The Lost Legacy of MLK Jr.

The civil-rights hero’s beliefs are irrelevant to partisans who invoke his legacy and rejected by woke activists besotted with critical race theory.

The Billionaire Who Cared

Sheldon Adelson wasn’t like the others on the Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest people. He cared about Israel and the Jews, and didn’t care if his efforts to help the Jewish state thrive made him unpopular.

Harry Potter and the Search for FAKE Antisemitism

Talk about goblins in the series about magical wizards being stand-ins for Jews or the product of anti-Semitic memes is a distraction from a necessary discussion of real Jew-hatred.

Why the Double Standard on West Bank Violence?

Claims of a spike in settler violence made headlines while “routine” terror attacks, including murder by Palestinian Arabs against Jews, are downplayed or treated as justified.

Beyond the 7th Step: Lighting a Candle in Hebron

Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs was a reminder of both Jewish rights and the intractable and irrational nature of a conflict that Palestinians don’t wish to end.

Biden Gives a Clinic on How NOT to Negotiate with Iran

The administration is already floating new concessions while the Iranians are flouting international nuclear monitors. Washington has lost the game before it started, and Israel is clearly on its own.

Patriot MISS-ile: No, Gen. Flynn America Should NOT be a Nation of Just One...

The U.S. Constitution isn’t a blueprint for a purely secular country. But it guarantees that all creeds are welcome and that the nation has no state religion. Those who would change that endanger everyone’s rights.

Supporting Critical Race Theory Undermines Battling Antisemitism

The ADL has acknowledged that Jew-hatred is on the rise on the left. But as long as it attacks CRT critics and supports media gaslighting about it, that stand is meaningless.

Is There a Future in Bipartisan Advocacy for Israel?

Nikki Haley’s demand that AIPAC snub Democrats who aren’t fully supportive of Israel won GOP applause. Still, efforts to preserve or revive what’s left of a shattered consensus must continue.

Kristallnacht Remains Relevant 82 Years Later

How do we avoid mistaking the current wave of anti-Semitism for that of the Nazi past without slipping into complacence?

Anti-Israel bias in one of America’s biggest newspapers matters

The latest spate of slanted articles in “The New York Times” is important because the writers and editors demonstrate how the shift in the culture has turned against Jews and Israel.

Is this the Beginning of a New Cold War Between Biden and Israel?

The administration’s harsh criticisms, combined with renewed appeasement of Iran, bode ill for the alliance. How serious is the president about demanding that Israel bow to his demands?

Critics Calling Soros Antisemitic Hurts Fighting Hate

Claims by Democrats that mentioning political donations by George Soros as anti-Semitic while ignoring problems in their own party is both wrongheaded and hypocritical.

Room for Zionist Jews on the American Left?

An environmentalist group pulled out of a DC rally because of the presence of liberal Jewish groups. The real problem, though, is the failure of rally organizers to condemn this as anti-Semitism.

Is Mayim Bialik TOO Jewish for ‘Jeopardy!?’ .

A “New York Times” article raised questions about whether the actress was “neutral” enough to lead the TV institution. But the focus on her support for Israel raises more questions about the newspaper than Bialik

Jews NEED to Opt Out of the ‘Woke Victim’ Competition

Antisemitism comes in a variety of guises, and Jews have real problems concerning it. Casting non-Jews to play Jews in movies and television isn't one of them.

The Complicated Politics of Hating Israel

AOC’s tears and subsequent apology for not opposing the Iron Dome illustrated the frustrations of the left and the fears of other Democrats about being bulldozed by radicals.

In Addressing Antisemitism, Honesty Matters

The lack of response to President Biden’s lie about visiting the site of the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting reminds us that when discourse about Jew-hatred is tainted by partisanship, the Jews come out the losers.

Can Biden Reverse Course and Abandon Obama’s Policies?

After Afghanistan, the administration may double down on Iran appeasement in pursuit of a dubious diplomatic triumph. Seeking to expand the Abraham Accords would be a better idea.

You CANNOT be ‘pro-Israel’ if you Defend anti-Zionists

Liberals and left-wingers are still trying to avoid conflict with anti-Semitic “Squad” members Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Their excuses are wearing thin.

The Sbarro Bombing and Why Oslo Failed

Two decades after a terrorist massacre in Jerusalem, the incident remains a necessary, if ghastly, reminder of the essential nature of a conflict that couldn’t be solved by Israeli concessions.

The Most Dangerous Letters in the ‘Jewish Alphabet’: Is the ADL a greater threat...

The group’s new deal to help PayPal shut down supposed radicals is part of a Big Tech corporate assault on free expression, not a defense of democracy.

In Bad Taste: Ben & Jerry’s BDS Problem

The ice-cream company bowed to pressure to boycott Jerusalem and the West Bank. Still, their latest attempt at political virtue-signaling won’t advance peace, help Palestinians or silence critics.

Why is Supporting ‘Freedom of Worship for Jews’ on the Temple Mount Controversial?

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s statement deserves support, but it will have diplomatic and political repercussions.

Are Jews REALLY United Against Antisemitism?

A D.C. rally against Jew-hatred struck many of the right notes, but the poor turnout, combined with obvious divisions between left and right, illustrates the dismal Jewish crisis response.

Iran’s Brooklyn Terror Tests Biden

If the administration continues pursuing appeasement despite the latest evidence of Iranian intentions, it guarantees that efforts to restrain the regime after sanctions are dropped will flop.

Prioritize Prayer, not Politics

When everything public is seen through a partisan lens, tragedies like the Surfside disaster still bring communities together and remind us about what is most important.

The Lessons Menachem Begin Left Us

As Israel prepares for a change in leadership, a new documentary film on one of the country’s founding fathers is a reminder of what his successors can learn from him.

What Can a Skeptical World Expect from Naftali Bennett?

The future of the “government of change” is still in doubt, and its prospects are dubious. But despite the political attacks, the prospective new prime minister has a lot to offer.

Can’t be ‘Even-handed’ Condemning Haters of Israel and Jews

Jewish groups are having trouble confronting “Zionphobic” violence because it offends those who think they have a right to foment anti-Semitism and deny Israel’s right to exist.


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