Trashing Nationalism isn’t Defending Jews

Demonizing those who march with Israeli flags on “Jerusalem Day” and conservatives who push back against the Marxist war on the West is equally disingenuous and wrong.

Can Israeli Resilience Inspire Alienated Americans?

After months of divisiveness, the country immediately united in the face of incessant rocket fire. Will a community unwilling to fight antisemitic progressives learn that lesson?

Islamist Antisemitism is Flying Under the Jewish Communal Radar

New report details how Muslim hate groups have rebranded themselves as intersectional allies to Jewish left-wingers.

NY Times’ Unethical War on Chassidic Schools

The newspaper’s 18-part assault on yeshivahs says more about the decline of journalistic ethics and comfort with antisemitism than it does about any alleged academic failings.

We DON’T Need a Heritage Month-BUT Neither Does Anyone Else

Pride in our history is appropriate. But wanting official recognition has more to do with the impulse to get in on the intersectional victim racket than combating antisemitism.

Tucker Carlson’s Fall Not as Good for the Jews as the ADL thinks

The former “Fox News” star took many questionable stands. But those who rightly see woke DEI ideology as a threat to Jewish life aren’t cheering his ouster.

Perils of Politicizing Jewish Philanthropy

As the debate about Netanyahu and judicial reform heats up, the umbrella group of Jewish Federations is showing less restraint about intervening in Israeli politics. That’s a mistake.

‘Occupation’ Myth Drives Antisemitic Terror

The biased reactions of U.N. officials and corporate media to attacks on Israelis as well as to disputes over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount are rooted in leftist lies about Zionism.

Where Holocaust Commemoration Succeeded and Where it Failed

Museums, archives of testimonies and educational efforts preserved the survivors’ legacy. Still, that won’t counter contemporary antisemitic hatred and disinformation.

Boycotting Israel is Never Kosher

A call to reconsider investing in Israel because of judicial reform isn’t the same as BDS. Yet that distinction is meaningless since it still validates anti-Zionist lies.

Demonizing Kohelet Won’t Silence Calls for Judicial Reform

A think tank is being attacked by Netanyahu opponents who are solely focused on political power while they ignore the ideas that have put the issue on the national agenda.

What’s Worse: Threats by Smotrich or Amnesty International?

The Israeli finance minister’s call for wiping out Huwara was abhorrent, but so is the so-called “human rights” group’s demand for the mass expulsion of Jews from their homes.

Biden Not Serious in Opposing Palestinian Terrorism

A bid to strengthen the Taylor Force Act that penalizes the Palestinian Authority’s “pay for slay” policy is necessary. But the administration is still evading the law in other ways.

Yes, Judge the Jewish Rioters, but DON’T Rationalize Arab Murderers

Jews who rioted in Huwara following a terror attack have been rightly condemned. But why do the world and the Biden administration still tolerate Palestinian terrorism?

Rising Antisemitism: More than Rogan’s Rants

Poll results demonstrate an understanding that Jew-hatred is grown. But thanks to misperceptions, mistakes and failed leadership, efforts to counter this trend are failing.

Why Keep Pretending Jews Building Homes Prevents Peace?

Palestinian terrorism and disinterest in a two-state solution ensure that peace is impossible. But the United States and its allies prefer to focus on Israeli housing starts.

The anti-Bibi Resistance Wants Americans to Trample Israeli Democracy

Some well-known writers and publications aren’t just gaslighting the world about judicial reform. They’re also playing into the hands of their country’s foes.

The Ilhan Omar Vote As a Turning Point for American Jews

Partisan split on booting the congresswoman from committees is more than a symptom of political civil war. It illustrates the normalization of anti-Zionism

Why the Left Shrugs at Calls for Violence Against Jews

While the world honors the Holocaust, outrage over calls for the murder of Jews at the University of Michigan is mocked as evidence that Jews are “snowflakes.”

Americans: Don’t be Swayed by Israeli Left’s Freakout

The apocalyptic rhetoric about Netanyahu’s government and its judicial-reform proposal is about maintaining the power of a minority and thwarting democracy, not protecting it.

Should Zelenskyy Blackmail Israel Using UN Vote?

The Ukrainian president bartered opposition to an antisemitic resolution to pressure Netanyahu to join the war against Russia. The prime minister was right to say “no.”

Can US Jews love the REAL Israel—or only the Fantasy Version?

Most Americans don’t like the Jewish state’s new government. But it still deserves their support against those who work to undermine and destroy it.

2022’s Top 10 Jewish Stories

Antisemitism of all sorts, Bibi, Ben-Gvir, Zelenskyy and, of course, Trump, owned the headlines in a year full of surprising twists and some names that just don’t go away.

Is Globalism Talk an Antisemitic Dog Whistle?

The ADL and other liberals mistakenly believe critiques of efforts to undermine national sovereignty and pushing woke leftist policies are always about Jew-hatred.

Hanukkah Real Message Alien to Most American Jews

The festival of lights needs to be celebrated as a fight against the idols of woke popular culture, not a blue-tinsel version of Christmas.

Ukraine’s Past Matters

Kyiv is right to ask that Stalin’s terror famine be recognized as genocide. But it should be equally honest about those who collaborated with Hitler.

Ukraine: Backing Antisemitism at UN While Pressuring Israel for Arms

Zelenskyy’s two-faced stand illustrates both his own hypocrisy and how the world body acts as a toxic cesspool of hate.

Don’t Apologize for Ben-Gvir or Anything Else about Israel

The claim that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government will make life hard for Diaspora Jews ignores what motivates Zionism’s foes and other anti-Semites.

Midterm Madness Marks America as Deeply Divided

Democrats won the expectations game as a red wave didn’t materialize. But the results mean divided government and a worsening political tribal culture war.

Dems’ Doomsday Drivel Bad for Jews

Hyperbolic predictions of the end of democracy if Republicans win the midterms encourage extremism and conspiracy theories that fuel anti-Semitism.


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