Between Man & Wife – Parshat Nasso

That HaShem forgoes His Honor for the sake of making peace between man and wife comes to teach us the importance of humbling our own egos for the sake of making our relationships work.

Parshat Bamidbar – The Purpose of a Hebrew Army

A people's army is necessary for Israel to fulfill the Divine commandment of sovereignty over our land.

A Blessing Within a Curse – Parshat Bechukotai

Israel's deep spiritual connection to our homeland – like the connection of the soul to the body – transcends all rational human understandings.

Towards a Hebrew Economy – Parshat Behar

Israel must organize its society in such a way that reflects Hebrew values while transcending the friction between conflicting economic models.

Pesach Sheni & The Secret Power of Israel’s Second Month

Pesach Sheni constitutes the first Hebrew festival established 'from below' & sets the precedent for all the holidays that would later fill the month of Iyar.

National Responsibility – Parshat Emor

The awareness that Israel is the national expression of HaShem in this world and that our conduct is a direct reflection of His Divine Ideal should fill us with a deep sense of tremendous responsibility.

Parshat Kedoshim – Understanding the Segula

The Segula is Israel's inner Divine light planted within the collective Hebrew soul and revealed in human history through the Jewish people.

Parshat Acharei Mot – A Glimpse at the Back End

Every mitzvah is like a faucet that, when opened, releases Divine blessing into our world and elevates it to a level beyond where it previously existed.

Parshat Metzora – Mitzvot that Challenge Values

While it is unfortunate that even observant Diaspora Jews can be corrupted by the moral values of their host countries, the greater tragedy is that they are not living up to their full potential in life.

Parshat Tazria – Striving for Positive Achievement

Teaching a bigger Torah would not only succeed in bringing back more disconnected Jews but also in advancing the Hebrew mission of illuminating the world with the light of HaShem’s Truth.

Honoring The Memory & Legacy of Yehoshua Bin-Nun

Yehoshua was one of Israel's greatest leaders because he represented the ideal expression of the Yosef force - one consciously rooted in, guided by and completely subordinate to the Hebrew mission.

Parshat Shemini – Clarifying Kedusah

Israel is to participate in - and elevate - every sphere of national life in order to reveal the inner connection of all that exists to the Divine Ideal.

The Seventh of Pesach

Israel was granted insight into HaShem's Divine plan for revealing Himself in Creation and bringing the world to its predestined state of perfection.

Pesach – Freeing Humanity From Egyptian Bondage

Even had Egypt’s dominance on the world stage declined later in history due to natural circumstances, the Pharaonic worldview would have continued to dominate the thinking of man.

Parshat Tzav – Freeing Humanity from Edom

Israel has dramatically returned to the world stage in what has so far been merely the introduction to a revolutionary process destined to free humankind from a global order that promotes injustice.

Parshat Vayikra – Power of Korbanot

Korbanot in Jerusalem produce a spiritual ripple effect that adds incredible blessing to the world – curing diseases, alleviating suffering & influencing random acts of kindness across the globe.

Parshat Pekudei – The Supreme Value of Resistance

The mitzvot that the dominant nations are most fervently against, automatically require extra valor and self-sacrifice to fulfill. Observing these precepts takes on higher meaning as an expression of emuna.

Parshat Vayakhel – Real Hebrew Leadership

The melekh does not actually rule over Israel but rather embodies the mission and aspirations of his nation to the extent that he becomes a microcosm of the entire Jewish people and his personal identity is absorbed into Israel’s collective national identity.

Parshat Ki Tisa – Israel’s Underlying Unity

Through a heightened awareness of Israel's true inner essence, we can see past the sharp ideological divisions and appreciate the intrinsic unity beneath and beyond our surface disputes.

Parshat Tetzave: The Value of Self-Sacrifice

Upon a surface reading of the text, Aharon appears to have lacked the readiness for ultimate sacrifice.

Parshat Terumah – Giving Everything

The notion of giving everything to HaShem illustrates the difference between the mentality of redemption and that of the exile.

Parshat Mishpatim – A Model Society

Israel being a 'kingdom of priests and a holy nation' necessitates the sanctification of individual, interpersonal and national life so as to give earthly expression to the Torah’s lofty spiritual values.

Parshat Yitro – The National Prerequisite

The Torah is not a 'religion' relegated to the houses of study or prayer. Nor is it a set of rules meant to coercively modify human behavior.

Parshat Beshalach – The Low Soul

At various historic points, a 'low soul' has prevented the children of Israel from successfully advancing our national aspirations and collective mission.

Parshat Bo: The Bread of Freedom

The more we define ourselves as the actors rather than as the characters we play, the more our characters can actually succeed at fulfilling their unique roles in the story HaShem placed us in.

Parshat Va’eira – The Historic Opportunity

It is through the story of Israel, as it unfolds throughout time, that humanity sees history as possessing Divine meaning and purpose.

Parshat Shemot – Courage and Love

When slavery runs deep into the psychology of a person, it becomes difficult to express the crucial courage and self-sacrifice necessary to break the chains of mental bondage.

Parshat Vayechi – Tribes United for a Mission

Only as a “kingdom of priests and holy nation” that reveals HaShem’s Oneness over all spheres of life can Israel fully express His Ideal and lead mankind to experience a world of total blessing.

Parshat Vayigash: The Historic Opportunity

Nearly every foreign land that Jews have settled in throughout history was initially a safe refuge or land of opportunity. And in almost every instance, our false sense of security was shattered.

Parshat Mikeitz – Mashiach ben Yosef

Israel's collective soul can only fully manifest itself through an earthly nation that reveals the Divine Ideal in all spheres of national existence.


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