Throughout Judea and Samaria there is only one outpost that’s for women only. Just this week, their home was demolished for the third time by Border Police and Civil Administration forces, but within a few hours they had already set up a new home by themselves.

On Thursday night, Kan 11 News aired this 8-minute feature about the outpost, which is a remote “neighborhood” of Kokhav HaShahar, in Binyamin.


They are eight young women between the ages of 13 and 19 who left their parents’ homes and their ulpana (a girls-only religious high school), and started a new life, all alone, in the little wooden structure they built on their own at Maoz Esther.

Security is provided by a guard dog in the yard.

According to them, while “the State of Israel is afraid to decide what it should be doing with this place which it conquered 50 years ago,” and after “the people of the settlements enterprise have tired out,” it was up to them to sacrifice in order to demonstrate a Jewish presence in the territories where Israel would one day apply its sovereignty.

Even if it means living without a fence, without electricity, and with a single water pipe.

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