Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
The Kotel

For decades after its liberation, Jews of all affiliations – or no affiliation – prayed at the Kotel in accordance with the 1,500-year-old prayer tradition at the site.

Recently, the Reform movement orchestrated a crisis in “Diaspora-Israel relations” and convinced Israeli politicians that a “Kotel Compromise” is necessary. Following negotiations between the Israeli government, Women of the Wall, and Reform and Conservative movements, the Israeli government’s solution – the Kotel Compromise – would partition the Kotel into two plazas – the “traditional” Kotel Plaza, and a plaza dedicated for mixed prayer. This, said the Reform and Conservative movements, would mend the rift between Diaspora Jews and Israel.


The new government in Israel is planning to implement this plan in the coming months.

Am Echad has launched a campaign to let the Israeli government know that large swaths of Diaspora Jewry oppose any change in the status quo at the Kotel. The goal of this campaign is to give a voice to Diaspora Jews, who believe that partitioning the Kotel would create a rift between Israel and the Jewish communities worldwide. Let’s tell the Israeli government that hundreds of thousands of Diaspora Jews want to continue worshiping the way that Jews have done for thousands of years.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition and tell the Israeli government, “No! Don’t divide the Kotel!


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