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The city of Efrat is located eight minutes south from Jerusalem along Highway 60.

Dear President-Elect Trump,

First, please allow me to state unequivocally and without any reservations whatsoever, that our family proudly cast our FOUR absentee ballots for you at the time of both, the Republican primaries as well as the General Elections. My wife, Shoshana, our eldest daughter Avital, our eldest son Yonatan (“Yoni” — a Lieutenant in the elite Israeli Defense Forces Paratrooper Unit) and I, of course, feel truly blessed to have you as our next President!


That said, I feel compelled to share with you our own Hanukkah Holiday “Miracle” as follows:

On the night of Friday, December 23 2016 — just a few hours before the United Nations was to pass their latest anti-Israel Resolution — namely, UN Security Council Resolution 2334 — my wife Shoshana and I were attacked by a knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist on the very street where we reside in the Town of Efrat, Israel.

FYI — Efrat has a very high concentration of American citizens such as Shoshana and I, and the attack occurred a mere five-minute walk from our home(!)

While my wife was, thankfully, able to flee for safety to the home of a neighbor, I however, sustained no less than FOUR knife wounds inflicted to my neck and upper back prior to my being able to thwart off my attacker, face him head on, and thus deter him from any further blows to my body.

While I was unable to completely neutralize the Palestinian terrorist (and who happens to remain at large BTW) having been completely unarmed at the time of the attack, my act of self-defense has in fact been credited with the prevention of a possible bloody massacre. It has been surmised by local security forces that had I not scared the Palestinian terrorist off, he may have very well slaughtered countless teenagers and young adults — including several, if not many, residents who hold American citizenship(!) — and who have a habit of congregating at the very location of the attack shortly after their family Sabbath meal.

President-Elect Trump, I am certain beyond any room for doubt that my wife and I were the victims of a Palestinian terrorist attack as the direct consequence of that day’s infamous UN Security Council Resolution 2334(note: while admittedly the actual resolution was passed hours later that Friday, December 23, public incitement on the part of Islamic extremists had already made its rounds via social media in anticipation of the scheduled UN Security Council vote).

As an American citizen born and raised in the great State of New York(notwithstanding the fact that I moved back to Israel over 16 years ago) and who — by God’s loving grace — survived a terrorist attack on Israeli soil, I urge you to do everything within your Presidential power to combat the latest anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution.

After all, the Islamic extremist who attacked my wife and I did not intend to slaughter us due to any sort of “personal” vendetta or related reason. Rather the Islamic terrorist deliberately targeted Jewish citizens — and possibly, English-speaking, no less — just 24–36 hours prior to when Jews and Christians across the globe were to gather for their respective Holiday season with family, friends and loved ones.

Indeed, Mr. President-Elect, it could easily be argued that the December 23 attack on my wife and I was no less than an attack on Judeo-Christian values in general, and an attack on American-Israeli citizens in particular.

Please feel free to circulate any part of this communication to any-and-all relevant media, as well as to the esteemed Members of the House and Senate with our expressed hope that in doing so we will -together — continue to combat the deadly threat of Islamic extremism that plagues Israel, the United States and all of Western democracy.

Thank you, and may God bless America and the State of Israel.

Rafi Lisker
(Former New Yorker)


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Rafi lives in the town of Efrat with his wife Shoshana and their children.