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I’m really rather open and maybe too liberal (with a small “l”)  about the comments I allow on my blog posts. It’s very rare for me to delete a comment, other than the duplicates which periodically sneak in. And blogger, which “hosts” my blogs automatically “holds comments for moderation” on posts over a  certain age. That’s because spammers inadvertently target them by blindly searching posts with the “keywords.”

But this morning, an anonymous commenter wasted my time with such a total piece of garbage on “Palestine: Fictional Country/People” that I closed comments there!


He/she/it kept spewing forth with lists of ancient and totally extinct peoples/nations, which even in an active imagination and fantasy cannot be connected to what was recently (late twentieth century) invented and named, “Palestinian,” sic.

The final, the very last straw for me was his/her claiming that Jesus was a Palestinian sic. Oh, come on; even mainstream Christian theology claims that he was Jewish. Their basic premise is that he “updated” Judaism, and that’s why they call their bible “The New Testament,” a term I don’t use. That’s because it gives legitimacy to that claim. I call it the “Christian Bible,” because that is what it is. And we all know that using Wikipedia as “expert witness” is futile, because it isn’t all that accurate. Anyone can submit their version of history, fact etc.

And there’s a good chance that I’ll have to close comments here, too, if that person continues the fiction/agenda here.

To make things clear. There is only one People/Nation/Religion like the Jewish People/Nation/Religion. We have a God, a History, Land, Book recognized as a Holy book even by other religions. We are a People, a Nation. We have a culture, and even though we had been exiled from our Land, we continued to observe the Commandments and Holidays and said the same prayers all over the world. And our Holidays and Prayers concentrated on the Land we never fully deserted. Even at the worst of the exile, there have always been Jews here in the HolyLand.

And unlike any other ancient people, today we are still alive and function and thrive and speak, read and write the same language we did thousands of years ago. We Jews are unique and holy! Other ancient cultures/peoples are just history.

עם ישראל חי! Am Yisrael Chai!

The People of Israel–
The Jewish People Live and Thrive!!

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  1. Haters can deny reality; but they can't deny the consequences of denying reality. The consequence of the Pals immense cultural, and economic investment into The Destruction of Israel and the Jews is their slow, excruciating descent into extinction.

  2. "The Soviet Union, Creators of the PLO and the Palestinian People"
    There were two reasons for the invention of a new "people" 1. It turned Goliath into David, and David into Goliath, and 2. In 1964 when the KGB invented the Palestinian People the Soviet diplomats were promoting legislation, e.g. "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" that would elevate the right of any "people" from a natural right to a right under international law.

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