The Spiritual Connection – Parshat Bechukotai

Israel's deep spiritual connection to our homeland – like the connection of the soul to the body – transcends all rational human understandings.

It’s the Economy – Parshat Behar

Israel must organize its society in such a way that reflects Hebrew values while transcending the friction between conflicting economic models.

National Responsibility – Parshat Emor

The awareness that Israel is the national expression of HaShem in this world and that our conduct is a direct reflection of His Divine Ideal should fill us with a deep sense of tremendous responsibility.

The Next Stage – Yom HaAtzmaut

The fifth of Iyar marks not only Israel's victory against England but also the day we fulfilled the collective mitzvah of sovereignty over our homeland for the first time in nearly 2,000 years.

Inseparably Connected – Parshat Kedoshim

The Segula is Israel's inner Divine light planted within the collective Hebrew soul and revealed in human history through the Jewish people.

Honoring The Memory & Legacy Of Yehoshua Bin-Nun

Yehoshua was one of Israel's greatest leaders because he represented the ideal expression of the Yosef force - one consciously rooted in, guided by and completely subordinate to the Hebrew mission.

Freeing Humanity From Egyptian Bondage

Even had Egypt’s dominance on the world stage declined later in history due to natural circumstances, the Pharaonic worldview would have continued to dominate the thinking of man.

Tangible Spiritual Manifestations – Parshat Metzora

While it is unfortunate that even observant Diaspora Jews can be corrupted by the moral values of their host countries, the greater tragedy is that they are not living up to their full potential in life.

Israel’s Larger Goals – Parshat Tazria

The mere existence of life is not sufficient. Life derives its true value and meaning as a tool to be used in the service of the Divine.

Expressing Kedusha – Parshat Shemini

Israel is to participate in - and elevate - every sphere of national life in order to reveal the inner connection of all that exists to the Divine Ideal.

The Olah That Stays on the Flame – Parshat Tzav

Israel has dramatically returned to the world stage in what has so far been merely the introduction to a revolutionary process destined to free humankind from a global order that promotes injustice.


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