Photo Credit: Yaron Blustein/TPS
Stormy day at the Kinneret, January 24, 2020.

Water Authority spokesman Uri Shore on Sunday announced that due to the flow of the Jordan River and other streams, the Sea of Galilee rose by 8 cm (3.149 inches) since Friday, to 210.41 meters below the Mediterranean sea level.

Kinneret water level Jan. 26, 2020

Since the beginning of the rainy season the Kinneret level has risen by 1.49 meters, 1.13 meters of which came since the beginning of January.

Visitors at the Arbel nature preserve observe the filled up Kinneret, January 25, 2020 / Maor Biton, Israel Nature and Parks Authority

A full Kinneret is missing 1.61 meters.

The current level is 2.59 meters higher than the lower red line.

The Shikma reservoir has filled up, January 26, 2020 / Uri Kaiser, Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Meanwhile, the Shikma reservoir, just north of the Gaza Strip, has filled up, according to Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

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