Photo Credit: YouTube / dimerci tv / Screenshot
A young Jewish man saves a stranger who pretended to try and kill himself.

Dimerci, a social media content creator in France, with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, runs social experiments and tricks on the public. Some of his video experiments are serious, some are in the form of pranks.

He recently filmed himself pouring a container of liquid over his head, as he pretended he was about to set himself aflame on a crowded street in front of a cafe in Chatelet square – to commit “suicide”. All to capture the reaction and responses of the people around him.


The crowd around him watches him and does nothing, except for one young, religious Jewish man, wearing a Kipa and Tzizzit.

The Orthodox young man saw what Dimerci was about to do, and thinking it was real, he quickly ran over and smacked the lighter out of Dimerci’s hands.

He then takes Dimerci aside and tries to comfort him, not knowing this was all a show to test the public’s reactions (or non-reactions) and capture it on video.

The video (which has age and community restrictions on it), has already garnered over a quarter million views in the past two days, is full of comments of praise for the Jewish man and the Jewish people.

The young man has since been identified as Mendel Narboni, from Paris.

Update: Narboni told Ynetnews, “At first I thought it was just water … afterward I saw his face so I understood that he is depressed. He took out the lighter and I said to myself, no it’s not possible that before my eyes I see a person setting himself on fire. It’s just not possible. So, I came and I took the lighter and I sat with him.” Afterwards Dimerci told Narboni it was a prank.

Kiddush Hashem.


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