Parshat Breishit – The Goal of Creation

HaShem's Divine Oneness and the harmonious unity of existence within Him is the deterministic blueprint of all human history that will be revealed to mankind through the story of Israel.

V’Zot HaBrakha – The Hebrew Mission

The Torah is not merely some disjointed ritual precepts but rather the Divine Ideal from before existence placed into this reality for the sake of elevating our world beyond its current limitations.

Parshat Ha’azinu – The Song of History

Human history – like any great piece of literature – presents a story that is not only inspiring and dramatic on the surface but also allegorically rich with hidden meaning and deep moral lessons.

Parshat Nitzavim – Returning Jewish National Consciousness

More than merely fostering personal piety among Jews, tshuva that begins with a reawakening of Hebrew identity will lead Israel to express kedusha in every sphere of national life.

Parshat Vayeilekh – Our Nationality is Israeli

Although he had been raised in Pharaoh’s palace and had never in his life actually seen Eretz Yisrael, Moshe was held accountable for allowing himself to be referred to by others as “an Egyptian man.”

Parshat Ki Tavo – Israel’s Story is the Context

The performance of our Torah's ritual precepts must be contextualized & experienced within the larger meta-narrative of Israel's story & mission.

Secrets of the Mother Bird – Ki Tetzei

Israel’s Torah is not some man-made 'religion' but actually the Divine Ideal implanted into our world for the purpose of uplifting all Creation through sanctifying every area of human existence.

Parshat Shoftim – Leadership and the Burden of Responsibility

A Hebrew leader must embody the aspirations of his people to the extent that he becomes a microcosm of the entire nation of Israel and his personal identity is absorbed into that of the national collective.

Parshat R’eh – Taking Responsibility

The essence of Ahavat Yisrael is the willingness to take responsibility for Israel’s future. It is being prepared to sacrifice everything for the defense of the Jewish people and liberation of the homeland.

Parshat Ekev – Difficult Mitzvot

When facing our enemies, it's often necessary to don a ruthlessness seemingly at odds with our inner nature. The 'hands of Esav' can sometimes be utilized to achieve the goals of 'Yaakov's voice.'

Parshat V’et’hanan: The Power of Tefillah

As characters participating in one of history’s most incredible chapters, we focus our efforts on the specific challenges facing our generation.

Parshat D’varim – When Rabbis Err

Our sages warn us of the possibility that great Torah scholars can lead Israel away from serving HaShem.

Enemies of the Creator – Parshat Matot

By waging war on Israel, even if not consciously aware of its inner motivation, a person or group is declaring war against the Source of all Creation.

Legacy of a Zealot – Parshat Pinchas

A true pursuer of peace/completeness is one who identifies the obstacles to HaShem’s Ideal for this world and works passionately to remove them.

The Secret of Bilaam’s Prophecy – Parshat Balak

While Moav & Midian championed a separation of 'religion' & state, Israel’s mission demands that spiritual ideals be materialized on a national level so that our Torah’s values be fully expressed on earth.

The Value of Effective Communication – Parshat Ḥukat

Communicating the Jewish people's deepest aspirations can often serve to raise morale & strengthen Israel’s position on the battlefield.

Equality – Parshat Koraḥ

Our equality doesn't result from being created identical but rather from the fact that we each have equally crucial functions and important roles to play as part of Israel's greater historic mission.

The Rationalist Spies – Parshat Shelach

The spies that led Israel to national catastrophe mistakenly thought that the value of preserving life overrides the commandment to free Eretz Yisrael.

The Return of Prophecy – Parshat B’haalotcha

Through Israel's returns home and national rebirth, we have already seen sparks of prophecy return.

Between Man & Wife – Parshat Nasso

That HaShem forgoes His Honor for the sake of making peace between man and wife comes to teach us the importance of humbling our own egos for the sake of making our relationships work.

Parshat Bamidbar – The Purpose of a Hebrew Army

A people's army is necessary for Israel to fulfill the Divine commandment of sovereignty over our land.

A Blessing Within a Curse – Parshat Bechukotai

Israel's deep spiritual connection to our homeland – like the connection of the soul to the body – transcends all rational human understandings.

Towards a Hebrew Economy – Parshat Behar

Israel must organize its society in such a way that reflects Hebrew values while transcending the friction between conflicting economic models.

Pesach Sheni & The Secret Power of Israel’s Second Month

Pesach Sheni constitutes the first Hebrew festival established 'from below' & sets the precedent for all the holidays that would later fill the month of Iyar.

National Responsibility – Parshat Emor

The awareness that Israel is the national expression of HaShem in this world and that our conduct is a direct reflection of His Divine Ideal should fill us with a deep sense of tremendous responsibility.

Parshat Kedoshim – Understanding the Segula

The Segula is Israel's inner Divine light planted within the collective Hebrew soul and revealed in human history through the Jewish people.

Parshat Acharei Mot – A Glimpse at the Back End

Every mitzvah is like a faucet that, when opened, releases Divine blessing into our world and elevates it to a level beyond where it previously existed.

Parshat Metzora – Mitzvot that Challenge Values

While it is unfortunate that even observant Diaspora Jews can be corrupted by the moral values of their host countries, the greater tragedy is that they are not living up to their full potential in life.

Parshat Tazria – Striving for Positive Achievement

Teaching a bigger Torah would not only succeed in bringing back more disconnected Jews but also in advancing the Hebrew mission of illuminating the world with the light of HaShem’s Truth.

Honoring The Memory & Legacy of Yehoshua Bin-Nun

Yehoshua was one of Israel's greatest leaders because he represented the ideal expression of the Yosef force - one consciously rooted in, guided by and completely subordinate to the Hebrew mission.


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