Israel’s Global Isolation is Caused by Antisemitism, not Bad Policies

The answer to the Jewish state’s diplomatic dilemma is victory. Heeding the world’s demands to stop the war and let Hamas win will only make it worse.

Biden’s Problem is with Israel-Hating Dems, NOT Netanyahu

The administration’s efforts to spin attacks on Jerusalem that validate Hamas propaganda as a critique of the prime minister and his policies are an effort to appease the left.

Woke Antisemitism at Work

The Oscar's ‘As a Jew’ Moment

Are American Jews Still Trying to Save Israel from Itself?

The expectation that the impact of the Oct. 7 attacks and a surge in antisemitism would prompt a shift in the way Jewish groups operate was probably misplaced.

What Americans don’t get about Israelis Fighting for their Lives

They fail to understand a traumatized nation facing genocidal foes—one that is united behind a war whose aim is the preservation of their very existence.

Biden’s Playing Politics with Gaza War, NOT Bibi

Netanyahu is trying to defeat Hamas. The administration’s efforts—and its fictional “doctrine”—seek to depose the Israeli prime minister and re-elect the president.

UNRWA Exists To Help Fight The War To Eradicate Israel

The revelation of ties between the U.N. aid agency and Hamas is a small part of the problem. The real issue is the purpose of the institution, which has always been to perpetuate the conflict.

Don’t Look Away from the Primary Cause of an Antisemitism Epidemic

As shocking incidents pile up and surveys show prejudice growing, the way woke ideology grants a permission slip for Jew-hatred cannot be ignored.

Can Biden’s Cognitive Dissonance let Israel Win the War?

The president’s rhetoric continues to turn against the Jewish state, but as long as the military aid keeps flowing, his appeasement of anti-Israel Democrats won’t save Hamas.

Sanctioning Jew-hatred DOES NOT Conflict with First Amendment

Rep. Rashida Tlaib and those cheering for Hamas have the right to say what they want. But institutions should treat them the same way they would neo-Nazis or Klan members.

Ceasefire Advocates Are Hamas’s Useful Idiots

The choice between Hamas and Israel is not complex. It is one between an Islamist tyranny and a democratic state, between a group whose Western ideology isn’t merely alien to Western thought but steeped in what can only be described as evil.

Palestinians Demand Sympathy as They Spread Hate

Whether in Gaza, on American streets campuses, or on the pages of “The New York Times,” they can’t understand why their war on Israel isn’t a universal guarantee of support.

Is it Racist to Prioritize Freedom from Terror?

The U.S. State Department condemned recent comments by Itamar Ben-Gvir. But the real problem is not what the controversial cabinet member said; it’s support for a Palestinian right to terror.

Want to Support Israeli Democracy? Then RESPECT Democratic Elections

The authors of a disingenuous appeal to Diaspora Jews to intervene in the Jewish state’s divisive culture war are oblivious to the damage they are doing.

The Problem isn’t Bradley Cooper’s Nose

Even normally serious people are looking for antisemitism in the wrong places. Misplaced anger about a movie undermines the fight against genuine Jew-hatred.

Do Obama’s Obsessions Explain Biden’s Iran Appeasement?

Ransom payments of $6 billion will fund more Iranian terror. But the real question is why America is still pursuing Iran. The former president may be part of the answer.

Did Israel Sacrifice Security for Visa Waivers?

U.S. pressure led Jerusalem to give up singling out Arabs with U.S. citizenship for special scrutiny. Does the debate about “ethnic profiling” ignore threats?

American Jewry’s Dangerous Intervention in an Israeli Culture War

U.S. organizations throwing in with the opposition to judicial reform aren’t defending democracy. Rather, they are treating the majority of Israeli Jews with contempt.

Politicized Tisha B’Av Sermons WON’T Save Israel

The battle over Israeli judicial reform can’t be settled by faux piety about unity that doesn’t answer the question about who are the real modern-day Zealots.

Surge in Palestinian Terror: Preview of Two-state ‘Solution’

Why are Biden and liberal Jews still fixated on turning that nightmare into reality?

Giving ‘Progressive’ Antisemites the Benefit of the Doubt

Both mainstream Jewish groups and their allies in the Biden administration are determined to avoid taking on left-wing Jew-haters and the ideas that drive them.

Israel Shouldn’t Make Concessions to Biden for Saudi Normalization

Expanding the Abraham Accords is vital. But given the administration’s desire to appease Iran, coupled with the Saudis’ unpopularity, Washington won’t pay the price to make it happen.

How RFK Jr. Sank in Waters Test 

COVID controversies helped realign U.S. politics as foes of government power on both left and right found common ground. But tolerance for antisemitism can’t be ignored.

Trashing Nationalism isn’t Defending Jews

Demonizing those who march with Israeli flags on “Jerusalem Day” and conservatives who push back against the Marxist war on the West is equally disingenuous and wrong.

Can Israeli Resilience Inspire Alienated Americans?

After months of divisiveness, the country immediately united in the face of incessant rocket fire. Will a community unwilling to fight antisemitic progressives learn that lesson?

Islamist Antisemitism is Flying Under the Jewish Communal Radar

New report details how Muslim hate groups have rebranded themselves as intersectional allies to Jewish left-wingers.

NY Times’ Unethical War on Chassidic Schools

The newspaper’s 18-part assault on yeshivahs says more about the decline of journalistic ethics and comfort with antisemitism than it does about any alleged academic failings.

We DON’T Need a Heritage Month-BUT Neither Does Anyone Else

Pride in our history is appropriate. But wanting official recognition has more to do with the impulse to get in on the intersectional victim racket than combating antisemitism.

Tucker Carlson’s Fall Not as Good for the Jews as the ADL thinks

The former “Fox News” star took many questionable stands. But those who rightly see woke DEI ideology as a threat to Jewish life aren’t cheering his ouster.

Perils of Politicizing Jewish Philanthropy

As the debate about Netanyahu and judicial reform heats up, the umbrella group of Jewish Federations is showing less restraint about intervening in Israeli politics. That’s a mistake.


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