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Tensions escalate after Iran says that they arrested 17 spies for the CIA. However, U.S. President Trump denies Iran’s claims. Even so, with the spy claims, attacks on drones and ships, as well as threats from both sides heating up, we may be seeing war. If war does indeed come, how should the US and Israel fight it? With a returning punch? -Or a total knock-out blow?
Tamar Yonah interviews Aaroon Braunstein from
Aaron is a Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer and knows his way around the block when it comes to mid-east and Islamic relations. He states that the West needs to be ready to deliver much more than a proportional or ‘measured’ response to Iranian aggression. In fact, what needs to be done is to deal it a ‘knock-out’ blow. Here’s the how & why as you listen to this show.