Do Tradition and Faith Provide the Cure for Woke Madness?

As radical leftist ideologies set society on fire, what’s needed is an intellectual debate about whether classical liberalism or a rediscovered conservatism provides the answers.

What’s Wrong with Jews Embracing Anti-racism?

As some join in Juneteenth commemorations, the question is not whether to oppose racism but how adopting the narrative of “white privilege” legitimizes racialist ideas and anti-Semitism.

Condemning the ‘Mapping Project’ is NOT Enough

Opposition to the targeting of Jews by mainstream Democrats was a rejection of anti-Zionist extremism. But the real problem is this effort’s roots in critical race theory and intersectionality.

Lesson from a Government’s Likely Collapse? Stop Worrying About International Opinion

Having an Arab party in the coalition should have silenced the “apartheid state” lie. It just proved again that Israel’s enemies don’t care what it does; they just want it dead.

How Jewish Support for ‘Anti-racism’ Empowered Antisemitism

Two years after the moral panic set off by the death of George Floyd, American Jews need to confront the way the BLM movement and the ideologies that underpin it enable hatred of Jews.

Who’s to Blame for Young American and Democrat Coolness Towards Israel?

Despite the impulse to blame Netanyahu and the usual targets of left-wing scorn, the real answer is the growing popularity of theories like intersectionality that sanction anti-Semitism.

Does it Matter if an Orthodox Jew is ‘DOXXED’ in an Attempt to Silence...

One need not be a fan of LibsofTikTok to realize that the decision of a major pillar of the media establishment that is owned by a Big Tech oligarch like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to target a private citizen in this way is a deplorable escalation of our political culture wars. That it also carries with it a touch of anti-Semitic incitement only makes it worse.

French Election Proves Poor Choices Facing French and European Jews

While Marine Le Pen is considered a threat to Jewish life, President Emmanuel Macron represents a centrist establishment that has failed to meet the challenge of Islamism.

A Plague of Media Disinformation

A magazine conference not only failed to address examples of the media spreading lies, but it also gave a platform to those who spread it, including former Pres. Obama.

In the 21st Century, anti-Zionism Means Antisemitism

Prior to 1948, debates about a Jewish state were common. Today, as a Chicago synagogue proclaims its hostility to Zionism, it means siding with those slaughtering Israelis.

Kicking Russia off UN Human Rights Council Means Nothing

Efforts to reform a body that traffics in anti-Semitism won’t work as long as tyrannies like China and Cuba remain members. The United States should leave and defund it, not try to fix it.

Violence Against Diaspora Jews is NOT Israel’s Fault

If the terror surge spreads elsewhere, the reason will be the normalization of anti-Israel hate and complacency about Islamist radicalism, not Jews bearing the burden of “white privilege.”

Summit No Compensation for U.S. Betrayal

The meeting in the Negev with officials from the Arab world is historic. But while helpful, these new allies don’t solve the problem created by Biden’s appeasement of Iran.

Envoy from Failed Past Presses Towards a Problematic Future

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides isn’t just out of touch with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He sees his job not as fostering good relations, but telling Israelis what they can and cannot do.

Why Does the World Care What Israel Does About Ukraine?

Caught in the diplomatic and media crossfire caused by the Russian invasion, the disproportionate attention the Jewish state gets has many causes, but is also linked to anti-Semitism.

West Selling Soul to Drop Gas Prices

Part of the reason for the rush to re-enter a pact that will guarantee that Tehran gets a nuclear weapon is to put Iranian oil on the market. That’s a disaster for everyone.

Lessons for Israel from Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

Self-reliance is the key to security. Israelis must understand that they should avoid being put in a position where, like the Ukrainians, they must rely on fickle international sympathy.

Don’t Blame Biden’s Appeasement Policy on Trump

With the Iran nuclear deal about to be restored, administration apologists claim that the problem is the former president’s fault. But the “experts” that blast him are wrong.

Jewish Institutions Should NOT Hire anti-Semites

The depiction of a teacher who was fired by a synagogue for flaunting her anti-Zionism as a martyr to free speech illustrates the mainstreaming of hatred for Israel.

The ADL’s Disturbing Obsession with Race

The problem isn’t that the person they hired to do outreach was a left-wing Twitter troll. It’s that ADL accepted intersectional ideology about racism and is dividing Jews along racial lines.

Problem with Affirmative-Action Justice

As the idea of a “Jewish seat” once made clear, seeking diversity on the Supreme Court is defensible. But a process that is only about race and gender creates more problems than solutions.

What ‘Stolen Land’ Myth Believers DON’T Understand

Woke culture demands ritual acknowledgements about Native Americans. Those, however, who think this should also apply to Palestinians don’t understand that Jews are indigenous in Israel.

Will Devotion to Dialogue Stop us from Understanding Another Synagogue Attack?

The Texas hostage-taker wanted to release an anti-Semitic terrorist whose freedom is sought by Muslim groups. Is it Islamophobic to discuss who might have inspired the incident?

The Lost Legacy of MLK Jr.

The civil-rights hero’s beliefs are irrelevant to partisans who invoke his legacy and rejected by woke activists besotted with critical race theory.

The Billionaire Who Cared

Sheldon Adelson wasn’t like the others on the Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest people. He cared about Israel and the Jews, and didn’t care if his efforts to help the Jewish state thrive made him unpopular.

Harry Potter and the Search for FAKE Antisemitism

Talk about goblins in the series about magical wizards being stand-ins for Jews or the product of anti-Semitic memes is a distraction from a necessary discussion of real Jew-hatred.

Why the Double Standard on West Bank Violence?

Claims of a spike in settler violence made headlines while “routine” terror attacks, including murder by Palestinian Arabs against Jews, are downplayed or treated as justified.

Beyond the 7th Step: Lighting a Candle in Hebron

Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs was a reminder of both Jewish rights and the intractable and irrational nature of a conflict that Palestinians don’t wish to end.

Biden Gives a Clinic on How NOT to Negotiate with Iran

The administration is already floating new concessions while the Iranians are flouting international nuclear monitors. Washington has lost the game before it started, and Israel is clearly on its own.

Patriot MISS-ile: No, Gen. Flynn America Should NOT be a Nation of Just One...

The U.S. Constitution isn’t a blueprint for a purely secular country. But it guarantees that all creeds are welcome and that the nation has no state religion. Those who would change that endanger everyone’s rights.


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