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Titles: Antisemitism – Myth And Hate From Antiquity To The Present and The Return...

28 Iyyar 5764 – May 19, 2004
Of the many books The Jewish Press receives for review, a large number deal with the issue of anti-Semitism.

Title: A Moral Reckoning, The Role Of The Catholic Church In The Holocaust And...

21 Iyyar 5764 – May 12, 2004
When The Jewish Press reviewed the original (hardcover) edition of "A Moral Reckoning" nearly two years ago, Daniel Goldhagen was already well-known for his first book, "Hitler's Willing Executioners".

Title: Wisdom From All My Teachers: Challenges And Initiatives In Contemporary Torah Education

7 Iyyar 5764 – April 28, 2004
It is rare to find a book notable for its area of concern, its contributors, its sponsorship, and its publisher. But Wisdom From All My Teachers rates high on each level.

Title: The Nazi Conscience

30 Nisan 5764 – April 21, 2004
In The Lord of The Flies, author William Goldman told the story of how a group of children marooned on an island formed a society that descended into the depravity of progressive marginalizing some of its members.

Title: Modern Physics And Ancient Faith

23 Nisan 5764 – April 14, 2004
Although he lived his life devoid of traditional religious observance, Albert Einstein very famously stated: "I shall never believe that G-d plays dice with the world."

Rebuilding Lives

16 Nisan 5764 – April 7, 2004
Recent years have seen a flood of books on the Holocaust. The reason is that the number of survivors are dwindling, and in a few years there will be no witnesses.

Title: Consolation, The Spiritual Journey Beyond Grief

9 Nisan 5764 – March 31, 2004
The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning by Rabbi Maurice Lamm (1969, Jonathan David Pub.) has remained a staple on Jewish bookshelves for the past 35 years.

Title: Letters of Light

This is a fascinating sefer - seemingly simple, with answers easy enough for small children to understand and yet containing explanations to conundrums that have puzzled many for generations.

Title: Let Me Go

10 Adar 5764 – March 3, 2004
Imagine what it would feel like to discover, as an adult, that your own mother was a cold-blooded concentration-camp guard who participated even in the killing of babies in their mothers' arms?

Title: Rembrandt’s Jews

19 Shevat 5764 – February 11, 2004
There is currently a major retrospective of the works of Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn at the Fine Arts Museum in Boston.

Title: Moses: A Memoir

Not everyone who imagines what Moshe Rabbeinu might have thought as he carried the Tablets down the mountain visualizes this scene in the humorous vein of a Mel Brooks.

Title: The Heretic

13 Tevet 5764 – January 7, 2004
The Heretic is a history of the early beginnings of the Spanish Inquisition in novelized form - a breathtaking tour de force that is both historically accurate and unusually entertaining, so that one can almost finish the nearly 400 pages in just two or three sittings.

Title: The American Axis – Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, And the Rise of The...

7 Tevet 5764 – January 1, 2004
In every generation there rises a Haman, son of Amalek. During the 20th century there were at least two in the United States: Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh.

Title: Strange Names

29 Kislev 5764 – December 24, 2003
This is everything a children's book should be: exciting, colorful, and easy to read.

Title: The Strike That Changed New York

8 Kislev 5764 – December 3, 2003
There are moments in time that define an era, and for New York's ethnic communities of African-Americans and Jews that moment came on May 9th, 1968, when Fred Nauman, a junior high school teacher in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville area of Brooklyn and 18 other educators received letters telling them that the predominantly African-American local school district had fired them.

Review: Never Again? The Threat Of The New Anti-Semitism

5 Heshvan 5764 – October 31, 2003
An old Native American expression admonishes us to "Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins."

Review: Living A Year Of Kaddish, A Memoir

28 Tishri 5764 – October 24, 2003
Do we say the Kaddish to honor our lost ones, to satisfy our own innate yearnings, or to teach the next generation?

Review: The Jews Of Kaifeng, China ? History, Culture, and Religion

14 Tishri 5764 – October 10, 2003
My cousin Phil, of Los Angeles, once told me - what I consider an apocryphal story - that during the Korean War, when he was stationed in Hong Kong, he was seeking a synagogue for Friday evening services and was told to go to a small shul atop a hill.

Title: Guide For The Romantically Perplexed

22 Elul 5763 – September 19, 2003
You probably know or perhaps are a single Jewish adult who needs this book, and here it is. Popular author Lisa Aiken examines the range of issues plaguing the aging Jewish singles community and she presents the solutions to them.

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