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ISIS used Mustard Gas on Kurds, Likely Obtained from Syria

29 Av 5775 – August 14, 2015
ISIS used mustard gas against Kurdish fighters. The chemical warfare agent was probably picked up in Syria.

Israeli Security Cabinet Unanimously Rejects Iran Nuclear Deal

28 Tammuz 5775 – July 14, 2015
The Israeli Security Cabinet has unanimously rejected the Iran nuclear deal signed today in Vienna by the US and world powers.

Obama Vows to ‘Walk Away’ From Bad Iranian Nuclear Deal

14 Tammuz 5775 – July 1, 2015
US Pres. Barack Obama said Tuesday he'll "walk away" from a bad deal with Iran. So far, he hasn't.

Iran Says No to Deal Without Immediate Lifting of Sanctions

20 Nisan 5775 – April 9, 2015
Speaking at Iran's Nuclear Technology Day, Rouhani made his Red Line clear.

Obama Mocks Netanyahu’s ‘Red Line’ Cartoon with Inaccurate Sketch

Obama proves once again that Netanyahu is smarter than he is.

France Warns There’s ‘Insufficient Progress’ With Iran on Nuclear Deal

5 Nisan 5775 – March 25, 2015
France warns UN Security Council of "insufficient progress" in talks between world powers and Iran over its nuclear technology program.

Syria Using Chemical Weapons: Will the US Act?

16 Iyyar 5773 – April 25, 2013
Deterrence requires a credible threat. It isn’t enough to issue ominous-sounding ultimata unless they are believed.

Reflections on the Invasion of Iraq, a Decade Later

9 Nisan 5773 – March 19, 2013
Western powers enjoy overwhelming battlefield superiority but face great difficulty when trying to shape other countries.

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