Will Biden Read the Memo on Iran he was Sent?

The assassination of Tehran’s top nuclear scientist is a reminder not so much of Israeli and Arab rejection of appeasement as it is of the deadly nature of the Iranian threat

A Jewish Leader

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks wasn’t just a scholar, philosopher and teacher. His attempts to bridge the contradictions in Jewish life provided a model that should be emulated.

Kristallnacht Remains Relevant 82 Years Later

How do we avoid mistaking the current wave of anti-Semitism for that of the Nazi past without slipping into complacence?

The Jewish Vote Mattered More than Expected in 2020

Trump’s better-than-expected showing, despite many Jews thinking he’s a hatemonger, speaks volumes about the chasm between the warring tribes. A Trump-Pence sign in Pasco County, Fla. Credit: Daniel Oines via Wikimedia Commons.

Will Trump’s Pro-Israel Moves Stand?

To the dismay of its opponents, the administration has transformed U.S. policy on Jerusalem and settlements. Will they all be reversed by a Biden administration?

Is there a Way Back from a Broken Political Culture?

While a return to “normalcy” isn’t possible, it’s imperative that we stop cutting off friends and relatives who vote for a different candidate.

Two Different Jewish Tribes Choose Different Candidates

It’s no surprise that Israelis want Trump while American Jews back Biden. The split isn’t so much about Middle East policy as it is about the nature of the two societies

Dumbing down the ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’

The Genesis Prize’s embrace of celebrity culture with its foolish popularity contest illustrates why so many young people are turned off by the Jewish world.

Thinking of Moving Abroad if your Candidate Loses?

The mass hysteria and fear-mongering that are part of a contest that is more tribal culture war than an election is getting out of hand.

Why are Cuomo and de Blasio Singling out Orthodox Jews as COVID Scofflaws?

There are good reasons to worry about a spike in infections in haredi enclaves, but the double standards used to justify new lockdowns undermine faith in government.

The Intifada Changed Everything. Will the Next Administration Care?

Two decades later, Arafat’s decision to answer a peace offer with war exploded hopes for peace. Yet the foreign-policy establishment still hasn’t understood what happened.

The Left Wants No Part of Liberal Israel

AOC’s snub of Rabin event means more than just hurt feelings at Peace Now. The star of “The Squad” is sending a message to pro-Israel Democrats: The party’s over.

Can we Forgive Each Other Amidst this Tribal Culture War?

At a time when Jews are supposed to look within and admit fault, too many of us are virtue signaling and delegitimizing our opponents. Can we stop?

Arab Allies Mean More than Planes

Friends of Israel fear the impact of a sale of American F-35s to the UAE. But Begin’s lost AWACS fight with Reagan teaches a lesson about seeing potential friends as enemies.

RBG and How to Save a Corrosive Political Culture

The friendship between the late justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia provides a model for how all Americans should interact with political foes.

Do 9/11 Lessons Still Apply in a post-COVID World?

Much has changed since the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. But the fight for liberal values against totalitarian foes continues.

Whom Should Jews Fear MOST During an ‘Uprising’?

Feeding panic about militias and anti-Semitism amid urban unrest is gaslighting. The real threat to Jewish security and to all Americans is the breakdown of the rule of law.

What are Jews who Embrace the Black Lives Matter Movement Endorsing?

In the culture war ignited by the post-George Floyd protests, 600 Jewish groups know which side they are on. But is this really about racism or politics?

Why they Scrawl ‘Free Palestine’ on Synagogues

Despite supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Jews are targeted amid the riots because of anti-Semitic intersectional myths that should not be tolerated.

Can Jews Remain in Coalitions with Radical Race-baiters?

As violent Black Lives Matter protests continue, even liberal Jewish groups are staying away from a “Virtual March on Washington” led by Al Sharpton.

Should Jews be Angry about Pompeo’s Speech from Jerusalem?

The secretary of state’s taped convention address from Israel skirts the line of propriety. But the Democrats’ beef with him is more about politics, not the law.

On Tisha B’Av, Time for Americans to Step Back from Apocalyptic Rhetoric

The historic legacy of the day of mourning about senseless hatred is a reminder that democracy doesn’t work when political parties deem each other illegitimate.

Has Erdoğan Launched a New Age of Religious Wars?

The reconversion of an Istanbul museum into a mosque, coupled with threats alluding to the Temple Mount, illustrates anew the danger of allowing divided sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Don’t Accept the ‘Jewish Privilege’ Myth

Jews reclaimed a hashtag by writing about anti-Semitism. The problem is how extremists seek to shame them into silence or acquiescence to radical schemes.

Bullying Bari Weiss

That the NY Times is a hostile environment for proud Jews like Weiss is hardly a surprise, given the paper’s long and troublesome history on Jewish issues.

Are Jews Obligated to Support Reparations for African-Americans?

Momentum for the idea is growing. But the Holocaust analogy undermines a proposal that could do much harm without fixing what’s wrong with America.

Understanding the Collapse of Liberal Zionism

Peter Beinart claimed to speak for Jewish critics of Israel. Now he wants to replace it with a binational state, leaving Jews defenseless. Is anyone really surprised?

A Tale of Two Revolutions and Why America MUST be Celebrated

The radical narrative that the United States is incorrigibly racist is rooted in a revisionist spirit that threatens the rule of law, civilization and the Jews.

Why can’t you get Canceled for anti-Semitism?

As careers are ruined for often-wrongful accusations of racism, Ilhan Omar remains untouchable, despite her anti-Semitism. The same will be true for Chelsea Handler.

Will Israel’s West Bank Move Torpedo Normalization with the Arab World?

An article by a Gulf state diplomat warns that Netanyahu’s plans will endanger diplomatic breakthroughs, one of his greatest achievements. Is that a good reason to change course?


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