Photo Credit: Gershon Elinson/Flash90

While the government failed to save 15 homes in the Netiv Ha’Avot neighborhood in Gush Etzion from needless destruction by order of Israel’s High Court, thousands gathered for a quiet rally on Monday evening to show support to the residents ahead of the destruction.

The only consolation is that the government says it plans to build 350 new homes nearby, to make up for the senseless destruction. We’re waiting to see if that happens.


Addressing the rally, Naftali Bennett, leader of the Bayit Yehudi party called the demolition “absurd” and “lacking any logic.”

“Sometimes the High Court of Justice takes a very activist position on human rights, but when it comes to the rights of the residents here, then all of a sudden the court becomes very passive,” said Bennett, promising that “whoever wishes to see 15 houses demolished will soon find 350 houses on this hill.”