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The Middle East is again re-forming itself into different power structures and geopolitical interests -which result in conflicts. Iran is meddling in several countries through it’s terror proxies, the Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as other groups in the Middle East. Russia is involved with it’s naval interests, the UN is sending MORE forces to Israel’s border. Egypt and Jordan have governments that are barely holding onto power, and inside Iran, the population is uprising..Iran’s currency, the RIAL, is now approx. 100,000 Rials to one U.S. dollar, and Iran’s economy is collapsing. What can we make of all of this and how does it affect us?

Tamar’s guest, Dr. Christoph Marcinkowski, is an award-winning political analyst and consultant in counter-terrorism. A scholar in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, his work focus is on Islamic extremism in Europe, Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. He also writes on Shi’ism, as well as international security. He has authored several books on these topics, and you can find them at:…toph+Marcinkowski


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