Photo Credit: Allison Josephs

Heather spends an unforgettable hour this week with Allison Josephs, founder of “Jew in the City,” the organization known internationally for breaking down mistaken or antiquated stereotypes about Orthodox Judaism, and also providing information and resources for truth-seekers to learn more about Orthodox Jewish observance.

The seeds of Allison’s journey to religious Jewish observance were planted unexpectedly with a tragic event that took place when she was a little girl, leaving Allison to ponder the kinds of questions about life that are usually contemplated by adults. During Allison’s teen and young adult years, her academic and religious exploration intensified. What bold challenge did Allison issue her parents, and was it a flop or a success? The answer will surprise you.


Later in the show, check out how TV star Mayim Bialik from “The Big Bang Theory” became a Torah-study partner (and friend!) of Allison’s, the big names featured on Jew in the City’s “Orthodox Jewish All Stars,” and the devastating trend which inspired Allison to develop Jew in the City’s Makom initiative.


The Modern Jewish Home 03May2017 – PODCAST


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