Photo Credit: Eve Harow and Dr. Scott Stripling
Rejuvenation: 'Show and Tel' at Ancient Shilo

Director of Excavations Dr. Scott Stripling is now digging the 2018 season at Tel Shilo, home to the Mishkan/Tabernacle during the pre-monarchy period of the Judges. He tours Eve around the site, treated as holy land by his entire Associates for Biblical Research team, currently the largest group of volunteers in Israel. Hear from an incredibly articulate and knowledgeable veteran archaeologist about the latest finds, including pottery from every settlement period, kosher animal bones from sacrifices, Hasmonean coins, Roman glass, jewelry, seeds and Emorite walls. They’ve invested in a state-of-the-art wet sifting center and cutting edge diagnostic tools; their sense of mission and professionalism is palpable. The deeper they go the more the level of enthusiasm and excitement rises. This show will make you want to hop on a plane and join the effort- which is Eve’s not so hidden agenda. Bible in hand, in the Land. The best.

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