High Court: State Must Pay for Circumcisions of Non-Orthodox Converts

The justices based their decision on the need for equality and "respect for religious freedom."

Reform Jews Get Snippy on Adult Circumcision Funding in Israel

High Court, Government, clash over financing non-Orthodox adult circumcisions.

100 Progressive Jews Boycott Elon Musk, Urge Big Advertisers to Join

Jonathan Greenblatt has managed to elicit the support of his fellow Jewish progressives against the offending X and Elon Musk.

NJ Kosher Bakery Faces Boycotts for Declining Pride Rainbow Orders from Conservative Synagogue

The local Federation actually stated the bakery’s decision was not aligned with Jewish values.

Brandeis Under Fire for ‘Anything but Orthodox’ Ad

"In this ad, 'Orthodox' clearly means rigid, antiquated, monolithic and unevolving. Since Orthodox Jews would reject these adjectives in their self-definition, this line is problematic," said scholar Malka Simkovich.

Gideon Sa’ar to Fellow Opposition MK Opposed to Ending the Expulsion: ‘You Are a...

“Is this the time to give a hug to the people who violate the laws of the state with their staying in Homesh? The answer is no!"

Conservative Rabbis’ Cancel Culture Infects Prayer for Israel

Kalmanofsky stated that he does not want Israeli leader's efforts to succeed.

Shas Bill: 6 Months in Jail for ‘Improper Behavior’ at the Kotel

The Shas bill will most likely never see the light of day.

Gay, Jewish NY State Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Threatens Criminal Investigation of YU

Not to worry, folks, we’re likely not going to be treated to pictures of YU rabbis being hauled in cuffs into waiting police vans.

Spreading Unabashed Lies, 330 US Clergy Ban Ben Gvir, Smotrich

What follows are despicable lies, which go unchecked by JTA.

Report: Coalition to Amend ‘Grandson Clause’ in Early 2023

In two months, Bezalel Smotrich is going to submit a bill amending the Law of Return to yank out the halakhic gentiles.

Chief Sephardi Rabbi Attacks Reform, Conservative Jews for ‘Uprooting our Torah’

Rabbi Yosef said that observant Jews must object to anything related to the Reform.

Reform Women Repress Israel’s Freedom of the Press

I can’t understand how any liberal-minded woman or man can view this as a victory.

Reform President Rick Jacobs Compares Ben Gvir to the KKK

Let there be no hope for informers, and may all wickedness instantly perish.

Orthodox Irate at Government’s NIS 60 Million Investment in Reform, Conservative Organizations

“This is the power of Judaism," the Diaspora Minister said, and a hundred thousand great rabbis of all the ages rolled in their graves.

Israeli District Court Upholds Civil Marriages Over Zoom

Should the state of Israel find a better solution for almost 1,000 people each year who are rejected by rabbinical law?

Biden Revokes US Visa of Rabbi Eliyahu, Warrior Against Sex Abuse in Religious Community

Rabbi Eliyahu has been publicly critical of the Reform movement, which may explain why his enemies used their connections to get his visa revoked.

Jewish Woke: Heritage Museum Bans Florida Governor from June’s Jewish Leadership Conference

"It is sad to see that the misguided leadership of a Jewish museum won’t allow alternative ideas a seat at the Jewish table.”

10K Seminary Women Block 100s WOW, Reform & Conservative at Rosh Chodesh Adar-B War...

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met and supported the leaders of the Reform movement in Israel and the Diaspora.

Report: Jewish Clergy Fled Synagogue Jobs during Covid-19 Pandemic

“It’s like corporate culture, people don’t stay.”

Myopic AP Report Equates Precarious Reform Deal with the Kotel’s Future

A decisive majority of American Jews support the adversaries of Israel.

Ombudsman, Reform Movement, Demand Impeaching Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef

It comes down to whether or not individuals in appointed high office are at liberty to go out of their way to criticize the government from which they draw their power.

Yamina Won’t Touch the Egalitarian Kotel, Israel’s Third Rail of Religious Politics, But Its...

Meanwhile, the right-wing parties have discovered that the Kotel is a surefire issue to get the masses out.

Reform Movement Wins Shas’ Tender to Share Shabbat Experience with Israeli Youth

Turns out the Haredim are not the only religious Israelis who can game the system.

Everything You Need to Know about the Kotel Compromise: What It Means & What...

Unlike American Jews who want their own share in the Kotel when they come to visit, the WOW are not interested in compromises.


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