Why the Left Shrugs at Calls for Violence Against Jews

While the world honors the Holocaust, outrage over calls for the murder of Jews at the University of Michigan is mocked as evidence that Jews are “snowflakes.”

Americans: Don’t be Swayed by Israeli Left’s Freakout

The apocalyptic rhetoric about Netanyahu’s government and its judicial-reform proposal is about maintaining the power of a minority and thwarting democracy, not protecting it.

Should Zelenskyy Blackmail Israel Using UN Vote?

The Ukrainian president bartered opposition to an antisemitic resolution to pressure Netanyahu to join the war against Russia. The prime minister was right to say “no.”

Can US Jews love the REAL Israel—or only the Fantasy Version?

Most Americans don’t like the Jewish state’s new government. But it still deserves their support against those who work to undermine and destroy it.

2022’s Top 10 Jewish Stories

Antisemitism of all sorts, Bibi, Ben-Gvir, Zelenskyy and, of course, Trump, owned the headlines in a year full of surprising twists and some names that just don’t go away.

Is Globalism Talk an Antisemitic Dog Whistle?

The ADL and other liberals mistakenly believe critiques of efforts to undermine national sovereignty and pushing woke leftist policies are always about Jew-hatred.

Hanukkah Real Message Alien to Most American Jews

The festival of lights needs to be celebrated as a fight against the idols of woke popular culture, not a blue-tinsel version of Christmas.

Ukraine’s Past Matters

Kyiv is right to ask that Stalin’s terror famine be recognized as genocide. But it should be equally honest about those who collaborated with Hitler.

Ukraine: Backing Antisemitism at UN While Pressuring Israel for Arms

Zelenskyy’s two-faced stand illustrates both his own hypocrisy and how the world body acts as a toxic cesspool of hate.

Don’t Apologize for Ben-Gvir or Anything Else about Israel

The claim that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government will make life hard for Diaspora Jews ignores what motivates Zionism’s foes and other anti-Semites.

Midterm Madness Marks America as Deeply Divided

Democrats won the expectations game as a red wave didn’t materialize. But the results mean divided government and a worsening political tribal culture war.

Dems’ Doomsday Drivel Bad for Jews

Hyperbolic predictions of the end of democracy if Republicans win the midterms encourage extremism and conspiracy theories that fuel anti-Semitism.

Memo to Biden: Please Stop ‘Saving’ Israeli Democracy from Israelis

Democrats don’t want Netanyahu or a right-wing/religious government in Jerusalem. But what they really don’t want is for the Jewish state’s voters to determine their own fate.

Will Canceling Kanye Turn Tide on anti-Semitism?

As long as some on both the left and the right are ready to excuse their allies and legitimize smears of Israel, the problem will continue to get worse.

Does Israel-Lebanon Maritime Deal=Abraham Accords?

Despite Biden’s claims, the agreement involves concessions to terrorists in exchange for quiet and empty U.S. guarantees. That’s not the same as a peace based on mutual interests.

Crystal Ball Ready? Take the 5783 Jewish Pundit Quiz

So, along with me, guess (or should I say prognosticate?) about the coming year.

Why Do Jews Who Worship ‘Social Justice’ Promote “Social Injustice’?

Liberals are backing open borders and loan bailouts that hurt working-class Americans and could lead to a massive wealth transfer from the less well-off to the more prosperous.

ADL Gets Woke, Greenblatt Should Get Gone

Under its current leader, ADL discarded nonpartisanship. But the inclusion of critical race theory in the curricula it gives schools is not an isolated blunder.

Who is the 21st-Century’s Role Model? Queen Elizabeth or AOC?

The world mourned a woman whose dignity and devotion to duty moved all, while America celebrates a woke princess who screams hypocritical self-involvement.

Zionism Won. So Why is it Still Attacked 125 Years after Basel?

The anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s convening of the First Zionist Congress is cause for celebration; however, the ongoing battle to secure Jewish self-determination is far from over.

An End to the Delusions about Biden, Iran and Israel?

Lapid’s claims about influencing Washington notwithstanding, the failure of Jerusalem’s impotent and belated nuclear-deal protests should be a wake-up call about a shaky alliance

‘CNN’ Gets it Partially Right about anti-Semitism

A documentary acknowledged hate on the Left and the Right but failed to explain the role of critical race theory in mainstreaming it while resurrecting a smear of Trump even as they debunked it.

Gaza Fighting Changes NOTHING About Israel’s Image Issue

Critics have never cared about rocket attacks, terrorism or even about the Palestinians. The argument remains about whether one Jewish state on the planet is one too many.

Will Trump Have ‘Last Word’ over Mid-East ‘Experts?’

The Biden administration’s desire to reinstate foreign-policy establishment conventional wisdom notwithstanding, their predecessor’s Abraham Accords should stand the test of time.

Is Russia Threatening the Jewish Agency a Return to Soviet Oppression?

Moscow wants to pressure Israel to stay out of its brutal war on Ukraine. That’s deplorable; still, Jerusalem and Jewish groups shouldn’t become full-fledged participants in that conflict.

Do Tradition and Faith Provide the Cure for Woke Madness?

As radical leftist ideologies set society on fire, what’s needed is an intellectual debate about whether classical liberalism or a rediscovered conservatism provides the answers.

What’s Wrong with Jews Embracing Anti-racism?

As some join in Juneteenth commemorations, the question is not whether to oppose racism but how adopting the narrative of “white privilege” legitimizes racialist ideas and anti-Semitism.

Condemning the ‘Mapping Project’ is NOT Enough

Opposition to the targeting of Jews by mainstream Democrats was a rejection of anti-Zionist extremism. But the real problem is this effort’s roots in critical race theory and intersectionality.

Lesson from a Government’s Likely Collapse? Stop Worrying About International Opinion

Having an Arab party in the coalition should have silenced the “apartheid state” lie. It just proved again that Israel’s enemies don’t care what it does; they just want it dead.

How Jewish Support for ‘Anti-racism’ Empowered Antisemitism

Two years after the moral panic set off by the death of George Floyd, American Jews need to confront the way the BLM movement and the ideologies that underpin it enable hatred of Jews.


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