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Thou shalt not criticize President Barack Obama.

Officials at the a White House are incredibly upset with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who had the audacity Monday to say that that the  United States’ foreign policy is so weak that Israel cannot depend it on it to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear capability.

President Barack Obama’s definition of ”friendship” – and everyone knows that Commander in Chief himself has said he is the greatest pal Israel has had since George Washington – means  the Israeli government must pat the president on his head every time he blinks, and he has been doing a lot of that lately.


Ya’alon said in a speech at Tel Aviv University earlier this week that allies have expressed “disappointment” at American policies leading up to the Russia-Ukraine crisis and that the United States clearly is  “demonstrating weakness.”

The Obama administration has accused the Israeli defense minister of insulting its senior officials and undermining the relationship between the US and Israel after he criticized American foreign policy for projecting “weakness” throughout the world.

“If you sit and wait at home, the terrorism will come again,” Ya’alon said. “This is a war of civilizations. If your image is feebleness, it doesn’t pay in the world. Nobody will replace the United States as global policeman. I hope the United States comes to its senses. If it doesn’t, it will challenge the world order, and the United States is the one that will suffer.”

That was not exactly harsh language. On the contrary, Ya’alon put the United States on a pedestal when he said that no one can replace it.

But the criticism was too much for President Obama, whose foreign policy blunders have brought him compliments from no one outside the State Dept.

“We were shocked,” one official was quoted as saying.

Not only was he shocked, he was “mystified” at Ya’alon, who earlier this year was reprimanded by the American government for very undiplomatic language he uttered in what was supposed to be closed meeting, where he called Kerry “messianic”” and obsessive.” Ya’alon expressed his wish that Kerry would simply go home, collect his Nobel Prize for No Peace and “leave us alone.”

Ya’alon seemed to have learned his lesson, His criticism was offered in friendly terms, but the White  House official was quoted as saying that the defense minister shows a “disturbing pattern” in which he “disparages the U.S. administration, and insults its most senior officials.

Moshe Ya’alon  has not replied to the Obama administration’s feeling sorry for itself, but one Israel minister told Army Radio “The foreign policy of the United States all over the world is collapsing. I learn from this that Israel must not be Ukraine. It is ridiculous today to hear the Americans talking about guarantees for Israel’s security.” So now it is an unnamed ministger who has not learned the Obama Commandment,”Thous shalt not criticize” – unless you are a Muslim country, Russia, China or a Republican.




  1. “We were shocked,” one official was quoted as saying"
    I was shocked that Kerry demanded that convicted murderers be freed
    to show Israel's good intentions.
    But I must admit I was even more shocked at Netanyahu for caving in to
    this extortion.

  2. President Obama is a specialist in the cynical rhetoric of dissimulation. Namely, he is expert in tricking others to believe that he has said something which, in fact, he has not literally said. For example, President Obama trumpets Israel's "right to exist" and promises that the USA will always place emphasis on Israel's security. Does this mean that President Obama is really favorable to Israel? Not necessarily, because his relevant words are logically consistent with the dark possibility of the continued existence of nothing more than a truncated and defenseless Israel, that could only survive by virtue of USA protection. In President Obama's imagination, this is indeed to be Israel's fate at the hands of the international community, after the failure of the current negotiations with the Palestinians. Significantly he has already told David Remnick (New Yorker, January 27, 2014) that there's less than a fifty percent chance for success of the current negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. So what comes next once the USA would no longer be supporting Israel in the United Nations Security Council? Though the future is not known, we can still learn plenty from systematic study of Obama's speeches and their characteristic reliance on sly dissimulation. Anybody who has studied President Obama's speeches from 2009 to the present would certainly know that he is untrustworthy and no friend of the Jewish State.

  3. Hey, there is a HUGE typo in the first paragraph of this article: "…stop Israel from obtaining nuclear capability."???? What's up with that?

    At any rate, it is amusing to me that when Obama first came into office, there was all this talk of the need for "frank talk among true friends", referring to the beating he was going to unleash on Israel. Obviously, this "frank talk among true friends" only goes one way, so far as he is concerned.

    Problem is, this is what Israeli officials should have been saying in public BEFORE November of '12. I have it on good authority that in private, they long since had come to such conclusions. But, they didn't want to be seen as prejudicing the outcome of the election (which American presidents, going back to at least Clinton, have had no trouble doing in the case of Israeli elections). Hooray for "diplomacy".

    The best way to get someone off of your back is to STAND UP STRAIGHT.

    It is going to be tough in the short term to stand up to a U.S. president, even a traitorous wretch like Obama. But it is going to have to happen, and the storm is going to have to be ridden out.

    Israel, sorry for Obama. I never voted for him. Not in '08 or '12. My fellow Jews who did so both times, I can tell you many of them are ashamed and they deserve to be.

    But don't let him get the better of you. You are better than him. Way better. Stay strong, Israel.

  4. John Kerry is the most incompetent public official I have ever seen. His socialist agenda for the world endangers all mankind because it ignores the lessons of history and reflects the ignorance of the ages. This Administration is forcing the United States onto a path of self-destruction like we have never known before.

  5. i AGREE 100%.

  6. Obama can't take anyone standing up to him. I'm surprised that his handlers didn't try to use the race card on Yaalon. Israel and the Jewish people will not go into the gas chambers as Obama wishes we would. Israel needs to stop relying on the US and its Arab impostor in the White House and rely on our Father In Heaven instead.

  7. Oh, so someone stands up and tells the truth and US officials are shocked???…what a joke. And do the US officials REALLY believe Abbas is going to be a peaceful leader if he should get ALL his demands??? Ain't gunna happen…EVER!!! He has already said any land given to Palestinians, Jews must leave and never return. Does anyone in the White House ever listen???

  8. Israel must stop giving in to this madness. No more 2 state solution. Israel's enemies (including Obama) do not want a 2 state solution. They want only one state remaining – Palestine. Shouldn't it be obvious by now that this is a ruse, designed only to chip away at what remains of Israel's land? Israel gave away the Gaza which was vitally needed for security. It's now used as a rocket launching pad against Israel. Israel needs to take some blame for this, for caving to the pressure from America and others. What more will Israel give away for an illusive promise of peace? Wise up.

  9. Mr Ya'alon is fortunate. Anyone here in the US who criticizes him is called a "RACIST" However, in the last para I believe the author means Democrat because we republicans are never permitted to criticize him without the Liberal Media accusing us of being RACIST.

  10. too bad Obama did not sell iran arms like the neo-cons. Too bad Obama did not lobby congress to end the sanctions like Cheney did. too bad Obama did nothing to stop irans program development for 8 years. Too bad Obama did not call iran evil. Perhaps then right wingers would vote for him

  11. Israel is isolated now more than ever by an administration that publicly hammers it everyday. Public criticism ! The kind of public criticism that legitimizes the BDS movement and the antisemitism that grows out of it. There have always been disagreements between US administrations and Israel but for the most part , they have been private disagreements. Past presidents have always been sensitive to the fact that anti Israel rhetoric can quickly morph into Jew hatred. The kind of Jew hatred that lays dormant in the system waiting for a weakness in the character of mankind and then it strikes. I submit to you that what the Obama administration has done and is doing, whether intended or unintended is the cause of the rise in antisemitism.

  12. The weakest administration the U.S. has ever had. Obama entered the office in denile, blaming George Bush for everything, and remains in denile, accusing everyone for shocking behavior. Or is it denile? Charaters like him love the "dumb like a fox" posture. Israel is in danger as long as Obama is President of the U.S.

  13. It's TRUE. Israel SHOULD NOT depend on America to defend an attack Iran. DEFEND YOURSELF! It's NOT our responsibility to defend you! You TAKE TAKE TAKE! Defends yourselves! Turn Iran into a GLASS PARKING LOT! We DONT CARE! Israel is YOUR country not ours. We're on the other end of the earth enjoying peace.

    We see you.


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