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Even Israeli leftist media showed disgust at the American slurs, who’s a “chicken?” on our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Obama and Kerry hate Bibi, because he is what they aren’t. He is more intelligent and knowledgeable, and he was a real soldier in the top unit in an army known for its personal bravery. As you know I have plenty of complaints about Netanyahu’s policies, but for a foreign government to hurl such immature, gutter-like accusations at a Prime Minister of a country they claim to hold as an ally is the epitome of childish anti-diplomacy.


And for the gazillionth time, the Americans are trying to force Israel to agree to their policy. This is not what negotiating is. The Obama Government is a bunch of dictatorial, fascist bullies, not democratic, respectful allies. They are antisemites. There is no other explanation for such behavior.


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  1. Bibi may be brave in terms of his military exploits? but he lacks moral courage to do what is necessary with regards to Iran. Anyone can display a lack of cowardice in war (even Isis has courage there) so thye have moral courage no. Well neither does BIbi, he is all talk and no action. Obama and Kerry hate Bibi because they are anti-semites but in my opinion they had it 100% right with Bibi.

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