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Today, Walter celebrates a milestone of his journalistic and radio career. This is his 49th year in this business. So, this programme starts with a bang! Well, not so much a bang as the sound of a popping cork.

After this L’chaim, he gets down to the serious business of living in Israel. Every so often, we unfortunately hear of expulsions of Jews from their homes at the order of our Supreme Court, even if the alleged Arab landowner is nowhere to be found. One of the most horrendous of such actions took place during one night in 2007 in Chevron. Walter became the subject of his most emotional live report ever.


Because of the proposed forthcoming action in the much plagued village of Amona, he replays it today with the warning that it may upset you.

With a possible female president of the United States, Charedi newspapers and magazines in Israel and the US are facing a dilemma. Hear why they may have to rethink their policy.

And more.

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