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Im Tirtzu's "Shtulim" video

(Source: NGO Monitor)

In short, PCAT is funded by foreign entities, to pursue a virulently anti-Israeli campaign. Does this not meet the definition of a foreign agent aiding and abetting the enemy?


The rest of the “targeted” NGOs are easily as harmful to the Jewish State, and receive even more funds from foreign entities. Israel suffers directly from their campaigns, both economically—seeing its products being curtailed in foreign markets—and politically, having to face increasingly hostile popular reaction in foreign countries, for the often outrageous, libelous, attacks of these organizations and many more.

There has been much discussion recently in Israel regarding the scope of a “self-defending democracy,” in relation to the disregard of remand and habeas corpus principles by the security forces in dealing with “Jewish terrorists” in the Duma arson-murder case. Wouldn’t curbing the freedoms of hostile foreign agents also be considered a step to defend Israel’s democracy, which is fighting for its life?

Not according to the ADL, which stated, “We believe Im Tirzu should apologize for their unwarranted attack on the individuals and organizations referenced in the video.”


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    The simple fact of the matter is that for decades every anti-Semitic organization on earth claims it is defending "human rights." Every totalitarian, jihadi, communist, racialist, and fascist group today represents itself as a human right watchdog. The Hamas runs front groups claiming to be defending human rights. I imagine one can even find cases where ISIS claims it is defending human rights.
    In Israel there operate a gaggle of picayune anti-Israel seditious organizations of the far Left that seek to harm or destroy Israel. They are funded by foreigners hostile to Israel and Jews. Every such group in Israel claims to be a human rights watchdog. These are groups that have never heard of a human right of Jews that needs defending. They have also never heard of an Arab atrocity that needs condemning.
    It goes without saying that they deny Jews any right to self-defense. The only manner of coping with Arab terror they are willing to allow is complete capitulation to the demands of the terrorists. None has ever spoken out against the assaults on the freedom of speech of non-leftists in Israel. None is willing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the use of force by Jews in any circumstances whatsoever.

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