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Rav Druckman with PM Netanyahu

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Haredi community, with their self-centered, isolationist ideology, makes it impossible to rely on them as allies, to trust them as partners, or to work with them as brothers.

A number of leading Zionist rabbis have decided to pull out of today’s rally, after the (Hebrew) Yated Neeman, a leading Israeli Haredi paper, written under Haredi Rabbinic supervision, published insulting remarks about Rav Druckman. (Yated Neeman in Israel is not connected to Yated Neeman in the U.S.)


At a time when one would think that the Haredi community is looking for allies among the Dati-Leumi community, they could learn to behave with a little more respect towards Torah Scholars.

And I’m not even talking about statements by Haredi politicians like Aryeh Deri and Moshe Gafni.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what I was talking about yesterday — they only care about their own Torah learning, their own yeshivas and their own isolated communities. It would appear that in their eyes everyone else is gurnisht mit gurnisht.

I also just read that draftees from the Dati-Leumi community will be counted towards the Haredi army quota, making this insult even worse.

I know Yated doesn’t represent the entire Haredi community, so I still have hope to hear other Haredi voices condemning Yated for their disrespect of a great Torah scholar.

The Zionist Rabbis who pulled out have also made a point of letting everyone know they aren’t abandoning the Haredi community, only this particular protest rally.

Instead of participating in the Jerusalem rally with their students, the rabbis will hold prayer sessions in their Zionist yeshivas instead.

I hope they’re praying that the Haredi community learn a little Mussar.


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