I’m not surprised that Donald Trump, despite all the naysaying pundits, is leading in his quest to get the Republican Party nomination to be President of the United States. Today’s Americans just don’t trust the government nor do they trust the mainstream politicians. They’ve seen too much lying and corruption and they don’t like the fact that the banks no longer give interest on savings accounts. They understand that the reason is that the American economy is falling down the drain.

They’re impressed by a man who can build enormous real estate projects, in which some live and shop, and make money. And they’re impressed by a man who isn’t afraid to say exactly what they feel and think about today’s USA and the issues.


It doesn’t bother them that he has never held public/political office. Actually, it’s a plus.

Trump’s supporters hope and pray that as President he will continue to be “his own man” and not allow the usual paper-pushers to push him around.

Your average American has a justified fear of masses of refugees (or are many just opportunists at best and terrorist/anarchist “sleepers” at worst) who have no plans to assimilate into American culture and norms.

Your average American has been reading the labels on affordable clothes and the expensive ones, and they can’t find anything that says “Made in America” any more.

Your average American is angry and scared.

Your average American fears the for the future of the United States of America.

Your average American doesn’t like what the government has been doing these past few decades. They don’t want another Clinton, Bush nor Obama clone.

And that’s why Donald Trump is leading the polls.

What do you think?


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