IDF Intercepts Iraqi-Launched Explosive Drone Near Eilat

IDF: “The UAV was monitored by IDF soldiers throughout the incident, and it did not cross into Israeli territory."

Hamas Denies Report Saying Leadership Leaving Doha, Moving to Iraq

Hamas political bureau member Izzat al-Rishek said "there is no truth in the reports that Hamas is planning to leave Qatar and move to Iraq."

IDF Downs Cruise Missile from Iraq Over Golan Heights

The projectile was "coming from the east," according to the IDF, with earlier reports indicating it originated in Iraq.

IDF: Drone That Struck Navy Base in Eilat ‘Made in Iran’

"This was a very serious incident. We are investigating in order to learn the necessary lessons and to improve our defenses."

US Strikes 85+ Iran-Linked Targets in Iraq, Syria & the Red Sea

Israel's extra-atmospheric Arrow aerial defense system intercepted a Houthi missile attack aimed at Eilat; Israeli air strikes targeted Iranian assets in Damascus as well.

Suicide Drone From Syria Crashes in Golan Heights

It represents the first case of a kamikaze drone striking on the Golan Heights.

Jordan Intercepts Armed Drone Fired at Israel by Iran-Backed Iraqi Militia

The Hamas leader Yahaya Sinwar "hears the IDF’s bulldozers over him," Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said. "He will meet our barrels soon.”

Biden Abruptly Ends Remarks on Middle East After Attacks on US Bases, Heads to...

Multiple US military bases in eastern Syria and Iraq were hit Monday by a coordinated missile and drone attack.

Report: Israeli-Russian Researcher Abducted in Iraq, Held by Hezbollah Militia

"Elizabeth Zurkov is still alive, and we see Iraq as responsible for her fate and safety."

US Approves Iraq Transferring $2.7 Billion to Iran

Israel believes the transfer approval is part of the US-Iran negotiations.

Iranian and Iraqi Currencies Plummet

Tying the Iraqi economy to the failing Iranian economy may have been a mistake.

IDF Chief Hints Israel Hit Iranian Arms Convoy on Syria-Iraq Border

The air strike, near Abu Kamal in eastern Syria, reportedly targeted weapons being smuggled in from Iraq.

US Downs Iranian Drone

The UAV bombing operation killed nine and wounded 32 at an Iranian-Kurdish resistance group base in northern Iraq.

Iran Attacks US Consulate in Kurdistan, Claims Target Was Mossad Base

“Two bases of the Israeli Intelligence and Special Operations Organization (Mossad) in the city of Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan region were targeted by missiles.”

Fewer Kurdish than Iraqi Women Are Victims of Domestic Violence in the Age of...

The number of women who have filed domestic violence reports in Iraqi Kurdistan has decreased since the start of the pandemic.

Report: Iran-Backed Militia Conducted Assassination Attempt on Iraqi Premier

A report said the drones and explosive warheads used in the attack were manufactured in Iran.

Former Likud Minister Praises Erbil Peace Conference that Called on Iraq to Join Abraham...

An Iraqi court warned that it plans to issue arrest warrants for all the conference participants, as soon as their identities became known.

300 Shiite & Sunni Iraqi Leaders Condemned Widely for Call to Join Abrahamic Accords

Sheikh Rissan al-Halboussi from Anbar province said that "normalization with Israel is now a necessity."

Gantz Exposes Air Base Where Iran Trains Its Proxy Militias in Flying UAVs

"The Kashan base located north of the city of Isfahan is used to train terrorists from Yemen, Iraq, Syria snd Lebanon."

Report: US Plans to Remove Sanctions on Syria to Secure Gas Transfer to Lebanon

The Biden administration has a vested interest in taking over from Hezbollah the task of supplying Lebanon with fuel.

US Hits Iranian Militias on Syria-Iraq Border

Former assistant secretary of defense Lawrence Korb told Al Jazeera that Monday morning's raid was “very definitely” Biden's “serving notice” on Iran.

Saudis See the Light, Hold Peace Talks with Iran

The first round of talks took place on April 9, with Iraqi prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi serving as the facilitator.

Iran Alleges Attack on ‘Mossad Spy Center of the Zionist Regime’ in Northern Iraq

Fars News noted that the Iraqi Kurdistan region is one of the areas where the Iraqi media have repeatedly warned about the activities of "Zionist elements."

Iraq’s Last Jewish Doctor, Known for Offering Free Medical Services, Dies at 61

Dr. Thafer Eliyahu, an orthopedist in Baghdad, was nicknamed “the doctor of the poor.”

Reports: Iraq Releasing Billions in Iranian Frozen Assets with US Approval

On Dec. 30, the US granted Baghdad a 90-day waiver to continue to import electricity from Tehran.

Blinken ‘Outraged’ by Iranian Proxy’s Attack on US Base in Iraq that Killed 1,...

Awliyaa al-Dam is one of a dozen Shiite militias affiliated with Iran in northern Iraq.

6 Bears Turn on Animal Lovers Who Released Them into the Wild

Then the cages were opened and the bears charged at the crowd, and the whole goodwill celebration almost turned into a bloody massacre.

Attack on Iranian Weapons Convoy Heading to Syria from Iraq

The attack, which took place near Abulkamal in the eastern Syrian Deir ez-Zour province, was probably carried out by an armed drone.

US Denies Connection to 4 Overnight Explosions in Iraq

The US armed forces' denial has led some to point the finger at Israel as the attacker.


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