Feasting And Fasting – Parshat Vayeilech

Everything we do on Yom Kippur is for the purpose of elevating us to the status of angels.

A Swell, Sweet Year – Nitzavim

We have minhagim to eat various different symbolic foods on the night of Rosh Hashana, somewhat resembling a Pesach Seder. There is one minhag, however, that is universal throughout Am Yisrael and that is eating apple dipped in honey. What is the origin of this minhag?

Fruit And Shopping Lists – Parshat Ki Tavo

Everyone willingly and eagerly went to the Beit HaMikdash, even for two olives and two figs, because when they brought the bikkurim, they could ask Hashem for whatever they wanted, and it would be granted.

Lechem Hapanim And Amalek

Bilam’s advice was that Amalek stood no chance against the spiritually strong in Am Yisrael, but they did have a faint possibility to inflict damage on those in Am Yisrael who were spiritually weak.

Of Trees And Men – Parshat Shoftim

Since the Tree of Knowledge had sinned and not obeyed Hashem’s directive, by all rights it should have been uprooted and destroyed, but that is not what happened.

Professional Happiness – Parshat Re’eh

A genuine smile is a form of energy, an inner light radiating out from the soul.

Crust And Crumb – Parshat Eikev

When we go shopping, we stock our pantries for a week or more and go to bed in the secure knowledge that at least when we wake up the following morning, there will be food to eat.

Body And Soul

Steering clear of hazardous objects and environments are obligations no less than the above in preserving our bodies and souls.

How Tardiness Destroyed The Mikdash

Chava’s sin, born of frustration at her husband’s lack of diligence, was thinking she could create life without involving Adam or even Hashem.

It’s Not About The Sheep

So what then is this business about preceding their infants with the sheep? If the sheep were meaningless to them, why did they mention them first?

The Story Of Avraham, Lot, and Mashiach Ben David

Even when they part ways because of the tiffs over grazing land, Avraham promises to always be there for Lot in time of need. He makes good on that promise when he takes on the world “superpowers” and rescues Lot from captivity.

A Swig And A Smile – Parshat Chukat

Why did Hashem tell Moshe to take the staff if He wanted Moshe to speak to the rock? Why open a possibility for Moshe to sin?

The Merit Of A Good Wife

Korach cynically recruited the tribe of Reuven to join his “coup” against Moshe and Aharon, claiming that it was the right of the bechor, Reuven, to work in the Mishkan – not Aharon and the Kohanim.

Taking Challah – A Cornerstone Of Creation – Parshat Shelach

The mitzvah of hafrashat challah is from the written Torah, and like all the mitzvot related to the Land of Israel, applies only in Eretz Yisrael and only when the majority of Am Yisrael resides there.

Material And Spiritual In The Beit HaMikdash

Chazal say that the Menorah is a blessing of spirituality. It represents the light of the Torah.

An Unfortunate Chain Of Events

If you have been settled in Eretz Yisrael already for four or more generations and your farm is producing steadily, blessed by Divine abundance, you begin to take it for granted.

Bread In Red

It is unclear exactly where everything goes on the shulchan. When the two stacks of breads and two bowls of levonah are arranged on it, there is no place for anything else, let alone baking pans, bowls, pipes, etc.

Two By Two – Kedoshim

If someone can overcome and surpass their natural inclinations in their interactions with their fellow man, they will have less trouble observing the mitzvot בין אדם למקום.

Tongue in Cheek – Metzora

HKB”H, in most circumstances, tries to minimize the shame caused to the sinner... With lashon hara it is exactly the opposite. The entire procedure is deliberately made as visual and as public as possible.

Happy Hotline – Tazria

Even more curious is the latter part of the Midrash – to prevent becoming afflicted with the nega’im, what should one do? Eat, drink and be happy! Have a continual party – that is the remedy!

Thanksgiving Matzo – Tzav

I know very few who enjoy matzo year round. Most people can’t wait for Pesach to end, to get rid of all their leftover matzo.

Sacrifices and Banquets – Vayikra

If the sin originated with food, then its remedy and atonement must involve food. This is why Purim is so food oriented...


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