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On today’s “Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten” Jerusalem Post Senior Contributing Editor and renowned author Caroline Glick says that while US President Barak Obama only has under 10 months left in office, his policies towards Israel still have the potential to do damage. Glick also discusses the current wave of Jihadist violence offering her advice on what Israel needs to do to quell it. Glick opens the interview discussing the latest from Hebron where an IDF soldier faces charges after killing an injured terrorist he felt was still a threat.


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  1. We all have bigger fish to fry this little piggy Muslim terrorist got what he came for so now the other little piggy terrorist ‘s who SENT HIM want justice? For what?!?!? All over the world these ass hole pigs are MURDERING, RAPING, VIOLENCE everywhere because of these Muslim PIGS and your worried one of them can no longer plot another violent crime against humanity! Please this is crazy! I say good he got what he came for & another murder gone!

  2. I am not anIsraeli person and my FAITHin not JEWISH and certainly NOT MUSLIM. However I would be prepared to help Israel in anyway I could . I have voiced my opinion many times about how I feal about terrorists so I will not re-peat

    If you want to answer me personally pls do so and I will answer back

  3. Israel is Israels biggest enemyand the european division within europe fueling these instances.Woman you are not fit to be a wife for me,can you get tht point in your head.Nobody wants you,the fear mongering is typical of spoiled israelis who dont get their way,typical of the IDF movement which is no different to the rebels of young syria.You know your cousins.

  4. Barak is behaving as a terrorist. He is mocking and derogatory against Jews and Christians. He has been nothing but destructive, but the damage he has yet to do will be worse than all he has done thus far. He is against God and for a demonic force that desires to behead the entire Jewish and Christian population. I am an American. It is my right, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, to voice my opinion freely and openly without reprocussion. That is what I do. I claim my right to speak according to the law of the land in which I was born, and in which my parents were also born. My parents and I are free citizens of the United States of America. Barak is not.

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