Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
British MP George Galloway (center) arriving at the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza, leading an international aid convoy for Hamas.

Yet while this obscure and soon-to-bee annulled marriage is quite a thing to behold, it is not the abstract entity in question. The marriage has merely created a breeding ground or a “foster home” for the entity. The entity is actually something that disguises itself as a leftist freedom fighter from the West and a supporter of global Jihad, all at the same time, while actually being neither. It is in fact the eternal hater of the Jewish people. It is Amalek.

In Judaism, it is taught that Amalek is the metaphysical equivalent to what is called the “Yetzer Hara”…ie the “evil inclination”, which resides in every human being. This is because Amalek is a descendant of Esau, Jacob’s evil twin brother. Jacob and Esau represent the good and the bad within each person. We are further taught that this “Yetzer Hara” is very tricky. It can make us think that bad is good, left is right, up is down and black is white. It can convince us that a sin is not really a sin and that in fact it will make us feel good to do it. The tricky part comes in when the “Yetzer” then makes us feel horrible after we’ve done it.


In the case of Galloway, this walking “yetzer hara” or Amalek, has tricked us into thinking that it is part of a noble international movement to free the world from imperialist oppression or to “Free Palestine” from the “Zionist colonizers”. When in reality, it is nothing more than the eternal, perennial, irrational and illogical enemy of the Jewish people. And this video has given us a mere one minute glimpse into its heart. And as many of us have learned from social dynamics, sometimes all it takes is a one minute encounter to get the gist of who it is we’re dealing with.

Below is the video in question:

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