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Amrit Marajh was arrested and charged with the "knockout" attack on an Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn on Friday, Nov. 22, 2013

Sucker punching someone on the streets with the goal of knocking out the victim while a friend videos the assault so that you can achieve YouTube notoriety is the trendy crime of the moment known as the “Knockout Game.”  Sometimes it is simply known as “Knockout the Jew” or a “Polar Bear Attack” because the victims are predominantly either Jewish or just Caucasian.

The attacks have been taking place sporadically over the past several years, in cities such as Philadelphia, Syracuse and Washington, D.C.  Three people have died as the result of these attacks.


But in New York City, the numbers of reported attacks has been increasing dramatically recently, with at least seven taking place since October.

In a disproportionate number of those attacks in New York City the victims have been Jewish. Those victims have included a 12 year old boy and a 78 year old woman.  The attacks have taken place in areas of the City with the largest concentrations of Orthodox Jews, such as Borough Park or the Midwood and Crown Heights sections of Brooklyn.

Some people, including several Jewish City Council members, are calling for increased penalties for people found guilty of perpetrating the crime. The Rev. Al Sharpton spoke out against the violent trend on Saturday.

“If someone was running around talking about knocking out blacks, we would not be silent,” Sharpton said. “We cannot be silent,” CBS reported.

The New York City Hate Crimes Task Force is involved in investigating the phenomenon.

The attacks have pitted those who believe the matter needs to be downplayed or it will only result in increased “copycat” attacks, and others who are incensed that the attacks are being trivialized as a mere “game” and not a serious crime that has led to entire neighborhoods living in fear.


One attack which took place this past Friday, Nov. 22, is important for several reasons.

First, the victim, a 24 year old Orthodox Jewish man, was able to recover quickly from the attack. Second, the alleged perpetrators were quickly apprehended, and third, the individual identified by the victim as the aggressor was charged by the police on Saturday with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment, according to CBS local news in New York.

However, the District Attorney’s office apparently charged the individual arrested, 28 year old Amrit Marajh of Brooklyn, with misdemeanor assault, harassment and menacing charges.  Marajh was released on $750 bail later the same day. “I didn’t knock out no Jew!” Marajh yelled as he was escorted from the 66th Precinct in Brooklyn following questioning, a website covering New York City criminal information reported.

The victim was walking down 18th Avenue in Borough Park, very early in the morning after leaving work.  He was surrounded by four men and punched in the face. The victim was wearing a kippah.

NYPD officers were nearby in an unmarked police car, commissioner Ray Kelly said Friday afternoon, which is how they were able to apprehend the alleged perpetrators so quickly.

One possible reason given for the seemingly sudden upsurge in the number of attacks is that initially victims were not reporting the attacks as the perpetrators did not steal anything, making it even less likely that they could be apprehended.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has asked anyone who has been victimized by this crime to come forward and report it.

The video is of the 24 year old victim who identified Amrit Marajh as his attacker.




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    By Ruby Akhtar on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 9:48pm
    Every era has its privilege and its pain. I hardly think there is one person in this WORLD who has not been affected, if even just emotionally, from terror. That is the pain of this generation. The privilege lies in the opportunity to remove this pain, to refuse to stand it, and to prevent it from happening again. This might sound like a tall order, a formidable challenge. And it is. But it is an order that, for the sake of our very lives and the lives of our children, we must fulfill, a challenge we must rise to and a battle we must win. The alternative is not only unattractive, it is unthinkable.

    I am an immigrant. A Pakistani. A BRITISH. I am proud to be an immigrant in the knowledge of what immigrants have contributed and how they have enriched societies they have joined. We provide fresh eyes to see old problems in a new light, innovations to find solutions, and ambition to secure success not only for ourselves or our families but in the societies we have been honored to join. Those who make blanket negative statements about immigrants should learn from these lessons, and to take to heart the tragic errors of ignorance and bias that categorized past decades.

    At the same time, as with native-born citizens, we cannot blindly tolerate the activities of certain immigrants and be afraid to speak out against dangerous ideologies out of fear of being branded as racist or intolerant. Despising someone for their religion or country of origin is prejudice. Caution taken when faced with immigrants with hazardous association is sanity. We should continue to embrace immigrants, but should do so with both eyes open. Attention must be paid.

    It is said that those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. But today, it isn’t the lessons of the remote past that provide a stern warning, but the patterns that are easily spotted in several parts of the world at the same time. It as if they are sounding alarms all at once and we are still sleeping. It is high time we woke up from our collective slumber.

    Pakistan is just one microcosm of a general phenomenon that is playing out all over the world. Make no mistake, President Asif Ali Zardari and former Pakistan President and former head of the Pakistan Army, Pervez Musharraf have confessed that terrorist groups had been “deliberately created and nurtured” by past governments “as a policy to achieve some short-term tactical objectives”.

    After having an influx of Afghan rebels in the fallout of the Soviet-Afghan War in the 1980s, yesterday’s Mujaheddin are today’s terrorists. These Mujaheddin were armed by “friendly” Intelligence Agencies, including the CIA to serve what was expected to be a constructive purpose, to prevent yet another domino to fall under Soviet control. Decades after the cold war, the mujahideens are still armed and are creating terrorist organizations. Christians are regularly prevented from working, assaulted and threatened. Anyone who doesn’t conform to their extreme version of Islam is taking his life into his hands. Yet, we hear very little of this persecution and terror, which was created under what should have been the watchful eye of the West which cradled this snake to its bosom. From the summer of 2007 to late 2009, more than 5,500 people were killed in suicide and other attacks on civilians. And aside from murder, persecution is rife and constant. Many of those persecuted are religious minorities, many are Christians who are barred not only from worshipping, but daily living. Threats are their constant companions and their sleep is fitful, their lives are precarious at best.

    Israel has come under fire not just from terror but from the world press with heavy criticism over some of its actions. But it cannot be denied that we are all involved in the same struggle, and events in Israel can serve as a a lesson and a warning about what is happening in the West.

    Some in the West applauded Israel when it expelled 8,000 of its citizens from Gaza in 2005. Others criticized Israel for not having done enough. As was the case with the Afghan immigrants who moved into Pakistan, Hamas and other terror organizations found the perfect playground in Gaza which the Israelis left vacant. There is even talk of funding Hamas, as the West nurtured the radicals in Pakistan, and inviting them to sit down and make peace with Israel, a democracy whose efforts at national defense have been labeled as persecution and efforts to protect its borders has earned it the status of a near pariah state. We can see what concessions, from giving away land to offering fake legitimacy to terror organizations, does. It only rewards terror. And once again, the West is cradling a snake to its bosom.

    As a Briton, I remember the morning when nearly a thousand people who believed they were embarking on a mere routine travel to work were greeted with explosion, blood, pain and horror dealt by the numerous explosions of terrorists bombs on the subway and the bus. This was the infamous 7/7, July 7th 2005, when five young terrorists, age 30 and under, brought their radical ideas to a logical conclusion in the murder of innocent civilians. Four of them were Pakistani. They were the children of immigrants, born into a land that had treated them with equal protection under the law, where they were raised, fed and educated. But this did not shield them from the lure of a murderous ideology that created in their minds myths of twisted heroism. They were not mad, they were behaving with cool logic and adhering to the dictates of their radical ideas. We must cease with the delusion that this is a somehow justifiable reaction to oppression. It isn’t justifiable. Not in Pakistan. Not in Afghanistan. Not in Lebanon. Not in Israel. And not in our own countries.

    We must cease believing that there can be meaningful negotiation with terrorist organizations, or tolerance of ideologies based on wanton murder of thousands on European soil or any other soil. The Talmud says, “Those who are compassionate to the cruel will eventually become cruel to the compassionate.” We must cease to act with a false compassion that blinds us from reality and morality. And we must be alert to the development of terrorist organizations wherever they are. To fail to see such a development might be excused as negligence. But to nurture the influx and growth of radicals with fatal ideologies is more than benign negligence. It would earn us the dishonor of having been accomplices to their crimes.

  2. Inoocents are entitled to have protection against those who despise humanity. There is lots of stored up negative energy that is going to be unleashed as times get harder here in the USA. Obama has unleashed anti-Semitism on a global scale. Dvorah bee

  3. The man reported to have told the police that he had no intentions of hate crime and said he has a girl friend who is of Jewish origin and other number of friends from the same clan. The Indian American Amrith Maharajh is now out on bail of $750. The American Bazaar

  4. I think it is more biblical in nature. God has promised "a final Holocaust" for these people. In the bible it is called "The Final Reaping".

    Convert, or pass.

    I believe is God's deal.

    Time to pay the piper.


    Mark Dreher

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