Lekh Lekha: Avraham’s Valor

It is precisely Avraham’s valiant behavior in battle that proves the authenticity of his compassion to all of HaShem’s creatures, presenting a model of true kindness for the Hebrew nation to uphold.

Inseparably Connected – Parshat Kedoshim

The Segula is Israel's inner Divine light planted within the collective Hebrew soul and revealed in human history through the Jewish people.

Parshat Tetzave: The Value of Self-Sacrifice

Upon a surface reading of the text, Aharon appears to have lacked the readiness for ultimate sacrifice.

Honoring The Memory & Legacy Of Yehoshua Bin-Nun

Yehoshua was one of Israel's greatest leaders because he represented the ideal expression of the Yosef force - one consciously rooted in, guided by and completely subordinate to the Hebrew mission.

The Value of Effective Communication – Parshat Ḥukat

Communicating the Jewish people's deepest aspirations can often serve to raise morale & strengthen Israel’s position on the battlefield.

Freeing Humanity From Egyptian Bondage

Even had Egypt’s dominance on the world stage declined later in history due to natural circumstances, the Pharaonic worldview would have continued to dominate the thinking of man.

Legacy of a Zealot – Parshat Pinchas

A true pursuer of peace/completeness is one who identifies the obstacles to HaShem’s Ideal for this world and works passionately to remove them.

Tangible Spiritual Manifestations – Parshat Metzora

While it is unfortunate that even observant Diaspora Jews can be corrupted by the moral values of their host countries, the greater tragedy is that they are not living up to their full potential in life.

Parshat Chayei Sarah: A Partnership in Giving

While the 'love' that exists before marriage can be easy, enjoyable and free from responsibility, the true test for a couple is to forge and strengthen a deep spiritual bond of love after the wedding.

Parshat D’varim – When Rabbis Err

Our sages warn us of the possibility that great Torah scholars can lead Israel away from serving HaShem.

Parshat Vayetzei – Sensitivity to Our Wives

A man must be constantly vigilant to speak and behave in a manner that brings happiness and comfort to his wife (or wives in Yaakov's case).

Parshat Va’eira – The Historic Opportunity

It is through the story of Israel, as it unfolds throughout time, that humanity sees history as possessing Divine meaning and purpose.

Parshat Mas’ei – The ‘Palestinian’ Question

While Israel was obligated to drive the British from our soil, the Torah's approach to the "Palestinian" question might actually be more complicated.

Parshat Vayigash: The Historic Opportunity

Nearly every foreign land that Jews have settled in throughout history was initially a safe refuge or land of opportunity. And in almost every instance, our false sense of security was shattered.

The Secret of Bilaam’s Prophecy – Parshat Balak

While Moav & Midian championed a separation of 'religion' & state, Israel’s mission demands that spiritual ideals be materialized on a national level so that our Torah’s values be fully expressed on earth.

Parshat Vayakhel – Real Hebrew Leadership

The melekh does not actually rule over Israel but rather embodies the mission and aspirations of his nation to the extent that he becomes a microcosm of the entire Jewish people and his personal identity is absorbed into Israel’s collective national identity.

Parshat Ki Tetzei – The Real Deal

Israel’s Torah is not some man-made 'religion' but actually the Divine Ideal implanted into our world for the purpose of uplifting all Creation through sanctifying every area of human existence.

Parshat Ki Tisa – Israel’s Underlying Unity

Through a heightened awareness of Israel's true inner essence, we can see past the sharp ideological divisions and appreciate the intrinsic unity beneath and beyond our surface disputes.

Parshat R’eh – Taking Responsibility

The essence of Ahavat Yisrael is the willingness to take responsibility for Israel’s future. It is being prepared to sacrifice everything for the defense of the Jewish people and liberation of the homeland.

The Spiritual Connection – Parshat Bechukotai

Israel's deep spiritual connection to our homeland – like the connection of the soul to the body – transcends all rational human understandings.

Parshat Nitzavim – Returning Jewish National Consciousness

More than merely fostering personal piety among Jews, tshuva that begins with a reawakening of Hebrew identity will lead Israel to express kedusha in every sphere of national life.

The Rationalist Spies – Parshat Shlaḥ Lekha

The spies that led Israel to national catastrophe mistakenly thought that the value of preserving life overrides the commandment to free Eretz Yisrael.

Parshat Vayechi – Tribes United for a Mission

Only as a “kingdom of priests and holy nation” that reveals HaShem’s Oneness over all spheres of life can Israel fully express His Ideal and lead mankind to experience a world of total blessing.

Parshat Ki Tavo – Israel’s Story is the Context

The performance of our Torah's ritual precepts must be contextualized & experienced within the larger meta-narrative of Israel's story & mission.

Parshat Vayeishev: Circumventing the Evil Force

The light of redemption often shines in a distorted fashion in order to lull the Sitra Aḥra into passivity.

Parshat Noah – Believing and Not Believing

The study of emuna infuses us with the vision to see history’s ultimate goal, as well as the confidence that we will succeed in bringing this goal to fruition.

The Olah That Stays on the Flame – Parshat Tzav

Israel has dramatically returned to the world stage in what has so far been merely the introduction to a revolutionary process destined to free humankind from a global order that promotes injustice.

Israel’s Larger Goals – Parshat Tazria

The mere existence of life is not sufficient. Life derives its true value and meaning as a tool to be used in the service of the Divine.

Parshat Pekudei – The Supreme Value of Resistance

The mitzvot that the dominant nations are most fervently against, automatically require extra valor and self-sacrifice to fulfill. Observing these precepts takes on higher meaning as an expression of emuna.

Parshat Shemot – Courage and Love

When slavery runs deep into the psychology of a person, it becomes difficult to express the crucial courage and self-sacrifice necessary to break the chains of mental bondage.


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