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In this: packed programme Walter talks about his resolution for 2020 and the details of the Likud Primaries.

We Ask: Why does Prime Minister Netanyahu not keep his promises?


How: New York’s Major Bill de Blasio contributed to his city’s anti-Semitic attacks by supporting the N.Y. State revised Criminal Justice bill.

And: The age of the world’s corrupt politicians, and why Trump is top of the list in Germany.

Hear: Why Walter believes that we are living in times similar to those of the 1930’s in Germany.

In this: Age of gender equality, should we have more women Rabbis and also play music at prayer services as per psalms 150 and 33?

Also: More from the hypocrisy of the effort to impeach President Trump.

Plus: An interview with the multifaceted singer, actor, social activist, the late Theodor Bikel s’l.

And: more