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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777

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German Aid Organization Gives Holocaust Survivors Israeli Smart Bracelets

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

(JNi.media) Christian aid organization GAiN Germany has contributed $9,900 to MyMDband’s campaign, which will buy 275 medical bracelets that can be accessed using any standard smartphone.

MyMDband is a medical emergency bracelet (patent pending) that provides medical personnel with instant access to a person’s critical medical information. The bracelet can be accessed using any standard smartphone, no special app required, and it works anywhere around the world. When the bracelet is accessed the medical information is automatically translated into the caregiver’s language, avoiding misunderstanding and saving valuable time, which can be a matter of life and death. Using the smartphones built-in GPS, emergency contacts are automatically notified with their loved ones’ location.

MyMDband is crowdfunding on Crowdmii, a new crowdfunding platform for innovative Israeli start-ups. MyMDband aims to provide their medical bracelets for free, for life, to Holocaust survivors living in Israel, many of whom suffer from multiple medical conditions and require assistance.

In conjunction with United Hatzalah, an Israeli emergency medical services organization, all revenues from this campaign will go directly to providing bracelets for survivors as well as have volunteers visit them on a regular basis and monitor their health.

Now GAiN Germany has contributed $9,900 to MyMDband’s campaign, which will buy 275 medical bracelets. This contribution was pledged through Helping Hand Coalition (HHC), a nonprofit that serves as the local Israeli representative of GAiN and other humanitarian organizations.

Elly Gorodetzer, Co-Founder & CEO of MyMDband, thanked GAiN and the HHC for their support, and called “on others who are passionate about these issues to join our campaign. Our goal is to make our lifesaving bracelets accessible to everyone, everywhere and help save as many lives as possible.”

Luke Gasiorowski, VP and COO of HHC, said: “It’s powerful to see today’s Christians, especially from Germany, standing with Israel as well as taking an active role in supporting Holocaust survivors in the Jewish State of Israel. The Holocaust survivors have been through so much. They are an exceptional and rare people, and even at their elderly age they still have an important role to play in bringing people from around the world together with Israel. As a Millennial, I feel privileged to still have Holocaust survivors here to share their experiences first hand, and it is our responsibility to provide them the proper help, support and care they need.”


Combat Pilots Court-Martialed for Storing Secret Data on Phones

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

A military tribune has court martialed two Air Force combat pilots who were caught storing sensitive information, including operational maps, on their smartphones.

The two pilots were sentenced to five days in the brig, and another 12 pilots were disciplined for similar offenses. Other pilots explained they store the information so that it could be readily accessible.

The problem is what happens if one of the pilots loses a smartphone with the maps?

That is exactly what happened. The phone was recovered, and that is when investigators discovered that the sensitive information had been stored on the mobile device.

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Motorola to Supply IDF Soldiers with Rugged Smartphones

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

A rugged soldier needs a rugged smartphone in today’s high-tech warfare, and the Defense Ministry is buying from Motorola $100 million of next generation smartphones for its troops. American aid will finance half of the project, with the first military unit to have them in the battlefield within two years.

The ministry said Motorola has the only devices with proven capability of encryption that satisfies the IDF’s demands.

Globes reported that although details of the smartphone are not available, a picture of it suggests that it has a 4-inch touch screen and is resistant to dust and water.

The smartphone includes a GPS guidance system and an 8-megapixel sensor.

The length of time between charges of the battery depends on how much the screen is used. If the smartphone is used only for talking non-stop, the battery can keep running for nearly seven hours, with another eight hours of standby time.

“The contract for the development and purchase of the first military smartphones will bring the smartphone revolution to the battlefield of the future, and will lend a significant advantage to the IDF and the entire defense system,” said Brig. Gen. (Res.) Shmuel Zucker, director of purchases for the Defense Ministry.

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