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August 2, 2015 / 17 Av, 5775
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Bibi, Abbas Met Before Ceasefire

PM said wouldn't negotiate under fire, then met with PA chairman during Gaza
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

For years, Binyamin Netanyahu’s views on negotiating with terrorists, and on negotiating under fire have been clear: In his defining treatise on the subject Terrorism: How the West Can Win, Netanyahu spelled out clear guidelines for dealing with the scourge of attacks on civilians. Amongst other principles, the then up-and-coming Likud leader said clearly that terrorists must be fought and beaten, not negotiated with and cajoled. He also wrote that by negotiating under fire Western governments ensure ongoing conflict and encourage future attacks.

As recently as 2009, Netanyahu criticised then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

What a difference a decade makes: Jordanian media reported Thursday that Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen – senior member of the Palestinian Unity Government that includes Hamas – met secretly in Amman several days ago, at a session likely sponsored by King Abdallah.

So much for principle.

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11 Responses to “Bibi, Abbas Met Before Ceasefire”

  1. Hamas terrorist are cowards

  2. Hamas and gaza are terro

  3. Bibi what were you thinking????

  4. Mitch Cohen says:

    I respect and am in the corner of Bibi.
    I trust him,period.

  5. Smell a red, white, and blue rat?

  6. The Gazans would have been willing to lose one hundred thousand lives. They are totally dedicated to their cause. Who among us is ready to kill more than one hundred thousand people? And even if you could find Jews that would kill that many people, what do you think the world reaction would be? Total isolation for Israel, including economic, travel, and military. This was a war that simply could not be won. To criticize Netanyahu now is being like the imbeciles that throw beer cans from the peanut gallery.

  7. Peter Gilbert says:

    I think Bibi has to look these enemies straight in the eye to remind himself or re- assess what he is dealing with.


  9. It is easy to be a Hochom and criticize when you don't have the responsibility and the outside pressures that Bibi has to deal with. There is no-one who comes near him in stature and the respect, no matter how begrudging, that he enjoys on the international scene.

  10. Alden Mamann says:

    We don't know 10% of what goes on behind the scenes. B

  11. Bibi is a Man and a Jew who loves his country and her people – surely he has proven this often enough by now. I am not Jewish but I stand 100% with Israel – because YOUR G-D is MY God and His Word commands me to do so. It makes me sad when I read about his own people heaping loads of criticism on him because he has to make tough decisions based on input not available openly.
    If I would be permitted to name one wish for Israel, I would say:
    'Dear Lord, please endow Bibi with YOUR Wisdom and with YOUR courage to act upon it – and Your people with an understanding of the extremely difficult and delicate situation he always finds himself in when having to deal with Israel's manifold enemies who come in all shapes and sizes'
    Love from Cape Town – B.

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For years, Binyamin Netanyahu’s views on negotiating with terrorists, and on negotiating under fire have been clear: In his defining treatise on the subject Terrorism: How the West Can Win, Netanyahu spelled out clear guidelines for dealing with the scourge of attacks on civilians. Amongst other principles, the then up-and-coming Likud leader said clearly that terrorists must […]

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