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Please note: This incident occurred before the coronavirus began, when people were working in the office and not at home.



Our son, Moshe Chaim, bravely endured life on a ventilator while paralyzed for almost five years after suffering a spinal stroke. With a personality larger than life, we still cannot completely comprehend that he was niftar. Our children loved and helped care for their brother and are heartbroken, longing every day just to speak and spend time with him again.

Our son required around the clock medical assistance. Even in his compromised physical condition he was able to be an irreplaceable loving brother and son. I continue to go from child to child trying to give comfort and support for the pain they feel.

For years I have been interested in stories about families that lost someone they loved, like the one I am compelled to write now. I, along with the rest of the family, secretly wait for Moshe to somehow reach out to us from the next world and let us know that he is doing well.

Moshe especially treasured spending time with his father. He would love discussions in learning and he would also very much enjoy hearing any story my husband could share about his week at work. While all of us long to see Moshe again, it is my husband who was especially doing something concrete to help Moshe by rushing out the door at 6:00 a.m. to shul in order to recite Kaddish for him.

It could be that we just recently experienced a true miracle. Of all the days throughout the year, it happened on Rosh Chodesh Adar. To be able to enter the month with happiness, it seems that we received a message from Moshe. We cannot explain it any other way. We were waiting for a family member to possibly have a dream about him, but instead we received a message in broad daylight, in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

My husband has worked on a computer at a company in New York for almost fifteen years. He often uses a program called Unix, which is a proprietary software operating system. One day, my husband opened the program but had not yet started to use it. He had to leave his desk for a short while and when he returned, he was absolutely stunned to see that there was a new entry on his computer screen.

The cursor was flashing in a field designated for sales order numbers only. The letters, ‘MOSHE,’ had mysteriously appeared in a numeric field. He stared in shock at the screen, then he took a picture of it to send to me and our children. Afterwards he even showed a co-worker what had happened.

Here is the screenshot:


We felt encouraged and uplifted. Could it be that we were blessed with communication from our beloved child? It seems that Moshe might have found a way to do something special to help his family cope. It’s like when your children go away on a trip, you want to hear from them and be assured that they are doing well.

With Help from Above, we hope to continue to find comfort and strength, and more messages too!

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