Photo Credit: Google Maps
The US consulate in Jerusalem

The United States on Wednesday night asked Israel to restrain its response to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as its capital and to act with restraint, due to concerns in Washington over acts of terrorism against American citizens.

“While I recognize that you will publicly welcome this news, I ask that you restrain your official response,” the State Dept. said in a document dated Dec. 6 containing talking points for the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, which were later conveyed to convey to Israeli officials, according to Reuters.


“We expect there to be resistance to this news in the Middle East and around the world. We are still judging the impact this decision will have on US facilities and personnel overseas,” the document said.

Another second State Dept. document obtained by Reuters, also dated Dec. 6, reported on a new task force “to track worldwide developments” following the Jerusalem declaration.

The US embassy in Jordan issued a security message to American citizens in the country, saying “the recent announcement that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may spark protests, some of which have the potential to become violent. The US Embassy reminds US citizens of the need for caution and awareness of personal security.”

After instructing visiting Americans about being vigilant while staying in Jordan, the message continues: “The US Embassy in Amman has temporarily suspended routine public services. US government personnel and their family members in Jordan are limiting public movements, including an instruction for children not to attend school on December 7, 2017. All Embassy travel outside Amman, both official and personal, has been prohibited until further notice. Americans in Jordan are encouraged to maintain a low profile and to remain alert to developments.”

The embassy in Ankara, Turkey, issued a security message saying, “the US Diplomatic Mission to Turkey is aware that several groups have announced public protests in the vicinity of several US government diplomatic offices in Turkey, starting in the early evening of December 6, 2017. We urge US citizens to avoid all protests, especially those in the area of the US Embassy in Ankara, the US Consulate General in Istanbul, and the US Consulate in Adana. Unless otherwise specified, US diplomatic facilities will continue normal operations.”

The official message also warned that “even gatherings intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence. You should avoid areas of large gatherings, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.”