Sefiras Ha’Omer: Achieving The Impossible

In truth, we are not counting down to Matan Torah, but rather are building toward it, ascending one day at a time. We do not wait for Shavuos to arrive; we actively bring it ourselves through the time and effort we invest as we count the omer.

Are You Willing To Journey Into The Unknown?

All we know is where we're leaving from, where we are right now. Only once we arrive, we will retroactively see where the journey was taking us all along.

Rosh Hashana: The Three Stages of Teshuva       

 Elul and Rosh Hashanah center around the concept of teshuva, and Parshas Nitzavim is clearly linked to this theme as well. The pesukim in Nitzavim discuss the theme of teshuva, the importance of choosing life - choosing what is right, and connecting ourselves back to Hashem. As Parshas Nitzavim is connected to the transition from Elul into Rosh Hashanah, let us delve into the idea of teshuva. 

The Mysterious Tenth Test

It seems strange, even ironic, to derive a source for marriage from a case in which a man’s wife dies. However, this is not ironic, nor is it a coincidence; it reflects the deep truth that marriage is eternal.

Yosef And The Battle For True Beauty

As I sat there thinking, I finally realized the lesson I was supposed to learn. Beauty is not about the physical; it’s about how we live our lives, how we choose to see the world.

Why Does Inspiration Always Fade?

We're in this world to choose, to assert our free will, and to create ourselves.

Time And Its Transcendent Connection To Pesach

On the night of the exodus, Hashem performed makkas bechoros (the plague of the firstborn), devastating Egypt and causing even Pharaoh to panic. Makkas bechoros was unique in that Hashem Himself performed this Makkah (Rashi, Shemos 12:12).

The Five Stages Of Torah

This five-stage pattern exists within every process in life. Everything in this world, even that which appears chaotic, scattered, and disorganized, shares this underlying pattern.

Spiraling Through The Cosmic Symphony Of Life (Part I)

There may be nothing more enchanting, mystical, and mysterious than the wonder of music. It has the ability to reach the very root of our soul.

The Two Stages of History: Seeing And Hearing

You must pick up on every hint of clarity you receive, put the pieces together, and form the image in your mind while still walking in darkness.

Pinchas: A Man Of Shalom And Kehuna (Part I)

A puzzling feature of the story of Pinchas and Zimri is the striking omission of Zimri’s name from the story as it is first told in Parashas Balak. Only afterwards, when recounting the story again in Parashas Pinchas, does the Torah name the perpetrator of this evil act. Why is this so?

From Last To First: The Story Of The Nesiim (Part II)

The ultimate paradigm of proactive chesed was Hashem’s decision to create the world. There was no external recipient when Hashem created the world, there was no “need,” and there was no external force pressuring Hashem to “give” the world existence.

Deeper Into The Journey

A worthwhile journey often includes a long winding path, twisting and turning in all directions, leading you on a seemingly endless quest. Then, at the very last moment, there can be a sudden revelation that retroactively changes your perspective on the entire journey!

Why Do People Speak Lashon Hara? (Parshas Tazria/Metzora)

This is the gift of speech. Speech is the mechanism that enables us to connect with other people, to overcome the barrier between us, so let us respect and not abuse it.

Parshas Toldos: The Cosmic Battle Between Yaakov and Esav 

The physical is not an end in itself- it is meant to serve as a vehicle for transcendent, spiritual, conscious living. This is the battle we face on a daily basis, a battle of perception.

Deepening Our Understanding Of Sefiras Ha’Omer And Shavuos

The first night of Pesach was a gift, an experience of transcendence. This night was characterized by the miracles of makkas bechoros and yetzias Mitzrayim, which connected the Jewish people to a higher dimension of existence.

The Five Stages of Faith

It is always important to reinforce our commitment to the journey of faith. There is no greater act of emunah than living a spiritual, holistic life in an often chaotic, fragmented world.

Berachos And Klalos: Bounty And Boundaries (Part I)

Although we likely take it for granted that berachos are a pillar of our daily lives, they have not always existed as they do now. Until the Second Temple era, there was no standard set of berachos or prayer.

Transforming Our Challenges Into Opportunities

If I were to ask you, "What is the wealthiest place in the universe?", what would you answer?

True Marriage: Peering Through The Surface

The lecture questioned the Western model of beauty and love, rejecting the notion of love at first sight. While physical beauty is important, inner beauty, spiritual beauty, is infinitely more powerful.

Yom Kippur: Flying Amongst Angels 

Our goal as humans is not to escape the physical, but to use it as a means of connecting to the transcendent.  

Think. Feel. Grow: Parshat Mikeitz: Yosef, Chanukah, and the Battle for True Beauty

Parshas Mikeitz always falls out around Chanukah, and Chazal explain that this is not coincidental. In explanation of this phenomenon, the commentaries discuss how Yosef is connected to Chanukah, and how he symbolizes our victory over the Greeks.

Sefiras Ha’Omer: Achieving the Impossible

We don’t mark how many days remain until Shavuos; we count how many days have elapsed since Pesach. What is the meaning behind this strange method of counting?

Inspiring Insights For Your Seder Night

The Seder night serves as an opportunity to pass over our mesorah, our tradition and legacy, to the next generation. It's a night when we speak about emunah, the meaning of being a Jew, and our purpose in this world. In order to teach these lessons to our children and ourselves in a deep and lasting way, we must encourage the Seder participants to ask questions, no matter the age or knowledge-level.

Inspiring Insights for Your Seder Night

The Seder is comprised of 15 steps, which is the same number of steps leading up to the Beis HaMikdash and the same number of "Shir Hama'alos" psalms – the songs of ascension.

Purim: Our Existential Battle Against Amalek

Although the Jewish People won, Amalek showed the other nations that the Jews were not as invincible as they seemed.

Filling The Void: The Spiritual Joy Of Wasting Words (Part II)

Destroying the yetzer for transcendence was like destroying a spiritual radio located within our consciousness. Once you destroy the radio, the transmitter and receiver no longer operate.

When Selfish Becomes Selfless

Everyone wants to contribute something significant to the world. This desire is an inherent part of being human.

Why Are There Two Sets of Luchos?

Each individual dibrah on the right parallels the corresponding dibrah on the left. Together, they make up a unified whole of connection to both Hashem and one’s fellow man.

Shabbos: A Taste Of The World To Come

What makes Shabbos a root mitzvah, why is its punishment so severe, and why do we see it as the measuring stick for all of Torah observance? What is the secret of Shabbos?


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