leave via public transportation. The city opened shelters in practically every neighborhood that wasn't under an evacuatoin order, yet they saw little use.

  6. Liad Bar-el says:

    Noah spent 120 years trying to convince people to “evacuate” from their sinful lives and repent so that the flood would not happen but nobody repented. How would only a couple of days affect a person who believed that there would be no such thing as a flood when they, in their arrogance, are righteous? As you can see even on the JPress, there’s a Rabbi who claims to know better than G-d as to what HE should have done and not have done which gives the indication that he and his followers have learned nothing before and nothing after this flooding storm.

  7. Myriam Obadia says:

    My door -in Ashkelon- is open to any Jew in need of a roof due to this disaster. Most of my friends in NY and NJ are safe, even if they were without electricity for a while (some still are). I'm still worried about children and the3 elderly with the temperatures dropping and another storm front announced. Make sure to take care of each other and stay as warm and dry as possible. I'll be praying for you. BTW, the man whose tallit saved him from the cold on top of the garbage truck can really say Baruch Hashem.

  8. Myriam Obadia says:

    Tzvi, instead of belittling them, why don't you help welcome them home? Do you have an idea how hard it is to make Aliyah without any money. Certainly, Nefesh B'Nefesh pays for the plane ticket and get you a tehudat zehut, but they don't help you find you a place to live (no they don't and I know it first hand), they don't help you find you a job, they don't even help you find an ulpan or a school for your kids, or get enrolled for disability when you no longer qualify for the oleh chadash allocation. You've got to depend on the misrad ha'klita, which -outside large cities- only speak Hebrew (and sometimes some Russian). Without money for a preparation tour of Israel and a good real estate agent, you are on your own. Many people -especially the elderly, the disabled, and those with large families- just can't do it. You want Jews to come home? Then open the door and your heart to them and they will come.

  9. Myriam Obadia says:

    Safe is relative, but it is certainly safer here.

  10. Shoshanna Goldstein Sanders says:

    Lower Manhattan lost power for days, yet they hadn't been in an evacuation zone. Do you really think the city was prepared to evacuate everyone below 34th street to shelters? Most of Nassau county was told to evacuate. Had they all left where would they all go?

  11. Anonymous says:

    How does TZVI explain the rockets from Gaza unto South of Israel?

  12. You Will get yours Putz

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