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August 28, 2015 / 13 Elul, 5775
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Why Is Romney So Feverish on Israel When Most Jews Will Vote Obama?

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Netanyahu's office in Jerusalem in late July.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Netanyahu's office in Jerusalem in late July.
Photo Credit: Marc Israel Sellem/GPO/FLASH90

Is Netanyahu betting the house on Romney?

Leftist political scientist Yaron Ezrahi told GPB News that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made his preference clear this election year.

“Netanyahu has not acted wisely enough in order to maintain Israel’s neutrality, traditional neutrality in relation to the American election,” Ezrahi says.

The professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University argues that it’s clear to anyone who follows the news that Netanyahu would prefer a Romney presidency. But while that might be good for Netanyahu and the Likud government for the moment, it would be bad for Israel in the long run.

“He has brought about consequences that actually damage the vital interests of the state of Israel,” Ezrahi says.

If ever there was a demonstration of Netanyahu’s clear preference this election, it was when he met with Romney in Jerusalemin late July.

The NY Times reminded its readers in April that, back in 1976, the lives of Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu intersected, on the 16th-floor offices of the Boston Consulting Group, where both served as corporate advisers. They absorbed and shared the same world view. Since then, they had kept a warm friendship, little known to outsiders, that is now rich with political intrigue.

I believe Mitt Romney is using Netanyahu to win the November election. But it’s not U.S. Jews he’s after.

Don’t get me wrong, Romney has been openly and vociferously supportive of Netanyahu, especially on Iran.

As the former governor was about to begin his talks with the PM, Romney’s senior national security aide, Dan Senor, told reporters: “If Israel has to take action on its own, in order to stop Iran from developing that capability, the governor would respect that decision.”

That was a direct challenge to President Obama’s campaign to restrain an Israeli strike while Western economic sanctions against Iran had a chance to run their course.

Senor doubled down a short while later, saying that Romney felt “we should employ any and all measures to dissuade the Iranian regime from its nuclear course”.

Senor clarified that, just like Obama, it was Romney’s “fervent hope that diplomatic and economic measures will do so” and “no option should be excluded,” but stressed that “Romney recognizes Israel’s right to defend itself, and that it is right for America to stand with it.”

And even though Romney himself, at the press conference with his host and personal friend, only added that he takes “with great seriousness” Iran’s nuclear program, he proceeded through the remaining weeks until the Republican convention to express nothing but support for an Israeli strike, should one be forthcoming.

In his acceptance speech, Thursday night, Romney cashed in on his pro-Israel credentials:

“In his first TV interview as president, he said we should talk to Iran,” he reminded his audience. “We’re still talking, and Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning.”

And the zinger every Jewish and Israeli news outlet has been quoting this morning: “President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba.”

Mixed metaphors aside, what is Romney looking to get out of these statements? He can’t possibly be thinking they’ll bring him enough Jewish voters to significantly reduce the traditional Jewish support for the Democrats.

Nadine Epstein, editor and publisher of Moment Magazine, related what former mayor Ed Koch had told her about his pressure on Obama to become friendlier to Israel. It took Koch’s throwing his weight on the side of a Republican candidate for Congress replacing Anthony Wiener, to deliver the message.

But once Koch had Obama’s ear and was convinced the message had been delivered, he changed his stance and joined the New York City Democrats in supporting the president.

“Why the about face?” asks Epstein and answers: “Once reassured that Obama stands behind Israel, domestic policy became foremost: Koch cannot imagine an America without Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He is afraid that Republicans, led by Mitt Romney—and VP pick Paul Ryan—will abolish those programs.”

Neither can most Jewish voters – 68% of them. It’s not the historic 78% of 2008, but it’s not coming down any further. Not with Ryan as running mate.

And yet, Romney has been nothing but gung-ho on Iran, continues to press for the U.S. all but initiating an Israeli bombing of Iran’s nukes.

Romney is using Iran and Netanyahu as his dowry to his own Republican base.

As George Will put it on ABC’s “This Week” after the Israel visit this month: “In Israel, he’s courting not the Jewish vote… The great support for Israel right now, the energy, is in the evangelical community, which is a part of the Republican base. So the trip to Israel is a way of firing up this enormously important, somewhat skeptical of Mitt Romney Republican base.”

It is expected that many Evangelicals, unable to stomach either Obama or Romney, will stay home this November. Polls suggest that in order to win, Romney must get an astonishing 61% of the white vote. How is a Mormon candidate to convince born again Christians to storm the voting booths in his behalf? Only by showing them that he is Israel’s only hope.

Will it work? Well, the Vegas line on the vote is 11-4 in favor of Obama, 4-7 in favor of Romney. If you put your money on Romney and he wins, you could make a killing.

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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70 Responses to “Why Is Romney So Feverish on Israel When Most Jews Will Vote Obama?”

  1. Why wouldn't he endorse Romney, obama has clearly shown that he doesn't like Israel or the Jews? Any Jews that votes for obama are fools, and are like lambs being led to the slaughter. I hope and pray that they will come to their senses and not vote for obama. The Democratic party is not what it used to be. Maybe they will wake up due to the embrace of the muslims at the DNC. WAKE UP! I am so shocked that they have forgotten how the Jews embraced Hitler right up until it was too late. The blatant signs are there, get smart, pray for God's wisdom not yours.


  3. If you are going to classify your subjects as leftist then for clarification indicate whether other subjects are centrist or rightist. Otherwise it's lots of hot air…tachlis will Romney Ryan release Jonatan Pollard or not?

  4. Charlie Hall says:

    Pollard will be released from prison November 21, 2015, whether Obama is the President or Romney is the President. (If you search the US Bureau of Prisons' inmate finder you will find that release date.) He could potentially be released earlier but has not applied for parole even though he has been eligible since 1995.

  5. Charlie Hall says:

    There are multiple bald-faced lies here. Jews did NOT embrace Hitler y"s at all, ever, and in fact there were actions to oppose the Nazis as soon as he came to power. One such action was an attempt to boycott the 1936 Olympics, which proved unsuccessful thanks to the anti-Semite who was head of the US Olympic Committee, but at least the US flagbearer refused to dip the US Flag to the rasha.

    Obama has appointed more Jews to high positions than any President ever. We now have three Jews on the Supreme Court, the most ever, thanks to his appointment of Elana Kagan. We've had two Jews as White House Chief of Staff, the current one actually Orthodox (Jacob Lew) who belongs to Zionist synagogues. And the current Israeli Defense Minister has publicly said multiple times, most recently just a month ago, that Obama's support for Israel is greater than any previous President:


  6. I am talking about here in America, I apologize. In Germany many realized Hitler's evil before hand, but many did not want to believe it, as we here in America recognize obama's evils, many don't. When Hitler came to power it was then that the major realization occurred. Even then many Americans remained in the dark about the evils of Hitler. Obama doesn't do anything without an agenda for his own purpose. He has also appointed the most left-winged radical people in his administration, than any other president. He openly has shown his disdain toward Israel and if you can't see it then you are still in the dark and under his delusions. He is a muslim sympathizer and entertains them frequently at the White House. He openly blessed the NYC mosque at a Ramadan dinner at the White House, even though Americans opposed it, he didn't care about American's feelings and all of the 9/11 NYPD and NYFD families who live in that neighborhood having to listen to the call to prayer 5 times a day reminding them of the people who murdered their families. He knew that when islam conquers something that they build a mosque in that place is a prideful statement that they conquered that place. He is embracing the muslims at the DNC convention, not the Jews or the Christians. He was raised by radical muslims and marxists. He is having people arrested for praying at public monuments in DC but allows muslims to pray on the White House lawns. He has fooled the Jews for their support and vote but he is a muslim with a marxist agenda to bring down America all of the way and he is doing a bang-up job of it so far. Elana Kagan? Friend from Harvard. His agenda when spending all of that time at the UN where he had no business being, was to try to get statehood for the palestinians and to stir up the arab spring with the muslim brotherhood. What he does here and there for public approval is just a facade, because the things that he doesn't want us to see are either sealed or he covers up. Don't trust that man who is not open about his true identity, who bows to saudi princes and disrespects our allies, who gives 1.5 billion dollars of our money to the building of mosques around the world. Him entertaining muslims at our White House while we are at war with them, is like if FDR entertained the Nazis at the White House during WWII. That would have never happened! He has insulted America, stomped on our Constituition, oh I could go on but you aren't going to listen or see the truth.

  7. Harry Abram says:

    Mr. Charlie Hall President Obama is a very smart man. He knows which Jews to appoint but his actions to do not support your opinion that he is a friend of Israel. He has helpred create a geographic disaster in the Middle East by his choice of which Middle East Country revolutions he supports. Eypt and Lybia are now more dangerous to Israel than ever thanks to the President's support of those revolutions but in Iran, where he had an opportunity to intercede for pro-democracy factions, he took a pass. In four years, President Obama never made a visit to Israel and the Israelis know it.

  8. Marsha Roth says:

    Ms. McConnell happens to be correct in the fact that many European Jews, suspicious of Hitler, still thought Hitler's economics couldn't be worse than what they were experiencing and many welcomed him coming into Austria & other European nations. No one beleived what happened next! Many Jews thought they were being "relocated" as has happened before in Jewish History. (Incidentally, we disgracefully, had internment camps right here in the United States for Japanese Americans & German Americans.) By the time Jews realized that they were being taken to concentration camps, death/work camps, it was too late. This partial quote from the above article, "How is a Mormon candidate to convince born again Christians…" How outrageous that the author would dare to ask such a question! I'm appalled at such a thought! It took Gerald Molen, an extremely wealthy Mormon to finance Steven Speilberg's SCHINDLER'S LIST! Some people might not agree withMr. Molen's conservative politics but he did the right thing. He financed a film about the Holocaust that brought many facts & recognition of heroic people who risked their own lives to save Jews. My understanding is, fearful that Schlindler's List would not be a big money maker, the studios would not agree to make the film unless Mr. Speilberg agreed to make a box office smash first, Jurassic Park. I believe Mr. Molen's company also financed that film. Mr. Molen's politics may not agree with some people including Mr. Speilberg. But to write "How is a Mormon candidate to convince born again Christians…" is such discriminating ignorance that blows my mind!

    I think Obama has already shown he cannot be trusted when it comes to Israel. He has his personal right to not like Mr. Netanyahu, a brave straight forward man who served Israel as an honored soldier & leader. Obama's rudeness smacked ALL Jews in the face during the visit when Obama cancelled Mr. Netanyahu's meeting to have dinner with his family. Mr. Netanyahu's people made arrangements to stay at a hotel. I'm sure Mr. Obama delayed or cancelled a family dinner a few times before in his Presidentail & political career. Obama's White House hospitalty, or lack of hospitality, is the face of ALL Americans. Obama is a guest with private quarters at the White House as an elected leader. He does not own the White House! He has welcomed many Arab leaders as guests. All visiting dignitaries are welcomed at the White House. Apparently, not Mr. Netanyahu. Obama's people can call it a misunderstanding or whatever. It is what it is!

    I voted for Barak Obama! I was very proud that Americans elected a black President, First Lady & family. Like many Americans, I am now very disappointed. As a Jew, I have no trust in Obama's support of Israel.

  9. Jag Gaynor says:

    I follow the MESSIANC Jewish teachings, which are the ones taught by the apostles Peter, Paul, Mary didn't teach, Barnabus, etc. We are growing by leaps and bounds all over the world. We are in actuality practicing the ORIGINAL FIRST CENTURY CHRISTIANITY. For the most part I feel I can safely say we are mostly all ROMNEY supporters. Romney's Mormonism doesn't bother me…He believes in the same GOD we Christians do. When you say, "most Jews will vote for Obama," this reasoning pertains to "secular Jews," whom religiously speaking aren't true Jews at all. Their only religion is LIBERALISM, and that is also their god. This is my opinion. These people for the most part have no loyalty to America or Israel, again just my own opinion on this issue.

  10. I like to hear your perspective on things! You and Raina open my eyes to things almost every single day. Thank you!! I don't mind Romney being a Mormon either. I've had people make comments about this. I always tell them to look at both the Osmonds and Romney family! They love God and have wonderfully close families. You never see their kids getting arrested and the like. The children have respect for their elders and love this country! So those who are criticizing Mormons ought to take a look at their own families first!!

  11. Jag Gaynor says:

    Thank you, Princess Summer Fall Winter Springs (I sincerely hope you're OK with me calling you this). I learn from your perspective also, You have a lot of depth.

  12. Jag Gaynor says:

    Oh, I only threw Mary in as levity following Peter & Paul because of folk singers Peter, Paul & Mary. I'm fully aware Mary was NOT an apostle, but rather YESHUA's Mother.

  13. As much as I believe Jonathan Pollard should be released already, this should not be #1 on considering who should be president.

    Obama is a dismal failure. The US cannot afford 4 years of inexperience and empty talk from an empty suit.

    He has changed US policy to Israel's disadvantage.

    He has enabled Iran to become nuclear. Yes no one on planet Earth has helped Iran become nuclear more than Barack Obama. i am not exaggerating.

  14. I dont like Obama either, He is not a christian and lies about that, as a christian would not support abortions and same sex marriage, as we who believe in Christ would not go against G-d's commandment "man shall not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination." and what did Christ our Lord say.He said "fear G-d who has the power to cast you into hell" If he persecutes the christians it is because the true Christians support Israel.

  15. George Edward Comtois says:

    Pray For The Shalom of Jerusalem — and Shabbat Shalom !!!

  16. Edward Lobel says:

    Janet, you are more than wrong about Obama and the Jews.
    Obama has appoint rather religious Jews to the most important job in the White House and follows their advice. Obama has had the first sedar EVER in the White House, People who say he is overly friendly to Muslims do so just to incite Jews into thinking.
    I am sure you have not forgotten that george bush walked hand in hand with the head of Saudi Ariabi who is a really othodox Muslims.
    If yiou want to hate a president who supports Muslims, then why not choose Jimmy Carter.
    Willard romney is a very religious mormon. With all the good he says he and his wife have said they do with the charitable donations, keep in mind they ONLY HELP MORMONS AND THE ONLY CHARITBLE CONTRIBUTION THEY MAKE ARE TO THE MORMON CHURCH

  17. Edward Lobel says:

    Janet McConnell – Sorry Janet, I somehow entered my comment before I was finished.
    Being a very religious Mormon, Roney is proud of his baptizing dead Jews into the Mormon faith. He believes he did right and makes no excuses for it.

    As for Jews denying that hitler was bad, you are completely wrong.

    We Jews have flourished here in America because of freedom of religion and for you to be upset about a mosque in America is shameful. While I think the location near the World Trade Center was a very bad location to put this center, THIS IS AMERICA AND WE PRACTICE FREEDOM OF RELIGION. In Tenn people have burned down Mosques because of religious hatred. You do remember Temples being burned in Europe and if we do not put a stop to the burning of Mosques now, whose says Temples are not next.
    The ACLU whose sole function is to defend the bill of rights and because of this has taken some very unpopular stances has only gained freedom for the citizens of the U.S. It was founded mostly by Jews and when you see the names of attorney's now many have Jewish names (assuming you are a member of the tribe, McConnell is not a "very Jewish" Name)
    Anyway, what you say about Obama and the Jews is you opinion no matter how wrong you are, it's just an opinion and not fact.

  18. Edward Lobel says:

    You are very foolish!
    Obama has appointed more Jews to places of power than anyother president. Where are all the Muslims he has appointed?
    In this country we have freedon of religion and if you do not protect the other person's religion, no one will protect your rights.
    Marsha Ford Harriman Dailey I am assuming you are a member of the tribe and you should be ashemed of you thinking that way.

  19. Edward Lobel says:

    Jag – You certainly are entitled to you own opinion (and some of it may indeed be correct) you are not entiled to your own facts.

    To say secular Jews are not Jews is like my saying you are not a christian! It is a very foolish thing to say.

    As for willard romeny, he simply does not believe in the same religion you do. You may both worship and adore Jesus but there is such a dramtic differnce in both you versions of him as to not be the same diety.

    Futhermore, willard only believes in his version and has never done anything to help people of other versions or religions.

  20. Edward Lobel says:

    Jacqueline Morningstar Titus If you are indeed a member of the tribe you should be very scared of willard! He is a very religious mormon and believes it is OK for himself and other mormos to baptize dead Jews into his faith. He did it in France and continues to believe he is correct in his thinking.
    Yes he idoes help out people when they need help, BUT ONLY MORMONS and only with his time and kind words!

  21. Edward Lobel says:

    Jeffrey – I believe they will not release Pollard.

  22. Edward Lobel says:

    Harry, how upset were you when george bush walked hand in hand with the leader of Saudi Aria and the fact that he and his father were in bed with him. The Saudis are the most orthodox of Muslims and are the ones you really nead to be scared of.

  23. Edward Lobel says:

    Sientje Seinen – It is obvious that you are not a Jew or a Christian. If Obama says he is a Christian and attends church, then he is a Christian and you are more than foolish to say out loud he is not.
    For your information, the vast majority of Christians go against the church's teachings and do things like practice birth control.

    If you are going to quote the bible and believe in it, you need to believe in everything not just the sections you want to. I mean the bible says a man is obligated to marry his dead brothers wife and to have children with her even if he is already married. The bible talks about the kind of food one should not eat. Do you eat pork products and shell fish? The bibel says "death by stoning" Yikes, that's sharia law and we cannot have that here.

    For your information Christians have only one reson for supporting Israel and that is in order for your version of the rapture to occur is that all Jews must be in Israel for the rapture to occur and if thee is no Isarel there can be NO rapture.

  24. Jag Gaynor says:

    The Jews that Obama has appointed are LIBERALS before they ARE JEWS. Their RELIGION and their GOD is Liberalism. They are Jews only genetically. They have no allegiance to GOD or the Judeo/Christian principles that this country, or for that matter, Israel, were founded on. Their loyalties are only to their false religion, LIBERALISM/MARXISM…That's the way I see it..I'm a Messianc Jew, very proud to be an American, and am very disappointed by the ignorance of most secular Jews who forget about the tyranny suffered by their ancestors at the hands of oppressive governments. It's philosophically incompatible to believe in GOD and be a Liberal based on what today's meaning of Liberalism is. You'll never convince me otherwise because I've been on both sides and I look at the big picture, also, I have a very, very good memory since I was born during WWII and have very good memories of how this country came together and saved the world from the Naziis and the Japanese, and also the Soviet Union. I remember Stalin. Back to Obama…Everyone needs to see "2016: Obama's America." It's not a film that bashes Obama. It just shows who he is, shows him with his friends, shows how he learned to hate colonialism, how the government should have everybody's income to redistribute (That was already tried in the failed Soviet Union), how he basically struggled to learn about his father, who was a card carrying Communist, a bigamist, a drunkard, and a man who deserted several families. Meet his half-brother who lives in poverty. It's a well-documented film about Obama. Learn how he his campaign paid paid the Rev. Jeremiah Wright $150K to keep his mouth shut and get lost during the campaign. You remember Rev. Wright, don't you. Let me refresh your memory, "God Bless America? WRONG, God Damn America." This is the man Barack and his wife got their so-called spiritual guidance from. No, I will never buy into how much Barack Obama loves a FREE, CONSTITUTIONAL America, based on American Exceptionalism and achievements through hard work and education. I know the truth. If you don't, I'm sorry for you, and moreover, I'm sorry for our country. I put all LIBERALS on notice. If you don't like AMERICA, You are free to leave, cause we WHO BELIEVE IN, AND PROSPERED BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN THE AMERICAN DREAM, are TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK from those who would destroy her from within. That's IT! This will remain a FREE COUNTRY, WITH THE CONSTITUTION AS THE LAW OF THE LAND. If you hate America I give fair warning..GET OUT OF OUR WAY. November 6, 2012 we are making a statement that will be like the "shot heard round the world" was. END OF CONVERSATION!!!

  25. Jag Gaynor says:

    Edward Lobel Mr. Lobel, do not call me by first name. My first name is for my friends. My friends love my CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICA. I didn't say Secular Jews are not Jews, do NOT twist my words. Genetically they are Jews, religiously they are not. Their religion is LIBERALISM and so is their GOD. Unfortunately sir, you sound like you fit into that category. Mitt Romney is a decent man, a charitable man (don't give me this B.S. about only for Mormons, I'm not an idiot, do NOT insult my intelligence..you do NOT know my background, it's way over your head). I'm not trying to insult you, extend me the same courtesy and do not try to gull me. I'll use words you don't understand. Here are three you may not..GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  26. Edward Lobel says:

    You are an prejudiced idiot!
    You have no idea about the subject you are talking about and if you Jesus were alive today he would seiously accuse you of breaking g-ds commanments about lying and jealousy
    The Jew that President Obama has appointed are indeed progressive not an ultra right wing fanatic like you. Lew who is chief of staff is actually quite religious and certainly by accident more pius than you.
    You may not like him, but Rham Emmanuel is also rather religious and know more about Judism than you will ever know about you cult.

    Are you reading Jewish publications to preach your insanity to Jews who you would like to see go the way of the dinosaures? If so you will NEVER see that happen as even Lieberal Jews who could easily say, I'm no longer Jewish, stay as Jews!

  27. Edward Lobel says:

    First of all Jag, you indeed are an idiot. Your comment Jews who are liberal are disgraful and not true. Like I said, no matter how wrong you are, you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.
    If Jews woreship the liberal g-d does that mean you worship an ultra right wing g-d based on your rediculous comments that seems to be true.

    As for calling you Jag, if it upsets you so much, probably means that's all you have in your life. I will call you Mr. Gayno, when you start to call me my my proper title, Dr. Lobel.

    AS far as willard goes what I told you is the absolute truth no matter what you want to believe. I do agree except for his terrible habits of LYING and making money at all costs (which may not necessarily be a bad thing as long as it is done hoestly( willard is a decent guy. May not be the first person you may want to invite to your son;s Bar Mitzvah, but he would probably be on the list.

    As far as you being so smart, what you say actaully shows me you are not. If you were so smart you would not have to brag about it. But since you want to get into pissing match, I will say that the littlle bit I may have forgotten about anything in my life will be more than you will ever know. I do indeed belong to some clubs that require special intelligence tests to gain membership and I have several goups of letter past my name. So anytime you really want to compare intellegence, let me know. And as far as over your head, the only thing is space!

  28. Jag Gaynor says:

    Edward Lobel Mr. Lobel, I don't know why I'm even responding to you again because my dog would understand me better than you. Let's get one thing straight. This election is not about George Bush 41 or 43. We can't change the past. But I think there's a good chance you've really drunk the Kool Aid, which is not good for you. Ask the survivors of Jones Town, Oh wait, there were no survivors so they can't answer. The Kool Aid killed them. This election is about saving America. That's it. Your President wants to dismantle it. Argue with us as much as you like. It doesn't change the facts. He has usurped constitutional law with "executive orders" at every turn, and quite frankly once again, you need to see "2016." This is the last conversation I intend on having with you cause I feel like I'm talking to a little boy or a teenager, if you will, who thinks he knows everything. I think you'll find more people agreeing me than you. You're not going to change your opinion that's clear, but my opinion, sir, is that it's very politically naive or evil. I'll give you the benefit of the former. Buy your man and his financiers are the latter, EVIL, and their days are numbered in this country. One more thing, please keep religion out of this, because as I said before, the only religion you seem to have is LIBERALISM, and Liberals no nothing of YWHW OR YESHUA, they are incompatible beliefs. You will get NO FURTHER COMMENTS FROM ME. Go ahead now, further make a fool out of yourself.

  29. Jag Gaynor says:

    Edward Lobel Mr. Lobel, I don't know why I'm even responding to you again because my dog would understand me better than you. Let's get one thing straight. This election is not about George Bush 41 or 43. We can't change the past. But I think there's a good chance you've really drunk the Kool Aid, which is not good for you. Ask the survivors of Jones Town, Oh wait, there were no survivors so they can't answer. The Kool Aid killed them. This election is about saving America. That's it. Your President wants to dismantle it. Argue with us as much as you like. It doesn't change the facts. He has usurped constitutional law with "executive orders" at every turn, and quite frankly once again, you need to see "2016." This is the last conversation I intend on having with you cause I feel like I'm talking to a little boy or a teenager, if you will, who thinks he knows everything. I think you'll find more people agreeing me than you. You're not going to change your opinion that's clear, but my opinion, sir, is that it's very politically naive or evil. I'll give you the benefit of the former. Buy your man and his financiers are the latter, EVIL, and their days are numbered in this country. One more thing, please keep religion out of this, because as I said before, the only religion you seem to have is LIBERALISM, and Liberals no nothing of YWHW OR YESHUA, they are incompatible beliefs. You will get NO FURTHER COMMENTS FROM ME. Go ahead now, further make a fool out of yourself.

  30. Edward Lobel — Here's the problem! obama has proven he isn't a friend of Israel. His so-called sanctions that were imposed on Iran allowed for exemptions so it doesn't have a lot of impact. How many lies does obama have to tell before you idiots wake up and start living in reality? DUH!!! How can you believe obama would stand behind Israel when he hasn't stood behind a lot of his promises????? By believing in obama's "word," which has proven to meant nothing, you are really taking a huge chance at Israel being wiped off the face of this earth. I guess you are willing to do this all in the name of believing lying obama! Yep, you are really hurting Israel and all Jews!!! I hope you are proud of yourself. I read some of your arrogant posts. Your arrogance matches obamaa's and that apparently trumphs ensuring Israel is safe!!! obama supporters are really sick people. obama is laughing at each and every one of you because you believe every word he says so he just keeps lying to you! Fool me once………. Just pathetic!!! By the way, obama goes against the teachings of God so I guess that is ok with you because you really aren't interested in your faith as much as you pretend to be. Save your stupid rebuttal for someone who is as gullible as you are because those of us who are intelligent aren't supporting evil!

  31. Edward Lobel says:

    Mr. Gaynor, You continue to make some serious foolish statements and like repubs and tea baggers you seem to be able to dish it out, but cannot take it.

    You have not talked about anything other than religion and that people who are Jewish and not conservative worship a g-d called Liberism and that is a very foolish and not accurate statement to make.

    So now you want to talk about politics and government. As I told you before you are certainly entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. While President Obama is a a very intelligent man, he is not nearly the first President to use Executive orders. Many repubs have used them and since the supreme court has ruled, they are indded constitutional no matter what you want to think.

    I actually have been known to change my mind when I am wrong. This happens very raely, but it has indeed happened. When I am wrong I admit it However, so far you have not been able to convince me of anything except you have a serious problem undertanding the truth.

    You make rude statements wishing perhaps I was dead and you think that is nice. You really need to understand some of the awful and downright wrong statements you make. If you do indeed live in the United States, than the President Obama is Your president as wll as mine, you don't like him that's OK, but don't make up things to justify why. maybe you are old (I am retired so that tells you I am somewhat old in years) but I do not hate my governemnt (yet)
    I do think that willard is probably a decent man, but keep in mind the last two president who were business men were Herbert Hoover who gave us the Great Depression and george bush who gave us the Great Recession. the only thing that willard and ryan are consistent on is the LIES. I am very worried that willard will put us so far in the hole that we will indeed wind up like greece and willard will do what he does best, sell off assets. It would not surprise me if he out sources the military and NASA to foreign countries as they can do it cheaper abd that is what he knows.

    From the way you write< i would think you may also be retired and if not, I wonder how well prepared you are for not havinf medicare and medicaid when you do retire, having social security privatized will only mean wall street will make more money and there is no guarentee you money will be there when you retire.

    These are serious issue you need to think about and ranting about liberals is not going to solve anything wishing me dead just goes to show how wrong you are and how little you know and understand.

    Gee for someone who thinks he is so smart, you do not come off that way.

  32. Jag Gaynor says:

    Most wonderfully and expertly put.

  33. Edward Lobel — Unfortunately, your stupidity is getting the best of you. Obviously, you are uneducated in the qualifications of Mitt Romney if you are comparing him to Bush. However, we have seen that obama isn't qualified to take out the garbage much less run the country. I haven't met a liberal yet who won't make excuses for his failures. How is obama's "stimulus" working out for us? Oh yes, I forgot you are a liberal and selfish so you don't care about the plight of others. I'm sure you can somehow fit obama's stance on killing babies into your "faith!" It is ignorant at best but so are all obama supporters. Yes, I agree talking about trash/liberals isn't going to solve anything because they are too stupid to think for themselves and are irrational!!!! It is funny that you mention medicare since obama's plan is to do nothing about it so it will go away completely for everyone once it is bankrupt. I could go into the automatic rationing of healthcare the two very important things that obama and the left-winged nuts forgot in their quest to force obamacare on the American people. This is ensure it fails. As a personal who is very well-versed in investments, I can tell you that your description of ss and the privatization is wrong but typical of the ignorance of liberals. First, people would have a choice to stay in regular ss plan (for the stupid people) or go into a privatized plan, which are more safe investments that people can choose from that will give a person more money to live off of at retirement if people know what they are doing, so I would definiitely not recommend this path for you. It is called FREEDOM of choice, which is something the left doesn't believe in. You people want to take our FREEDOMS away and I will fight you every step of the way because this is AMERICA!!!!! You are free to go to another country where there aren't choices given to citizens. Otherwise, you are not accepted in this country by those of us who are true Americans!!!!

  34. Oh boy, Edward Lobel, let's brag on obama's appointments for a moment shall we? I know you are happy about the communist obama hired to work in the people's house. I'll be you threw a party! How many of the people weren't educators of some type? you do know that obama's whole economic plan was from a research paper by one of his crones, don't you? It had never been tested and the crony was a teacher with no experience in the real world. Yep, you liberals are smart–NOT!!! We know what a loser immelt is so he doesn't count. LOL! So where do you have proof that Romney does anything to Jews???? I would look at your own morals and values before criticizing others since you support obama, who supports the killing of babies even outside the womb after they survive an abortion. Yep, you are really a peach–not!!! You have enough blood on your hands to not criticize others! By the way, why do you support a man who continues to break the laws he swore to uphold? As a result, babies and their parents have been killed by the illegals obama has released from prison who he allows to roam freely in our country and some of them have been caught driving drunk. Of course, they were stopped after killing Americans. How do you feel about supporting the killling of these innocent people???? It is no wonder you don't value the lives of babies in the womb when you don't value anyone's life outside of it. I know you and obama are a lot alike and are proud of the people you are responsible for killing. If you respected the laws of this country, you wouldn't be an obama supporter!!!!

  35. Edward Lobel–God gave us rules to live by and the killing of babies doesn't go along with Christian beliefs. Sorry, but Christians and Jews value life. obama is no Christian, but he is a liar! I guess you were wrong here too!

  36. not true that is not why we are supporting Israel, It because the Lord says He will bless those whom bless Israel, and curse those whom do not.!" As for Obama saying he is a christian then he would not condone same sex marriages as Christ suffered on the cross for these sins of the flesh, so people could turn away from going after strange flesh. and you say Obama is still a christian. He doesnt know the Lord God. As Christ would not go against His father's commandment written in Leviticus 18 verse 22. what He did say "Fear God who has the power to cast you into hell"

  37. Edward Lobel says:

    You are rude nasty and down right stupid.
    You say things that are simply not true.
    You do not even know what a communist is let alone saying that Obama placed one in the government. that is a blatemt lie.


    Actually, when it comes to law breaking willard has actually broken the law. Whether you believe it or not, it is true.






  38. Edward Lobel says:

    Jacqueline Morningstar Titus You continue to be an idiot. I did not compare willard to bush!
    It is very obvious from your completely asinine statments that you are an extreme racist.
    Just what failures do you take credit for. I don't remember talking about that or abortion or anything else that has your brain cramping up so much.
    I am not a dumb ass conservative you has deliberately tried to hurt the United States because they wanted the president to fail and blocked all the legislation he submitted.

    You rant about health care but apparently from you statements you again have fallen into the repub/tea bagger lies about less care, rationing, loss of service, death panels, you wont be able to keep your doctors, and all the other crap that they spit out in attemps to scare people like you ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.

    The program is paid for by reducing the amoung of money that is paid to PROVDERS OF SERVICE (again you may have to look up what providers of service means) AND NOT FROM CUSTOMER WHO USE THE SERVICES. Rayn's plan eliminates medicare and medicaid altogether which means you will not be able to put anyone in an assited liveing facility should the need arise, because YOU WOULD NOT GET ANY HELP AND MUST PAY FOR IT BY YOURSELF.

  39. You mentioned that bush and that he was a businessman like Romney. Yes, keep ignoring economics and you will continue being stupid. I really didn't peg you for being this stupid. I knew you weren't smart but…..please! For your information, obama's economic plan is meant for short term results not long term ones. So now the local and state governments can't support the temporary employees so they are layed off unless the government props them up again. LOLOLOL! No, I'm sorry but obviously, you don't have common sense about obamacare. Where are all of the extra drs coming from? The providers won't be providing services any longer or they will greatly reduce the number of patients from medicare and obamacare like the drs are with medicare patients now. This is one of the things I alluded to that you and obama can't control. You can't control the fact that drs just don't have to accept obamacare/medicare or any other government program so the patients will not have drs at all. It is just sad that all of your knowledge is just garbage. I could go into a lot more about obamacare but you are already brainwashed and common sense alludes you!

  40. Yori Yanover says:

    Actually, Hitler sympathizers included, most prominently, Se,. Prescott Bush, father of Bush 1 and grandfather of Bush 2. Also loving the little corporal: Henry Ford, Charlie Lindbergh and Joe Kennedy. The Jews in the US feared and loathed Hitler from the attempted putch of 1927 in Munich, and any attempt to pin to them even a shadow of sympathy to a man whose central them was a burning anti-Semitism is nuts.

    Also crazy is a comparison between Obama, or, any American president for that matter, with Hitler. It's simply crazy talk and should be treated like that.

    As to letting Muslims pray on the White House lan — I have no problem with that, providing that they wipe their feet when the come back in.

  41. Oh really? LOL! this guy openly admits it and talks about it. he is proud of it. you are that dumb? when he was found out, he resigned. now you are really uninformed. how do you not know this? so many liberals on other sites know this and said they don't mind the communist way of life because china is doing so well. now they are ignorant but that is the way all of them are. so I think you had better rethink what you have been sold. So you don't mind obama breaking laws but don't like it if/when others do??? interesting. you are merely an obama tool. you are like a little spoiled brat who when doesn't get his way, gets angry. if you want to be credible, know the person you are supporting better than the other person.

  42. Yori Yanover says:

    This is a religious Jewish website and we prefer not to have a discussion of Christianity here, first, second or any other. Kindly move your business elsewhere.

  43. Yori Yanover says:

    We dare to ask plenty of stuff, and the fact is Evangelicals mostly view Mormons as non-Christian and as heathen. To get them to vote for him Romney has had to change all his central positions to the far right. Not to see that is strange.

  44. Yori Yanover says:

    In your opinion, is Romney a Christian? I'm curious, because this is the theme of my article — will people like you accept a Mormon as a Christian. All I know is that for the past 150 years the opposite has been true.

  45. Jag Gaynor says:

    To My Fellow Patriots who are letting this Liberal slug push your buttons, we have made our point. This man needs to enroll in a special education class as the most basic level. He has not been gifted with COMMON SENSE. He has made himself look stupid by his uninformed disinformation. He's going to rant and rave at me now, but you know what? Let him rant. I blocked him out hours ago. I only see your comments. He's talking to himself if you do the same thing. We tried to educate him to the truth but he doesn't want the truth. He worships the lies of his god, LIBERALISM, which is, if you will, the religion of the devil himself. I suggest you block him out.

  46. Edward Lobel says:

    Jacqueline Morningstar Titus Sorry I hit the wrong key and the last comment was sent before I was finished.
    Under his plan you will get $6,000 to help you buy your own policy. Have you any idea what kind of medical insurance you can buy for $6,000? I have a pretty good plan right now and I pay about $12,000 for it to think that I may only be able to buy 1/2 of what I get now is frightening for me and should be horrifying for you as I am much older than you and you will be serverly hurt by the loss of medicare and devistated by medicaid going away (hoefully you will never need medicaid)
    Ryan and the other repubus and tea baggers went around saying under this plan you could buy the same paln as they have what they did not tell you is you cannot get it for their cost. Their insurance is paid for buy your tax dollars. There "cadillac" policys cost between $25,000 and $30,000 dollars each and ryan say heres $6,000 dollars and go buy the same as I have, In his plan there is no guarentee that you will be accepted or that the insurance company will have to keep you. They will be able to drop you for any reason.

    Again you ramble on about social security and how great it will be if it is privitized. This by you rediculos answer shows me you know nothing about it.
    First, social securituy was not designed to make you rich, but was designed to make it so you could afford to pay rent and eat food and not live on the streets.
    If Privatizing social security can make you rich then why aren't you doing it now! Many people have 401K accounts (You will have to look up what this means. I suggest you googl "401K accounts and find out what they are) and count on several good features to help them save for retirement. Since you (in this caseyou means anyone who has a 401K account) will generally recieve this monsy back when you retire, you will be earning less so the money you put in tax free when it is taken out you will be in a lower tax bracket therefore saving some money.
    Another feature is that many (but by no means all) companies mach a small percentage of what you put in. Some company will give you 25 cents of every dollar you put in upto a certain amount of dollars. this figure is a lot lower than what people think it is, but hey. it's found money. The probelm with 401K's is that ot os tied into the stock market (that is a very broad term and there are many different kinds of investment you can invest in) HOWEVER, LIKE REGULAR BUYING OF STOCK IT IS NOT A GUARENTEE IT WILL YEILD HIGHER VALUES.
    Anyone who retire in 2007/08 would have lost alot of money in there 401K's becasue the market was way donw and only began to rise to it's new high under (ugh persih the though you good friend and solcialist communist, muslim lying sob,) Barak Obama
    I am sure that there will be many restrictions put on investing in privatized ss accounts do to the fact that profits are not guarenteed. Two other problems with 401K's is you must begin to withdraw your money by age 70 and it must all be taken out in (I think you have about 7 years that it needs to be taken out in) so if you live well past that and haven't spent you money wisely then you will out of luck. The last probelm is that as of now there is a limit as to how much you can put in a 401L account) I believe it is still around $6.000 per year. BTW how did willard place over $1,000,000 in his account? I guess he did something a little tricky, something that he could do but you cannot do. Don't know if it is legal or not (don't really care on this one becasue it doesn't cost me or tax payers any money) He put some Bain investments in his 401K account, valued them at nothing then when they were safely in his account changed the value to thousands of dollars per share.


    It is obvious from what you say and how you say it you do not know much about your religion and even less about mine.
    I am a very proud member of the Tribe.
    My tribe is Levi, I am a cohaniem and I have been tested and have the Aaron gene.

  47. Edward Lobel says:

    Bet you Obama gets into heaven and the verdict is still out on you for hating so much! That certainly is not a christian characteristic!

  48. Jag Gaynor says:

    I am a Messianic Jew and I have as much right to be here as you. Shabbat Shalom.. Read Isaiah 53, my brother.

  49. Edward Lobel says:

    Yori spoken like the true mench you are!
    I may use the "hitler big lie theory, lie to them often enough, make it outrageous enough, and they will believe it. By no means have I ever compared any President to hitler. On the other hand I have seen several times when the repubs and tea baggers have refered to Obama as hitler and paraded pictures of him looking like hitler!

  50. Mary Brem says:

    Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Romney supports Israel because he is a religious man who knows the success of America is linked to thesuccess of Israel. Obama only supports Israel to obtain the money of naive Jew's. Chas V'shalom he is re-elected. As a lame duck President he will come down hard on Israel. Liberal Jew's are not concerned with Israel's survival.

  52. Charlie Hall says:

    Jag Gaynor Excuse me, but Obama's Chief of Staff is an Orthodox Jew who belongs to my synagogue.

    And this is an Orthodox Jewish site. You complain about the ignorance of secular Jews while identifying yourself as a Messianic Jew, in other words, a Christian. Most secular Jews will never turn away from the Jewish people the way you have.

  53. Charlie Hall says:

    If you had learned the Jewish rabbinic tradition you would have realized that the great Jewish sages were liberals. But you rejected it and by doing so rejected the Jewish people as well. YOU are the one who threw Israel under the bus.

  54. Charlie Hall says:

    Whether Mormons are Christians is an issue for Christians to discuss. As a Jew I have no opinion on the matter; it is none of my business.

    What *I* worry about is that the Romney-Ryan Republican platform will make it more difficult for Jews to practice OUR religion here in America. That has nothing to do with the religions of Romney (LDS) or Ryan (Ayn Randian, but pretending to be Catholic).

  55. Charlie Hall says:

    Sientje Seinen Lots of big Christian churches have no problem with abortion. A few even support same sex marriage. If you disagree with them, that isn't my problem. But it is simply intellectually dishonest to say that "a christian would not support abortions and same sex marriage".

  56. Charlie Hall says:

    " Eypt and Lybia are now more dangerous to Israel "

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you simply are repeating Republican talking points and are therefore ignorant.

    First, Egypt: The Mubarak regime fanned the flames of anti-Semtiism, allowed massive arms smuggling into Gaza, allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to organize nationwide while suppressing all liberal political opposition, and collected huge amounts of money for the people at the top. It was never a friend.

    But even more shocking is your ignorance of Ghadafi. He invaded three neighboring countries, and twice attacked the US. He should have been removed from power by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. But he continued with his evil for another 15 years, putting out the worst anti-Semitic propganda imaginable and opposing every peace initiative. And internally, it made the brutal Mubarak regime look benign by comparison. There was NO dissent because anyone who did would disappear forever. The rumors are that the dissenters were ground up and fed to pigs.

    I had two Libyan students in my class last semester. They now love the United States and President Obama for allowing Libya a chance to become a free country. One is even old enough to fondly remember when Libya had a small Jewish community.

  57. Edward Lobel says:

    by talking nonsense you only show how ignorant you are about real facts.
    willard has NEVER done anything for Israel or any Jew. He is banking on idiots like you who say Obama hates Israel and he will pick up American Jewish support and Jewish money. He is not smart enough to know the only reason shelly adeleson has donated as much as he has is because if willard )g-d forbid) gets elected, he expects that willard will instruct the Justice Dept to stop the investigation into his bribery scandal!
    I am a Liberal Jew who obviously a lot more concerned with Israel's survival and that is why I support Obama, because he has NEVER DONE ANYTHING BUT HELP AND SUPPORT ISRAEL, If you think otherwise you are only continuing to show your ignorance and you bigotry!

  58. Francis Procaccia says:

    you're incorrect all the Jews appointed are far from religious. plus Obama has close ties with the muslim brotherhood, allowed immigration of muslims in the US without the previous 2 years background check they use to do and all this by executive order in the first year in office. Obama messed up the econnomy as well, with more unemployement than when he came into office, triple the deficit.. As for his posture with Israel, or you see it of you have sh.t in your eyes.. He just downgraded exercises with Israel and started dome with Egypt… On top of that the domocratic platform didnt include Jerusalem as israel capital.. and if you looked clearly more than half didn't want that in the platform, and the video showed clearly Arabs for democrats; Obama is trying to get closer to Arab countries and if it means downgrading Us cooperation with Israel, he will do it..

  59. Ruth Hess Musgrave says:

    Mr. Hall, you would be better served thinking about how you will practice your religion with the liberals who overwhelmingly support atheism and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  60. Edward Lobel says:

    Sorry Francis Procaccia, it is you who are wrong and need to say things you have facts on and answer what is said and not other things.
    First it pparently makes a difference to you whether a person is religious, very religious, or not religious to qualify as Jewish.
    Lew who is white house chief of staff, the second most important person in the white house is Orthodox, the previous chief of staff, was Consevarive, does that make him less Jewish? I am somewhere between Reformed and Consevative, according to you does that make me not a Jew.
    I stand by my statement that Obama has appointed more Jews than anyother president.

    The next issue you bring up is about Obama having close ties to the muslim brotherhood are complete fabrication! Just because he recognizes the legitimately elected Egyptian government does not mean he has close ties to the muslinm brtotherhood You are deliberately mis stating the truth.


    Obama did not put the U.S. into recession, George W. Bush and the repubs and tea baggers did. Every single effort that Obama has tried to get passed through congress has been blocked first by a fillib uster in the senate, then by the repub/tea bagger controlled congress. mitch mcconnell stated that the repubs and tea baggers would do everything they could to make Obama fail. If jobs are needed, they BLOCKED EVERY SINGLE JOBS BILL INTRODUCED BY THE PREDISENT! That Francis is the fault of the repubs and ea baggers and not Obama's. should should be angry at the people who are deliberately stopping you and millions of other from getting to woirk, the repubs and tea baggers. even just passing the infastruction bill (roads and bridges) would get millions of Americans back to work, but again the repubs and tea baggers are stopping this.

    As for Obama's posture on Israel, you can believe anything you want, no matter how wrong you are but the president is indeed a very strong supporter of Israel's and would never let it fail. YOU ARE FOOLISH TO THINK OTHERWISE.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Edward Lobel just because he goes to church doesnt mean that Obama is a christian at heart, then why then does he not harken to the saying "You condemn the innocent and set the guilty free?" meaning killing the unborn, and condone same sex marriages.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Edward Lobel and where does it say in the Holy scriptures that "all Jews must be in Israel for the rapture to occur?" rather it says that "lawlessness will increase before the coming of the Lord."

  63. those laws were given to the Israelites, as deterrents so that they would live a clean and orderly life, but G-d knew they could not keep all of those commandments so He sent Christ, who is fullfilled the commandments, and yet you and your ilk mock Him and His suffering because of people's disobedience to G-d's laws, and condone Obama with his agreeing to abortions and same sex marriages may the Lord have mercy upon him.

  64. If Obama like Israel that much, why has he never visited Israel, or why did he treat your prime minister of Israel with such disdain? and why is he asking your prime minister to waith until after the election whether the U.S.A will support Israel or not?

  65. Edward Lobel says:

    simply foolish and unitelligent response. I Love Israel, but have never visited! In the United States we do not have a prime minister, but rather a president. You want to think our president treats your prime minister with distain but that is not true. Just because you say something does not make it true. Not visiting a country does not mean you do not like or support them.
    As long as Obama is in the wihit house Israel's safty is assured.

  66. Edward Lobel says:

    simply foolish and unitelligent response. I Love Israel, but have never visited! In the United States we do not have a prime minister, but rather a president. You want to think our president treats your prime minister with distain but that is not true. Just because you say something does not make it true. Not visiting a country does not mean you do not like or support them.
    As long as Obama is in the wihit house Israel's safty is assured.

  67. you are doing a lot of wishfull thinking, Obama is a muslim, not a christian, christians do not condone same sex marriages. and he will probably turn around and put in sharia law once re-elected, just to get the homosexuals vote. He is pretty crafty.

  68. Yori Yanover says:

    I say, we've had enough religious practice, it's time to DO something.

  69. I wasnt referring to our prime minister of canada, but rather the prime minister of Israel, whom he let wait for hours while he had dinner at his leisure

  70. Marsha Ford Harriman Dailey says:

    Edward you are blind

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