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Life is filled with stages that come and go, from the beginning of time till the end. Generations come and go, experiences come and go. But as King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

This fact is very comforting. We can take strength and courage from our past adventures and seek the knowledge of what needs to be done from our ancestors and from our past.


Hashem is kind and merciful. He takes time to send us messages. Things don’t happen in a blast. Things in this world happen through a process. Hashem does this so that we can adapt to new situations and figure out what it is that G-d wants from us each time.

All the exiles and salvations of the Jewish people came about in a process over time. Thus enabling the people of Israel to contemplate, and repent and thus receive all the goodness from Hashem.

We are entering the Torah portions of the week that correlate to the exile and redemption of the Jewish people from Egypt and back to the land of Israel.

To read takes a couple of months when in fact the stories that unfolded took many, many, years.

These stories are the basis from which we can take strength and wisdom as to how we should behave, since everything was already written before us and there is eventually nothing new. This thought is very comforting.

It’s Hashem’s beautiful and merciful way to always ensure that we know where we are heading and what to expect. Hashem never leaves us and is constantly there guiding us every step of the way.

Once again the borders of Israel are closed. Once more Jewish people can’t come freely to their homeland for just a visit. Hashem is sending us a message and want us to understand something much deeper than just another Corona limitation.

Jews received the right to come back and live in the land of Israel in 1948. The gates were opened and G-d allowed the Jewish nation to come freely to the holy land and settle in it once again.

Throughout the past 73 years, this ancient land has been brought back to life like no other country in the world.

And the Jewish people can once more raise their heads high above the world and be so proud that we are back in the land of our forefathers and mothers. The land that Hashem gave to the Israelites after all the long years of wandering in the Desert.

The land that Moshe Rabbeinu yearned so badly to enter.

The land where two temples stood so beautifully, and the land that waits so anxiously for the third temple to be rebuilt.

If this is the chosen land, and if this is the homeland of all the Jewish people and nation, why is it, that every Jew has not returned home? Why doesn’t every Jewish person understand that everything has a time for it under the sun, as King Solomon stated.

Till Corona hit the world, no one gave too much thought to the fact that the Jewish people belong in the land of Israel. Jewish people all over the world love the holy land, but they’d rather visit than settle in it for good.

And then along came Corona, limiting Jewish people from visiting the land. And only those who wish to come back for good can enter and return home.

Can’t we see the writing on the wall?

Can’t we see that this has nothing to do with Corona and everything to do with G-d’s worldly plan to bring His children back home safely and in the best way possible?

Over the past two years we have had many limitations on us as a people and as a nation. As I stated in the beginning Hashem doesn’t do things in a blast. He sends messages and lets the information sink in. Hashem loves all His children and wants everyone to be saved. In the plagues of Mitzrayim Hashem sent messages not only to the Egyptians, but also to the people of Israel. The long exile in the land of Egypt took many of the children of Israel captive. And many didn’t even want to leave Egypt. In fact, just before Hashem redeemed the Jewish people from Mitzrayim in the plague of darkness, many of the Israelites died and didn’t merit the exodus from Egypt.

History repeats itself so that we may know how to act and save ourselves and our families.

I feel that Hashem is telling us all through Corona, to return home. Wanting His children so badly to receive all the good that G-d has in store for us all.

With our starting the book of Shemot – Exodus, let us pray that all Jews everywhere read the Torah portions each week and understand that they are not just reading what occurred so many years ago, but rather we are reading a current blueprint of what Hashem is telling us to do. Then and now.

May we all be redeemed and have the merit to see the full redemption, please G-d, soon.


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