Parshas Mishpatim: The Deeper Purpose of Inspiration 

Why did Hashem create a world in which inspiration, physical sensation, and emotional delight always fade? What is the deep spiritual idea behind this pattern?

Parshas Yisro: Aseres Hadibros: Engrave Them on Your Soul   

In Parshas Yisro, Klal Yisrael hear the ultimate truth, the Aseres Hadibros (Ten Commandments), as they embrace their lofty mission in this world.    

Parshas Beshalach: Krias Yam Suf: National Inception   

Krias Yam Suf was in fact a necessary step before the Jews could receive the Torah. What is the significance of the water of the Yam Suf, especially in regards to the Jewish People's journey from Mitzrayim to Har Sinai? 

Parshas Va’eira: Which One Will You Feed? 

We each get to choose who we will become. Let us be inspired to straighten the bent path

Parshas Shemos: The True Meaning of Greatness 

As Einstein famously said, "if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it's foolish". We cannot compare ourselves to someone else, as we are completely different people.

Parshas Vayechi: Finding Your Role Within the Cosmic Symphony of Life

If we analyze them closely, we begin to realize that Yaakov wasn't simply blessing his children, he was showing each of them their unique purpose, their unique mission.

Hearing Within the Darkness 

On a national scale, one day, we will see how centuries of tragedy were actually bringing us closer and closer to our ultimate destination, similarly, on a personal level, the same is true for each of us;

Parshas Vayishlach: The Principle that Saved Yaakov’s Life    

Every physical action affects the spiritual realm, creating cosmic ripple effects; The same is true of the physical world. Every action creates a corresponding reaction in the spiritual world. In essence, our physical world is like an upside-down puppet show

Parshas Toldos: The Cosmic Battle Between Yaakov and Esav 

The physical is not an end in itself- it is meant to serve as a vehicle for transcendent, spiritual, conscious living. This is the battle we face on a daily basis, a battle of perception.

The Mysterious Tenth Test

Avraham was burying his wife, facing the death of his life’s partner, there was a deeper layer here. He was also planting the seeds for their eternal connection.

Transcending the Stars

How often do we create mental cages of our own? How often do we allow other people's opinions of us to become our reality?

Are You Willing to Journey Into the Unknown? Parshas Lech Lecha

May we all be inspired to follow in the footsteps of Avraham, and have the courage to embark on our own Lech Lecha journey,

Emerging From Formlessness Waters Reborn 

A central question in the story of Noach is why Hashem specifically chose to destroy the world through a FLOOD. Hashem could have chosen any form of destruction, and yet, He chose water. Why? 

Living with the Original Ideals of Creation

The process of life: The ideal is revealed, taken away, and then remains as our goal as we journey through life, trying to recreate that ideal. The KEY is to be inspired by the goal, not discouraged by the struggle.

Powerful Principles of Leadership

A leader is anyone who is on a mission, who empowers others, and who always looks for ways to contribute to the greater good. Leaders are great parents, great teachers, great friends. We are all potential leaders, we are all potential revolutionaries. We can all create change in the world.

Generating Momentum For Our Return 

Free will - choice - is the root of teshuva. Teshuva is about reengineering our will, recreating our desire, rewiring our wants. It’s about the decision to be better, to be great,

Eretz Yisrael: A Place Beyond Place: Parshas Eikev

"I want the very best." That's what we tell ourselves, isn't it? As human beings, we understand that there is a spectrum of quality...

Jewish Leadership: When Leaders Are Human: Parshas Emor

We don't seek leaders who transcend human struggle and temptation, sit on mountaintops meditating on their naval. Our leaders are individuals who embrace the physical, uplift it, and connect it to the infinite.


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