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Arabs celebrating the return of the body of the Bezeq terrorist

Following pressure from the Israeli High Court, after the families of the terrorists lied to the Judges (surprise?) saying they wouldn’t run celebrations when the terrorist bodies were returned, the police began returning bodies of terrorists – and surprise, the families and friends began to celebrate their martyrs.

This morning, Minister Erdan ordered the police to stop returning all the terrorist bodies.


Erdan posted on his Facebook page that he hoped the judges in Israel’s Supreme Court will take notice of these images of incitement to terror, which should not happen anywhere, and certainly not in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.


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  1. Return bodies, only when those savages return every Israeli/Jewish body held by Hamas
    Till then, no terrorist bodies should be returned.

    Did the High court believean Arab liar?

    The High court must first consider Jews befoe terrorists

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