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I rarely write about American politics. Here in Israel, existential national threats prevent me from dwelling on America’s problems. In Israel, Arabs butcher our thirteen-year-old daughters in their bedrooms and gun down our brothers and fathers, and the impotent leadership responds in typical fashion— with powerful speeches to comfort the bereaved. So naturally the demise of America cannot take up much of my time.

But that doesn’t mean I’m disinterested. I am concerned with America’s welfare. As a Jew with a sense of history, I appreciate the haven America provided us throughout the last few centuries, when most countries offered nothing but death and despair. And I feel the need to occasionally opine when I see criminal politicians in America destroying a moral country that treated Jews far better than any other country in history. Furthermore, short of a nation of gentiles following the “7 Laws of Noah” (ideally), no nation in history has ever created a system of government so humane to her citizens. And shame on the Jew who forgets that.


Europe deserves her fate, since Europe is the world’s largest Jewish graveyard. They hated their loyal Jews. So let the Europeans live and die with their ever growing hordes of Islamic migrants. There is justice in that. America deserves better. And with the astounding revelation by the FBI that despite the overwhelming evidence of gross misconduct in handling her emails, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted for endangering national security, the message is clear. The land of the free is bleeding. Tyranny is knocking down the door.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: What’s the Question?

The impending American elections are a portrait of insanity. When was the last time the nominated presidential candidate was the subject of a criminal investigation involving the FBI? How naked is the double standard when the Clintons get to skate from the most egregious of scandals for which the common man would be incarcerated for life? Lunacy aside, the ultimate battle will boil down to Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, as shameful as that is, since the latter deserves a ball and chain.

This is an easy choice, if not an ideal one, for anyone with a sense of decency. I don’t know about you, but if I must choose between a nasty crippling cold and a flesh-eating virus, I choose the former 10 times out of 10. There are indeed degrees of bad, and my decision to choose the lesser “bad” in no way indicates my approval. Those simpletons who choose to equate a flawed Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton, and throw their hands in the air with their own version of “what difference does it make?” commit a grave error. Those who see Trump as the more odious candidate are deranged, and more than a few disgruntled ‘RINOS’ are actually looking her way, as astounding as this seems. And those who dismiss, ignore, or lie about Hillary’s crooked behavior and vicious nature betray themselves.

Trump is indeed flawed, and hardly an ideal candidate for the already un-principled Republican Party, but to equate him with Hillary Clinton is the height of insanity. Hillary is a malevolent personality who will destroy America. Open borders, amnesty for all illegals, the continued march of the death cult of liberalism. This can only mean one thing: the eventual death of the Republic. No country that murders the innocent in the womb, marries homosexuals, and releases murderers can survive very long. Hillary will continue Obama’s ravaging of everything decent in America, and continue the downward spiral. There will be no recovery. America will be changed forever.

Hillary the Radical Leftist

Since her youth, Hillary was a liberal menace. As a young activist, Hillary Clinton assisted and aided Black Panthers on trial for torture and murder. Let’s be clear: this racist terrorist organization from the late 1960’s and 70’s was responsible for the murder of police officers. While a new revitalized Black Panther Party and the Black Klan of the Black Lives Matter movement is sowing violence and racial hatred in Obama’s America, we should remind ourselves that many years ago, Hillary was involved with the original incarnation of these thugs. Additionally, over the years, in her capacity as a lawyer, Hillary defended some of the most repugnant criminals who preyed upon the innocent, including a child rapist she knew to be guilty.

Hillary the Jew-Hater

Several years back, former Arkansas State troopers alleged that on several occasions Hillary called people “f***ing Jew bastards.”  Not hard to imagine, since she has a reputation for being foul mouthed and she is notorious for losing her temper at the drop of a hat. And those who remember when Hillary kissed Suha Arafat, moments after the latter woman gave a public speech accusing Israel of poisoning Arab children, can surely believe the claims of Jew hatred. After all, blood libels are the domain of anti-Semites.

During Bill Clinton’s two terms, Hillary helped her husband twist Israel’s arm, even as Arab terror increased and Arafat openly encouraged Jihad against Israel. Hillary frequently invited Arab terrorist front groups to the White House for dinners and celebrations. And who can forget when the crafty Hillary took one thousand dollars from the American Muslim Council and fifty thousand dollars from the American Muslim Alliance during her Senate campaign in 2000? Both groups openly support terror against Israel and praised Hamas. She was forced to return the money when word got out, despite her attempt to hide the donation by writing down the “American Museum Council” on the donor report.

Some notable Hillary moments as Secretary of State include:
• Raising money for Gaza- which went straight to Hamas.
• Demanding that Israel open up the Gaza borders, despite Hamas’s continued smuggling of weapons into the country.
• Calling Israel’s destruction of Arab homes built without permits “unhelpful and not in keeping with the obligations entered into under the roadmap.” (The Arab’s consistent violation of the Oslo sham never bothers Jew haters.)
• Relentless efforts to strengthen Fatah and create a “Palestinian State.”

And then we have the never-ending scandals of cover-ups, betrayals, and general dishonesty relating to her tenure as Secretary of State. The notorious Benghazi cover-up where her actions led to the murder of Americans. The more recent investigation into her personal server boggles the mind when one considers how much she endangered American security. And yet the recent FBI decision not to indict her despite mountains of evidence shows the degree of corruption rooted in Obama’s Department of Justice and the FBI. And the financial scandals documented in the recent book “Clinton Cash” and upcoming movie prove that the Clinton’s are a veritable mafia.

Hillary is a clever chameleon, but at the core she’s a vindictive, nasty, shrill, Jew-hating bigot, a peripatetic predator from Illinois, Arkansas, a carpetbagger Senator from NY, and Washington D.C. A racist liberal who exploits the easily exploited for political gain. A ruthless shark who will do anything to obtain power, flout the law with haughty disregard to retain it, and continue to wreak havoc on American society.

President Hillary Clinton would be the death rattle for the United States of America  it does not deserve. It is a moral nation in a world of evil. And yet, the desire to keep her from obtaining the presidency is not enough, since an unfettered Hillary is a disgrace to every decent standard of justice. Just like Obama, Hillary deserves nothing less than a prison jumpsuit. This should be the ultimate goal: disgraced and incarcerated for life, at the very least. The Founding Fathers would surely have had another suggestion for justice. Political correctness be damned. If ever someone in high office deserved such a fate…

My ultimate interest is for the survival of Israel, as a strong, independent, G-d-fearing nation based upon Torah principles. Yet every Jew who lived in America with a sense of hakarat hatov, should wish the best for a country that offered millions of Jews something no other nation in history gave them: a rare reprieve from death and government legislated anti-Semitism. Had the Founding Fathers been not made of such fine character, America could have easily replicated the European model of anti-Semitism. And this is not to ignore or minimize American anti-Semitism past and present. It existed and continues to exist. In government the State Department remains one of the most Jew hating branches. Yet the country as it was established allowed for the accommodation of Jews. This is not to present the notion that America should remain a homeland for Jews. History has taught the Jew that things can change, and that change will eventually happen. But we should be appreciative….

We Jews will survive. Israel will survive, because of the Divine promise. America may not. Righteous gentiles deserve to survive and thrive in America, if they stand up for what’s right and face the G-dless threats in their midst. America’s leadership has set the country upon the path of Sodom and Gomorrah. America must choose the best of the worst, because the worst is a veritable virus. America must support Israel if it desires the Divine promise, rather than the curses of those who curse us.

A warning to sane Americans who want to see their country recover from eight years of Obama’s destruction: Obama will leave America hemorrhaging on all fronts. A Clinton presidency will see America irrevocably changed, economically, socially, and militarily. Israel too will suffer, because Hillary hates Jews and Israel. The fact that she can always trot out the familiar cadre of Jewish faces to support her, even Orthodox ones with rabbinical ordination, does nothing to change this fact. (And Heaven Forbid if she is elected, it is very likely that the same Orthodox rabbi who accepted Obama’s invite, will attend her swearing in ceremony at the National Church.) This is the age that we live in. Yet, Hillary’s true legacy should alarm sensible Jews and gentiles, who appreciate that most of contemporary liberalism’s basic tenets are anathema to decency.

Aleynu L’Shabeyach

A call to all American gentiles who have a cognizance of a Creator:

America’s descent into the cesspool of deviance, deprivations, and immorality will not be stifled by the continued worship of a pagan Man-G-d. Only The Almighty, the One True G-d will save a once great nation from destruction. Will Bible believers finally wake up and use their intellect to return to the true worship of G-d?

It is time for American gentiles to evolve and abandon higher paganism. G-d fearing gentiles need to embrace the “7 Laws of Noah” as an ever-growing number of righteous gentiles’ world-wide have. This represents the only antidote for the rampant secularization which leads to societal depravities legislated by government, and the ironic growth and appeasement of savage Islam. By doing so, America will merit The Almighty’s blessings as promised to Abraham. If Americans fail to heed the call, the country will ultimately fall prey to the monotheistic murderers who worship a blood deity. Jesus will not save anyone.

Donald Trump is a necessary Band-Aid for the time being, since man does not rely on miracles. But recognize the import of this historical moment. Populism will not stop the bleeding nor will it make America “great again,” nor will Christian solutions. Three may be better than thirty, but true monotheism eludes most Americans, and this is anathema to G-d’s Will. The true bible precludes the possibility of replacement. The Master of All remains the ultimate solution, for Jew and gentile alike.

To all gentiles, who may not want to hear this last point, I say these words with respect and concern for decent gentiles, and out of a sense of Jewish duty. As Jews we have a mandate to spread a message to the world, but it’s not to advocate for “woman’s rights” (abortion on demand) or act as shameless surrogates for liberal politicians. This is what happens when Judaism is turned on its head. We have a mission to bring the knowledge of G-d to the world. It started with the patriarch Abraham, who epitomized intelligent man’s true quest for G-d.

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton looms like a monsoon on the horizon. Corruption personified. A cruel person with the blood of so many on her negligent, incompetent hands. May we see her downfall.


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.


  1. Yes, she committed crimes, but NO WAY do I support your crazy and deranged nutjob of an author here who in the same breath decries same sex marriage equality and makes attacks on women’s rights to their own reproductive rights.

    Shame on you for publishing this traif…this .

  2. Implausible Deniability

    • Secretary Clinton said she did not send or receive classified information on her private server
    o FBI Director Comey said that was a lie.

    • Secretary Clinton said there was nothing in her email marked classified
    o FBI Director Comey said that was a lie

    • Secretary Clinton said she never emailed anything marked classified
    o FBI director Comey said that was a lie

    • Secretary Clinton said she used only one device
    o FBI director Comey said that was a lie

    • Secretary Clinton said all work related emails were returned to State
    o FBI director Comey said that was a lie

    • Secretary Clinton said no emails were deleted
    o FBI Director Comey said that was a lie.

    • Secretary Clinton said all emails were reviewed by her attorneys.
    o FBI director Comey said that was a lie

    Some suggest that this pattern of lies proves intent to cover up Clinton’s improprieties. President Obama says she is the most prepared candidate for the Presidency since Jefferson. Come on, you know the truth, when it comes to the Clinton world.

  3. the Jewish Press gives voice to the least articulate but most vile and despicable right-wing ideologues

    the writer will wind up working valet parking for Mrs Clinton's inaugural ball. Hopefully, he can retrieve a set of keys better than he can write

  4. If Hilary gets elected, Americans are in for another 4 years of drowning in bills, more foreclosures, and depressed economy. She will surely try to finish Israel. The Clinton's are filthy rich, how did they get that way? By helping large corporations make alot of money. They have no interest whatsoever in middle class America. Vote for them if you want to but the next 4 years for most Americans will be like shooting pool with a rope, not to swift.

  5. Mr Burk
    Trump might seem like a nut job because he's really not a politician, so he doesn't quite fit in that arena. sometimes because of his blatent comments he appears to be "not normal". But really he's normal and mark my words he's going to be one of the great ones if he gets elected. The question to ask is, does america really need a politician right now? The Americans have not had one single good president in the last 50yrs. Not one, with the exception of Kennedy who they killed. Since then every president has been like tits on a bull, basically useless. Trump is loud and I think he says what's on his mind too much making him a little too transparent. It's not so good, but Im willing to bet that he's going to address the situation with Iran sooner then later. I would also venture to say that he will do everything he can to bring jobs back to American soil. He's going to get the country out of Dept even if it means making some hard choices. I can tell you right now that the Clinton's won't address any one of these issues during her tenure in office. Is that the choice that America is going to make? 4 more years of bull and no change? I hope not. People are already leaving.

  6. I am not about to make excuses for Hillary Clinton, and would not vote for her if there was anyone other than Donald Trump as an alternaative. But she is the only adult in the race; Trump is narcissistic, paranoid, insensitive, xenophobic, misogynistic, dogmatic, and rigid, with the social and emotional maturity of a two year old, totally unfit for the presidency of the United States.

  7. Pagan man God? That's a new one. I'm guessing that is a shot at Christians and salvation by faith through Christ Jesus. As for what the US is getting, it its time for the US to vacate the world scean as the set up for the time of Jacobs trouble, the day of the Lord, and what we call the tribulation, is now in full swing and moving back to the Middle East. But, I'm sure the author of this piece would not agree with that. Anyhow, anything Obama does not destroy before he finishes he time, Hillery will complete. I'm still betting that Obama does not leave office. Guess we will have to wait and see. On all matters fleshly and spiritual.

  8. Forclosures happened because the banks were giving away too much money back in the mid 90's. Guess who was in charge of the government when that happened? Things will look "fine" at the start, but once a new president is in charge it will be the Bush administration all over again, and they will be blamed, not Clinton.

  9. What we Americans must realize, is that this entire fake and corrupted primaries are just that, corrupted. H Clinton was chosen 8 years ago by the Democratic party. The DNC primary was just for US citizens consumption. She was ahead of B Sanders even before the first primary took place. That she is a crook is an understament. She thirsts for power at any price. Now, is she a friend of Israel and the Jews? Of course not, her best friend is herself. Hillary is for Hillary. And she is for sale to the highest bidder. I am hoping for a third party to appear and give these fake ellections a run for their money.

  10. Mitzi Bruskin Only a sick person would tell someone else in civil discourse that they would vote for Hitler. Defamation, name-calling, and the like. The mark of the liberal. So shameful. And the worst part of all, is that you ignore her legacy of corruption and scandal.

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