Photo Credit: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

This assimilation, which commenced in Germany, spread like wildfire from Western to Eastern Europe. In countries such as Poland, Russia, and Lithuania it took on a somewhat different form. Communism, socialism, and a host of other secular Jewish movements, all of which rejected G-d and Torah, became the ideologies of many Jews. Painful stories of non-observant Jews mocking and attacking their religion and their religious brethren were all too commonplace.

Yes, there were many spiritual giants as well as multitudes of ordinary pious people who clung to the Torah, but they could not overcome the waves of assimilation sweeping over Europe. Torah leaders like the Meshech Chochmah, Rabbi Meir Simcha HaKohen of Dvinsk, Lithuania, sounded the alarm and warned that because Berlin was being proclaimed the “new Jerusalem,” it would be from Berlin that tragedy would spill forth. But his warning fell on deaf ears, as did the words of the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, and other Torah sages.


We are a nation that can be likened to passengers on a boat. A single Jew can drill a hole under his seat, protesting it is his right to do so and no one’s business but his own, but once the hole is drilled the water will gush in, the boat will sink, and multitudes will perish. At Sinai our nation stood “as one man with one heart” and in unison we proclaimed“We shall do and we shall hear” rather than “I shall do and I shall hear.” At Sinai “all of Israel became responsible for one another.”

The covenant G-d sealed with us is eternal. It is our destiny to be His witnesses: “.…This nation I have created so that they might sing My praise” (Isaiah 43:21). Should we attempt to escape our mission, there will always be those ready to remind us of our calling.

(To be continued)


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  1. Anyone whom meets the requirements set out by their religion to determine whether they are Jewish or not does not mean that because they are found to be non-observant Jews , that they are less important than those that are observant . If your Jewish your Jewish and your place among the Chosen People is as important to Judaism as it is to those whom are observant Amen ! The classic example that I think you should examine is that of Moses . He Believed that he was Roman and when he discovered that he was Jewish well if your observant or non observant you know how the story unfolds . What really matters the most is that by Blood that if you are Jewish you are as important to G-D as any of his other Miracles & with knowing this Boi Beshalom be Happy be thankful embrace all that is GOOD & Smile for you to are Chosen Amen & Shalom.

  2. Isaiah : 56:7 ” I will bring them into my Holy Mount & will make them Joyful in my House of Prayer ; Their Holocausts and their victims please me upon my alter ; for my house shall be called the House of Prayer for all NATIONS ” !

  3. So what's your point? Hitler killed religious Jews. Hitler killed irreligious Jews. Hitler killed assimilationist Jews. Therefore, if we're Torah-true Jews, and do not even THINK of assimilation, the next Hitler, should there ever be one, won't hurt us? Or is it that Reform Jews caused the Holocaust?

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