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Is the Messiah coming this year? Is the coronavirus which is shutting us indoors, and plunging the world’s economy, all in preparing the world and Mankind for the redemption? Dov Bar Leib writes on news developments related to the Messianic era. He wrote sometime back about North Korea, and the Jewish sources which predicted future trouble between N. Korea against the West and Israel. He has also recently written about the coronavirus and what he believes is the connection to the coming of the Moshiach (the Messiah).
Bar-Leib speaks about:
* The mystical meaning of the Hebrew ‘Keren Kayemet’ (our principal reward)
* The ‘root’ of the word ‘KeReN’ in Hebrew to the word ‘CoRoNa’.
* The ‘Tzedeq’ (Zodiac) sign for the month of Shevat and what it means.
* The silver Half Shekel in Biblical times and the renewal of it in the Messianic time.

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