Photo Credit: Forward website

{Originally posted to the Frontpage Magazine website}

The Forward is a grotesque entity. An anti-Jewish paper marketed to a Jewish audience. When it’s not trying to wrap its pop culture interests and political agendas in Jewish relevance (5 Reasons Tim Kaine Might Just Be the Jewiest Vice-President Ever was an actual Forward headline, nimbly combining a slur of Jews with left-wing agitprop) then it’s venting venom against Jews.


Its coverage of religious Jews frequently spills over into overt racism. Headlines denouncing “Hasids” for example would be unacceptable if you swapped in “Blacks” or “Muslims”.

But underneath it is the simple fact that the Forward hates everything Jewish except left-wing Yiddish protest chants. And so Forward Managing Editor Dan Friedman (not to be confused with the prolific pro-Israel activist) has a rant titled, “Why I Detest Hanukkah, and Why All Right Minded Jews Should Too”.

That’s practically a parody of Forwardisms. The only possible way to improve on it would be, “Why I Detest the Jewiest Hannukah and Why Obama Should Outlaw It”.

Friedman bemoans celebrating “the victory of fundamentalist zealots over a tolerant cosmopolitan Empire.” The only way to get the left to cheer imperialism is when the Jews are fighting the empire.

He whines that, “rabbis tacked on the miracle of the oil to a violent story of extremist insurrection.”

And there’s the well known left-wing problem that the Chanukah struggle consists of Jewish patriots fighting and defeating the Forward editors of the day seeking to destroy Judaism.

The Forward hates Judaism and Jews at least as much as Richard Spencer does. The question is why would any Jews who don’t hate Jews, Judaism and Chanukah read the Forward?