Photo Credit: Ari Fuld
Ari Fuld blows a Shofar.

Dear Readers,

It’s been almost a year since a terrorist took Ari Fuld hy”d from us.


During his lifetime, Ari freely gave of himself to so many projects and activities for the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Ari was always looking out for the welfare of IDF soldiers; Ari was always defending the Jewish people, both in the real world and on social media; and Ari was always teaching and living Torah.

As Ari’s Yahrzeit approaches, we have been organizing a series of campaigns to continue Ari’s legacy and projects.

The first two projects we have launched are for IDF soldiers.

Both of these projects are authorized and approved by Ari’s widow Miriam Fuld and The Ari Fuld Project.

1) IDF Soldier Hospitality Truck
The Ari Fuld Project has been working to complete the IDF Soldier Hospitality Truck project that Ari began with Standing Together in memory of a fallen IDF lone soldier, Yehoshua Friedberg, whom Ari served with. This truck will be dedicated to the memory of both Yehoshua and Ari together.

Thanks to the generosity of the many friends of Ari and his family, this project, Ari’s dream, has been moving closer to completion.

We plan to hold the launch ceremony for the truck on Ari’s Yahrzeit, 7 Tishre (Oct. 6, 2019).

But we’re not quite there yet — You can help us complete this project that Ari dreamed of finishing.

2) The Torah Warrior Project
In cooperation with the International Young Israel Movement (in Israel), The Ari Fuld Project is gifting 3 Sifrei Torah to the IDF. One to the army, another the navy, and the third to the air force.

If you wish to help with this project, please click on the link.

Thank you for your generosity.

We will update the readers with more details on the Yahrzeit and launch ceremony as we get closer to the date, as well as the additional projects we are continuing for Ari.

-Stephen Leavitt


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