Photo Credit: Tiaan-Theron

What has happened to beautiful South Africa? A place that -though tainted with an apartheid past, has now switched over to reverse discrimination, with the ANC government wanting to confiscate farms from white farmers, -without compensation. Every week, white farmers are being slaughtered, and the country is now worried about how these realities may affect the food source in S. Africa. Yet, with all these dangerous challenges, some white farmers are digging in their heels and are fighting for their land. Tamar speaks with Tiaan Theron, a white farmer in South Africa as he describes life there for the white minority.
See his video that went viral, here:…TQxMzc5MTk4NDAz/

Also, what is life like in the cities for BOTH Blacks and Whites?
-Unreliable electricity/power outages
-Unreliable internet
-Street violence
-Armed guards
-Iron gates inside their homes
-other crime
Andrea Simantov shares the crimes her own children have been victim to, and a lifestyle that many of us cannot imagine.

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