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The Maccabees’ mission of bringing light to a dark place is also our mission this Chanukah! Yes we are still fuming over the latest anti-Israel resolution at the U.N., and elsewhere in the world where injustice is being served. Still, Heather is reminded by her guests why we are CELEBRATING this Chanukah!

Musician, educator, and tour guide Gili Houpt drops by the studio, guitar in hand, with Chanukah treats in the form of original and classic Chanukah songs. And check out his extraordinary and timeless message of Chanukah which he imparts to his children, and to grown-up audiences.


Later in the show, writer and entrepreneur Andrea Simantov is working off those Chanukah delicacies on her elliptical trainer. In between workouts, she’s taking the Chanukah message to heart: what is it about the miraculous vial of olive oil that reminds the Jewish people about our mission? Her answer is most illuminating.

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Conversations with Heroes 28Dec2016 – PODCAST


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