Mikeitz: Egypt’s Hebrew Viceroy

Did Yosef seek to transform Egypt into a civilization built on Hebrew values that would repair the world?

Vayeishev: Yosef & Yehuda

As internal conflict over the Hebrew clan's direction leads to tragic consequences for Yosef and Yehuda, each must discover his own messianic potential.

Vayishlach: Finally Becoming Israel

As Yaakov returns back home to his land, he and his family are met with new challenges that ultimately transform them into the nation of Israel.

Vayetzei: Yaakov’s Struggle To Become Israel

Before becoming Israel, Yaakov had to first spend several years in exile learning to be more like Esav.

Toldot: The Prophetic Destiny Of Rivka’s Twins

How do the character traits of Esav and Yaakov find expression in the rival civilizations they produced?

Chayei Sara: Perfection of the Living Sacrifice

Following her death, Sarah's powerful legacy continued to influence Avraham and play a major role in their family's development into a nation.

Vayeira: Sarah’s Role In The Hebrew Mission

What can the dynamics between Yitzḥak and Yishmael in Parshat Vayeira teach us about Israel’s ideal relationship with the Muslim world?

Lekh Lekha: From Avram To Avraham

How the leader of a universal spiritual movement learned to reorient himself to the understanding that his goals for humanity could only be achieved through the vehicle of a nation in a specific land.

After Noah: The Mystery Of The Flood

Why does the Torah use the Name that connotes Divine mercy rather than Divine judgement when telling of the Creator's decision to destroy humankind? Could there be more to this story?

B’reishit: Creation’s Secret Internal Structure

There's a hidden understanding of our Torah that has yet to reach the English-speaking Jewish world.

Pekudei: Continuing The Work Moshe Began

It's important to recognize the internal development of the Hebrew tribes from the Exodus from Egypt to the Brit Sinai and consecration of the Mishkan.

Vayaq’hel: Actualizing The Mishkan

If Dan is the extreme expression of Yosef in the same way that Shimon is of Yehuda, what was the importance of appointing tribesmen of Yehuda and Dan to lead the construction of the Mishkan?

Ki Tisa: Crisis Of The Golden Calf

A mistake that nearly had catastrophic results for the entire people of Israel ultimately revealed Moshe's true greatness as a national leader.

Tetzave: The Purpose Of The Kohanim

By submerging individual identity into the collective Hebrew nation, the kohanim work to cleanse the children of Israel from all transgressions and to inspire the people with a powerful show of kedusha.

T’ruma: Mystery Of The Kruvim

What can the Mishkan teach us about the ways Divine revelation is channeled into our world?

Mishpatim: The Living Torah

How should we understand the difference between the Written Torah and the Oral Torah within the context of Israel's identity and development?

Yitro: Israel’s Universal Mission

Why were the Hebrews so surprised by the sudden news that they would receive the Torah in the form of a set of laws & a mission for the rest of humanity?

Beshalah: Between Freedom & Liberation

Between the smashing of Egypt's military at the Sea of Reeds and the war against Amalek at Rephidim, the Hebrews had to develop a national perception of Emuna in preparation for receiving the Torah.

Bo: Israel’s Internal Transformation

What were the necessary steps for Israel to develop a national consciousness ahead of leaving Egypt?

Va’eira: The Divine Revelation To Humanity

The ten plagues were part of a deliberate process to educate not only Egypt and Israel but also humanity.

Sh’mot: The Revolutionary Lawgiver

Did Moshe attempt to create a new Hebrew nation that would replace the children of Israel and be born free from the psychological degradation of slavery?


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